thank god i live in boston now

thedreamthatdreamsus  asked:

Hey Sci! Hope you're having a great Saturday. Just a question as I've checked and it doesn't look like you've said anything about it, but DJ's No Good Very Bad Day fic on AO3 is showing as incomplete 1/2 chapters. Is it a WIP? I could have sworn I had it marked for later completed and I've hit that fic on my re-read. Thanks!!

Yeaaaaaah, that was supposed to be done by now, but…

Hi, guys!

Sorry about the lack of progress on the writing front!  I’ve been sick off and on for about a month, I’ve got Anime Boston next weekend (oh dear god help me), I’m marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade tomorrow in South Boston, and I’m trying to clean my house so that soon to be houseguests won’t know that I live in squalor.

Also work has been quite unbelievably horrible!  Because work is like that sometimes!  It will hopefully get better, but I’m…  Struggling right now.

So bear with me, guys, I’m sorry!  Thank you!