thank god i did because i read allegiant with no spoilers

#2: My FourTris-Fanfiction Recommendations!

Hey guys! 

First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize for being incredibly late with this list! I know quite a lot of lovely people have taken their time to stop by and asked for this, and don’t worry; I have seen your messages! But I’ve been saving them in my inbox, just as a reminder that I gotta finish what I’ve started with. So thank you so much for being patient and tolerant! I REALLY appreciate it. I’m so grateful for the fact that so many people loved my suggestions! It really warms my heart, you have no idea.

Before I give you the list, if you haven’t seen the first one yet; here it is! Alright, let’s do this!


In no particular order:

This is the scene where Tris and Tobias were caught being Divergents, and were sent to Jeanine for a checkup… except that it went to a whole new direction! It’s SO SAD, and it’s definitely something you couldn’t imagine Tobias doing to his GF. The ending was bitter-sweet, just like Allegiant… but STILL INCREDIBLY DEVASTATING. 

  • Reunited by shirleyfries - 1 Chapter, Completed

IF YOU HAVE READ ALLEGIANT… THIS IS GOING TO MAKE YOUR HEART GO HEAVY DUE TO LOTS OF FOURTRIS FEELS. And this fanfic reminded me of this fanart… someone made of FourTris… ain’t going to link it, because it’s spoiler! But from reading the title, I think you know what I’m talking about. This one is beautiful, and sweet, and will definitely leave you in awe.

Our favorite OTP set in an AU, and it’s definitely something you can see in your head if they stayed in Abnegation. Their personalities are quite different to how you see them in the real story, but somehow you can connect to them if they were Abnegations. It’s a very short one-shot, but I found it quite adorable! I had a smile on my face when I finished reading this!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this or not. The title didn’t particularly appeal much; not really my taste. But I decided to give it a try anyways, and I honestly liked it! It’s a story which would give you butterflies in your stomach, and you’d probably think “omg, that was cute!” I’d say it’s a typical-yet-not-so-typical teenage love story! 

GAH, THIS IS SO SAD. It’s not a story, but more like… reading Tobias’ mind after Allegiant ending happened. This will give you a lot of FourTris feels, despite of it being a short one-shot! But I really liked this, and I hope you’ll give this a try!

  • Adventure Time by pandaswithasprinkleofhappiness - 1 Chapter, Completed

This is SUCH AN ADORABLE FANFIC! Despite of it being quite short and no depth in the story, it’s just… SO CUTE. AND I SQUEALED WHILE READING THIS. Well actually no, after Zeke did what he did, I squealed really loud. And went like ‘OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG’ and it kept going until the end. It was just bubbles and hearts all over.

THIS… THIS. THIS THIS THIS. GOSH, IT WAS A ROLLER COASTER RIDE. The first chapter gave me so much feels, my heart became heavy, and the image of FourTris popped up in my head right away. Suddenly the next chapter was all happy and bright! Although I found it hard to imagine the setting from the second chapter, it was still believable. All in all, it was quite good!

This is a very short one-shot of a letter Tris left for Tobias before she left. This might not apply to everyone who read this, but… despite of FourTris not bidding farewell to each other, you’d kinda have the image of Tobias reading this while sitting on a sofa, and just… break down right after he’s done. Crying, and sobbing, and scream to let out all the pain he’s feeling. Maybe it’s just me and my heavy feels right now, but… I don’t know man. I’m very emotional right now, hahah.

I seriously thought that I have put this in my first list, but guess I haven’t! So anyways, I decided to give this another read, because I didn’t quite remember what it was about… and guess what. THE FEELS ARE BACK TOO. GAH, this one is just bitter-sweet and… romantic and… just EVERYTHING. How I wish this could happen after Allegiant. 

THIS MADE ME SOB AND CRY AND SHED A TEAR OR A GALLON. The best and the worst part with this fanfic, is the fact that you can clearly imagine this scene in your head. The last few paragraphs stings like the sharpest knife out there. I mean, the ending is great, but… you know in movies when people die, they’re kind of in a white room… and their age goes back to the moment they spent with their loved one? And suddenly, they walk towards the light and it all disappears??? THAT’S WHAT I GOT FROM READING THIS, AND IT FUCKING SUCKS, BECAUSE NOW I CAN’T STOP CRYING. (I think you’ll get what I mean after you read it) 

—————LEMON BELOW—————

HOLY HOTCAKE, this is… yeah. Hotcake. Although I found their personalities hard to believe, but it’s just so adorable! It just makes me happy to see Tobias’ relationship with Evelyn, even though it’s nothing like that in the real story. ANYWAYS, the last paragraph in the 3rd chapter was… so different. It didn’t seem like Tobias, AT ALL. You’ll get it when you read it! 

THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT, I DON’T EVEN. Their physical contact right after the initiation training session was just perfect. It was steamy, sensual, hot, and just pure love. And I love how the author has managed to keep their original personality, it was very easy for me to imagine them in my head. (This sounds so dirty, sorrynotsorry) But yeah, it was short, but great overall! Give this a try! 

YOU NEED TO READ THIS. I’M NOT EVEN GONNA SAY ANYTHING, JUST… READ IT. FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. Actually, a few things that I can hint you - feels, tears… and it’s VERY similar to one of the fanfic I recommended in the previous list! Oh god, my emotions are all over the place thanks to this. 


Alright guys, so that’s what I got for now! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve only recommended fanfics that are less than five chapters! Simply because I don’t have much time to read longer ones anymore. College is slowly killing me, stress is building up, and all that. But when vacation arrives, I’ll put more time into this, and probably will come with a third list?! We’ll see! Depends on how many of you are up for it. \o/

Happy reading, and good luck!