thank god hes ok


hoseok birthday bonanza!

day 06 - dancing

A few days ago a visibly Muslim man from the community in my area was driving when 2 guys in a truck asked him to roll down his window. Thinking they would just be asking for directions or something, he complied. Instead, they threw something in his car and drove off laughing. A few moments later his car was engulfed in flames and he was forced to jump out of his burning car while on the freeway.
The events resulted in him getting second and third degree burns on his arm and first degree burns on his face.

Do NOT tell me this isn’t an outcome of the recent elections.
Do NOT tell me this isn’t an outcome of the recent elections.
Do NOT tell me this isn’t an outcome of the recent elections.

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Once a customer came up to me and said that he wanted to show a painting to his mom- who was moving into a new place and needed something on her walls or something. He asked if I needed to leave with him to show her, since she just got out of the hospital and couldn't really leave the car. I said "sure, I'll go out with you!" Immediately regretted that word choice. He didn't take it out of context. His mom loved the painting and he bought it. Thank god everything turned out ok.


150920 ALL FORCE ONE -  BTS Cypher PT2. : Triptych (Suga focus)
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  • me: today sucks. nothing is happening and i'm tired
  • old friends senior dog sanctuary: Leo is having a GRRReat day today!! His tail is back up, there's some pep in his step and he's hanging around with all of his friends. Thank you all for your prayers and positive vibes. They worked and we are SO THANKFUL to have our Leo here with us.
  • me: this is the best day in the history of mankind. i have never been happier in my entire life. god bless

Not sure if you’ll get a sweaty selfie from me today. As I was walking my dog, another dog escaped from its yard and attacked mine. He’s ok, thank God! But I’m a little shaken up cause this other dog had mine by the head and throat.


bwecht Today while driving on the freeway with Audrey, a metal rod flew out from under the car in front of us and shattered our windshield. We are totally fine, though the interior of the car is covered with tiny shards of glass. People, if you’re driving with stuff on your car or in the back of your pickup, TIE IT DOWN CAREFULLY. We were unhurt but the next people may not be so lucky.

OH MY GOD.  Oh my goodness, thank god both he and Audrey are ok D:

It’s time for more Captain Charming!

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Look at Charming’s face!  He’s like “thank you gods my best mate is OK” *pause* “oh shit, I hope he forgives me for killing him”

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Heh!  Oh how wrong you were Charming!

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I love old gifs!  It’s so fun to see the start and reflect on how far they’ve come!

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FACE Family reacts to seeing their s/o rescue a small animal from danger

 Allen D, Jones/ 2p America: “are you stupid or something, next time call me for help, geez” looks at small animal that you saved “still nice work? he woudl be angry that you put your sle fin danger and didn’t need his help but woudl still love how you loves animal so much
 James Williams/ 2p Canada: “ are you OK, thank god you went hurt?” he says to the small animal”, he kinda ignores you and spends more time looking at the animal that got hurt, but will still be pound of you for saving the little animals life. and will want to bring it home
 Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: “well that happen” he is still in shock that you noticed the little guy in trouble and risked your self  save the animal , he a little off thinking about how he got such a kind heart sole.
 Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: “good heaves are two alright” he will make sure you are safe at first, the tend to the animal , he will end up keeping it as a pet,