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Meeting The Gallaghers (Ch.1)

Veronica’s half sister has lived the big life with her rich father after a few things go south in her home she is sent to live with her mom’s side of the family. Y/N has been spoiled her whole life and has never struggled with anyone, this is all to change when she meets the Gallaghers.

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Linstead Crossover One Shot

Since @kkmallow3 asked so nicely, I thought I’d do a post-episode AU. Enjoy!!


It was the first shot ringing out that sent her heart racing. She watched her partner run after him as she tended the man with the GSW. They rounded the corner and were no longer in view. Jay was all alone. Her mind automatically went to negative thoughts, because she could never have something good in her life. It always seemed to get ripped away from her. She could hear the sounds of car tires screeching and their horns beeping before her partner’s voice echoed through the radio.

“5021, George. Armed offender heading Westbound on 29th Street. Get me some guards!” His voice was shaking and she knew he was still running. Then the two gunshots were heard. Both shots reverberated in her mind over and over again. It sounded like his gun, but she wasn’t sure. All she remembers is the burn in her throat.

“5021, George. Shots fired by the police. Offender down, 4000 block of West 29th street. Roll an ambulance.” He was still alive. Thank God.

“… Hey partner, are you alright? … Jay are you there?!”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

She knew he would be, but it was that slight pause before he could get his answer out. It was that slight pause that made her heart race even faster than before. She could feel her heart drop into the depths of her lower body as she waited for what felt like years for him to answer. He was still panting, trying to regain his composure, but he had shot him. Both shots had been him.

He died within seconds. He wasn’t even guilty. They had the wrong guy, but regardless, he still shot at them. Erin understood that well. She was raised by Hank Voight after all. He raised her on the policy of if anyone tries to hurt you, you can do whatever you want, they chose their fate. She lived with that policy for over 15 years now. But she knew how Jay was about this kind of stuff.

He was getting coffee later that evening, everyone had their noses in their paperwork. They had just caught the prick and Voight was down there with him in the cage. She watched Al storm out of the bullpen followed by Kevin when he found out. She could hear him yelling, then it ceased. Antonio must’ve arrived. It was out of their hands now.

She approached him quietly, but he could always feel her presence. He grabbed her mug from the rack and began to fill it without even looking back towards her. After handing the mug to her, he leaned against the countertop facing her, nursing his own cup.

“You doing okay?” Her voice was clouded with emotion. Today had been a rough day and she couldn’t wait to get something in her to help her forget. But until then, coffee would have to be her only beverage.

“I should be asking you the same thing.” He had a hint of teasing in his voice, something he always did when he was hurting. He never let himself get too vulnerable. Showing his emotions, especially at his workplace, would be one of the last things he would be caught dead doing.

“Jay… What you did today… it was justified… don’t beat yourself up over it.” She rested her free hand on his chest and slowly rubbed comforting circles into the fabric of his henley. She watched how his blue eyes started to get clouded grey. His tell sign of when something was hurting him. The last time he had that look was when they dropped Mouse of at the airport in his fatigues, not knowing of the next time they’d see him.

He watched Voight enter the bullpen again and pulled away from her. He respected Voight’s professionalism rule since he turned a blind eye to their relationship. His throat felt thick and he cleared it before leaving the break room, leaving Erin behind.

They all drank at Molly’s that night. To forget, maybe to heal. But they drank. Erin decided to take it easy after seeing how Jay drank shot after shot. She could feel the burning in her own throat, she could physically feel his pain. She wanted to take it away, just like he always did for her. But she was dealing too. They stumbled out of Molly’s close to 11. Jay’s entire weight shifted onto Erin.

She barely got him up the stairs to their apartment before she plopped him down on the couch. She probably wouldn’t need another workout for the next couple of days after that journey. He fumbled for the TV remote on the coffee table as she left to their room to change into something comfortable. He had settled on watching the Weather Channel.

They sat in silence on the couch and watched the same thing over and over again before he spoke up.

“I killed someone by accident in Landigal.” He looked her straight in the eyes as he spoke. She knew he wouldn’t be doing this on his own volition, this was the liquid courage talking. She wanted to stop him, knowing how much he would be regretting this conversation in the morning, but she had to know what had happened to him over there.

“Everyone always told me it was okay… that it was justified.” Her own words replayed in her mind. She realized she hit a sensitive spot when she used those words. She hadn’t known. He had probably been thinking about Landigal all night after their break room conversation. “But I know it’s not. Those words are just meant to make me feel better.”


“I had nightmares about it for months… and sometimes… sometimes they just come back up… You know, I’ve lost count on how many people I’ve shot and killed. Whether it was Afghanistan or Chicago… I just don’t know. Honestly, what’s the difference?” His words were slurred but she could hear the raw emotion behind them. It was like he was completely sober. “They’ll be back tonight.” His last few words were barely above a whisper.

She scooted closer to him, laying his head on her shoulder as she ran her hand through his hair. She didn’t say anything. No words would bring him solace tonight. Her presence was the only thing she could give him right now.

“I’m sorry.” His words bring her out of her thoughts. “I’m just being a downer right now. I should be comforting you, you lost someone that was close to you since you were 15. How are you doing?”

“We don’t have to talk about that right now. Why don’t we go to bed and we can talk in the morning?”

She felt his body tense. She could feel his apprehensiveness radiating off of him. Sleep was a dangerous thing to him. Sleep meant vulnerability. Because when she takes him into bed and tucks him in before placing a soft kiss on his lips, it won’t be long before she’s waking up again against his sweaty body, wiping his tears like she’s done before. She’ll hold him to her chest and whisper kind words into his hair over and over again until he finally succumbs to sleep. She’ll hold him for a few more hours, before they’re waking up again to that obnoxious alarm tone he uses. And she’s going to be ready. Because he would do the same thing for her. He has done the same for her.


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[fic] where can i find somebody like that

written for @leojiweek day 4 → pining

if you’ve got a pulse and a decent personality, there’s a good chance ji guanghong’s crushed on you at some point. unless you’re leo. he’s starting to think it’s the pulse.

(on ao3)

I need to tell you something. Can we talk?

Leo scrolls back up through their message history, searching for some clue of what could be so important Guanghong feels the need to call him at 3 am. Not finding anything, he pulls up FaceTime and hits call.

There’s some crackling static before Guanghong’s face come into view, lit underneath by the light from their cellphone as they snuggle with Douhua underneath their sheets. It’s always given Leo a warm feeling to see Guanghong like this - for all it implies about Guanghong’s sleeping habits - almost like they’re having a sleepover.

He immediately feels lame and cheesy for having the thought.

“Hey - ”

“I’m pregnant,” Guanghong blurts out.

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Surprise Run In- Josh Pieters Imagine

Word Count:1,470

Request: could you do a josh one where the guys find out your dating as they walk in to a restaurant and see you two there having a romantic meal etc


“You look beautiful tonight (Y/N).” your red headed boyfriend complimented, sitting across from you at dinner.

“Thank you handsome. You don’t look too bad yourself.” smiling back at him.

You and Josh have only been seeing each other for a few months. You first bumped into him at a coffee shop. Literally, bumped into him.

*Flashback to memory*

You were in a hurry that morning, stuck at the pick up counter waiting for your latte. It seemed to take forever. When the barista finally gave you your coffee, you began to race out of the shop. You weren’t quite paying attention, quickly turning your body, and slammed into someone. Dropping your latte to the floor and spilling it everywhere.

You instantly reacted, apologizing up and down. You looked up to see a tall guy with red, curly hair. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention…” you were interrupted by an understanding voice.

“Don’t worry it’s ok. I’m perfectly fine! I’m just thankful it didn’t spill on me!” He joked. The first thing you noticed was his smile. It was genuine. Making you feel better about the whole ordeal.

You both stood up, so the one of the workers could clean up your mess.“Are you sure you’re alright? I’m sorry, I’m usually not this distracted or clumsy.”

“Seriously I’m alright. In fact, let me get you a new coffee. I’m Josh by the way.” he reached his hand out to shake with yours.

“That so nice of you! I’m (Y/N). And I promise I’ll try not to spill this one.” you both laughed. Josh got you a coffee as well as himself, you talked in that coffee shop all morning. Before you knew it, you went on a few dates, and then started dating.

*Present Day*

Tonight Josh wanted to take you to a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant. He had had a really busy week with special projects for his channel. Which meant various meetings and video planning. So you hadn’t gotten to see him that much. You had been looking forward to this dinner date all week.

Josh reached across the table for your hand. Then took his thumb, guiding it back and forth along the side of it. You loved when he did this. It was one of your favorite things. With your hands still intertwined, you both glance down at your menus, trying decide what you want.

The waiter came and took your order. As he walked away, you heard Josh mumble, “Oh shit.” His body language tensed up and his eyes shot down at the table.

“Josh what is it?” Trying to figure out his bizarre behavior. Your eyes still fixed on Josh, who still had his head down. “Can you answer me please weirdo?”

He lifted his head a little and shot you a glance. “The boys are here.” he whispered.

You adjusted your body in your seat, giving yourself a better view of the front of the restaurant. You suddenly realized why Josh was acting so uneasy. There in the entrance stood Mikey, Joe, Jack, Oli, and Caspar. Conor was away with George for the weekend. None of the boys knew about you. The only person who knew you and Josh were dating was Caspar. Which made sense because they lived together. It would’ve been awfully hard hiding it from him. Josh told you he wanted to spend time together, just the two of you. He knew how the boys could be sometimes and wanted to be more private at first. Giving you a chance to get to know each other without a lot of attention. However, it had been a few months now. So many things went through your mind.

Why hasn’t he said anything?

Does he not want to go public?

Is he embarrassed?

“We knew we weren’t going to be able hide from them forever. They were going to find out sooner or later.” you explained.

“Yeah well I didn’t know that day would be today!” He fumbled with the napkin in his lap, avoiding any eye contact. “(Y/N) I have an idea. Go to the bathroom and I’ll let you know when the coast is clear. Go! Go!”

You shoot him a look in disbelief with your hands on your hips, “Seriously Josh? You’re being ridiculous. I’m not doing that!” He glared back at you unamused.

It was too late you had already been spotted.

“Cor look who it is! It’s JP! And look, he’s got a lady friend with him!” Mikey shouted across the restaurant, waving over to Josh. Also grabbing the attention of the other boys. He sighed with a fake smile on his face and waved back. They made their way over and congregated around our table.

“Hey there buddy!” Joe cheered, giving him a nudge.

“Well, well what do we have here? Jack sat down, putting his arm around Josh.

“Yeah Josh. Why haven’t you introduced us to your friend?” Oli chimed in. You were surprised Josh didn’t say anything. Which kind of bothered you.

Jack spoke up again, “We should join you! You don’t mind. Do you Josh?” Before he could respond, they already began pulling chairs up and sat down. Making themselves comfortable.

As you sat and ate your food, the boys carried on in conversation.

“So where did you meet the ginger tree?” Jack asked jokingly.

You were about to answer when Josh cut you off, “Guys please lay off. You’re not even supposed to be here.” he scoffed.

“Alright Josh mate. Calm down.” Mikey interjected. Josh just brushed it off and went back to his food. You were curious why he was behaving so weird. He wasn’t making it a point to introduce you to his friends or acknowledge your relationship. Which really pissed you off.

You couldn’t take it anymore, you had to say something. “Josh do you understand how annoyed I am right now?” firmly sitting with your arms crossed, glaring at him. Completely oblivious he just shrugged his shoulders.

You felt yourself getting more annoyed and upset. “Maybe I should leave.” you blurted. Finally getting his attention, he glanced up at you about to speak. But you didn’t want to hear it. Without saying another word, you got up and exited the restaurant. You heard footsteps run after you, it was Josh.

Grabbing your arm, “(Y/N)! Wait!” You stopped and turned towards him. “What the hell was that about?”

You stood in silence for a moment before asking him,“Why haven’t you told the boys yet? I know when we first started dating it made sense. But it’s been four months Josh.” You started to tear up. “I just don’t understand, are you ashamed of me? What is it?”

He walked towards you, motioning with his arms for you to hug him. He pulled you close into his chest. “I would never, ever be ashamed of you. You’re my girl.” he said softly.

He pulled away with a sigh, “The reason why I haven’t told them is because I love it being just us. No pressure, jokes at our expense, or judgement. Like you saw in there, they love to poke fun and our relationship is serious to me. It’s important. Not to mention they ruined our date. I know it’s silly…”

It all made sense now. You interrupted him, “It’s okay. And it’s not silly, I understand.But you know I’m a big girl, I can hold my own. I appreciate you trying protect our relationship. I love you for that, but they’re your best mates. Of course they’re going to tease because that’s what friends do. At the end of the day, jokes aside, they care about you and your happiness.” you squeezed his hands in reassurance.

He smiled down, taking you by the hand. “You’re right. I’m sorry for acting like a jerk. Now, how about we go back in and I can introduce you to the gang?”

“I’d like that.” you nodded happily. Walking hand in hand into the restaurant.

When you got back to the table, Josh put his arm around you, clearing his throat to get the boys attention. “Boys, this is (Y/N) my girlfriend. (Y/N) meet the boys.” Everyone smiled and waved at you.

“Thank god they know now! I don’t have to keep your secret anymore. Four months is a long time!” Caspar sighed with relief, making you giggle.

“Woah you’ve kept her for four months? I’m surprised she’s put up with you for this long! Jack said with a laugh. Josh put his head down slightly. “In all seriousness though Josh, I’m really happy for you. (Y/N) you have a good one.” He gave Josh a pat on the shoulder. 

“Thanks Jack. I know he’s the best.”


Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1,741

Summary: Jared is your younger but very protective brother. You’re great friends with Gen, Jensen and the rest of the cast. You get news that changes the lives of you and your friends/family.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t get this up before the finale (depending on where you are) I really did try but things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to completely. I have a couple parts written, but this part is pretty much just the reader and Jared. I promise the next part will have more Jensen. Hope you guys like it, and as always, let me know what you think. Love Y’all!

“Oh my God. You can’t be serious.” Your heart started racing while he was talking to you and your jaw dropped. “Okay well don’t tell Jared, I’ll tell him myself…….okay……Thank you…..Bye.” You ended your call and stood there for a minute starring at your phone. You were in shock. When you finally snapped out of it, you went to your contacts, under favorites and hit your brothers picture. You knew he was probably at the airport, so you were hoping you’d catch him before he got on the plane. After about four rings he picked up.

“Hey Y/N. What’s up?”

“Hey! Okay, I know your probably just about to get on your plane but, I needed to call you.” There was a second of silence on the other end.

“Okay? Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, I just really need to talk to you…and in person. So, are you guys busy tomorrow morning?” You were trying to keep your voice as calm as you could.

“Guys as in Jensen and I, or Gen and I?” You paused and thought for a second.

“Uh, you know what, all of you.” You heard Jensen in the background ask if everything was okay, and then Jared asked him if he was free in the morning, but you couldn’t hear his answer.

“Uh, well, I’m sure Gen and I are free, but Jensen can’t in the morning, hes meeting up with his family for breakfast.”

“Okay, that’s fine, as long as you’re free.” The urgency in your voice was beginning to put him on edge.

“Yeah, I’m free. Y/N, are your sure everything’s okay? Your scaring me a little.” You didn’t mean to scare him, but you didn’t want to tell him over the phone.

“Yeah, I swear. Everything’s fine. I just got some news that I need to tell you.”

“Okay. Well, I’ll see you in the morning then. Just call or text me when your on your way over.”

“Alright, I’ll see you then. Love you.”

“Love you too.” You could hear the concern in his voice, but you knew it would be better in a little over 12 hours from then.

“Is everything alright?” Jensen asked as they were walking to their gate.

“Yeah. Well at least I hope so. She said everything’s fine. She just told me that she has some news that she wants to tell me, but it has to be in person.”

“Well, then why did she want to know what I was doing?”

“I don’t know.” he shrugged. “I guess I’ll find out and then I’ll let you know.”

“Alrighty then.” They both made it to the gate just in time to start boarding.

On my way. Be there in about 15. Jared looked at your text as soon as his phone lit up.

“She on her way?” Gen asked as she grabbed a cup of coffee.

“Yeah. She’ll be here soon.” His voice was low. He’s been nervous all night, wondering what it was that you had to tell him. His heart was pounding harder with each minute that past.

“Hey, you okay?” Gen looked at Jared as she took a sip of her coffee.

“Yeah. It’s just…..what could she possibly have to tell me, that she couldn’t tell me over the phone?” He couldn’t take his eyes off his phone.

“Oh honey, look at you. You’re the younger brother, and you’re worrying like the older sibling.” Gen teased as she walked over and stood behind him. She placed her hands on his shoulders and rubbed a little, making him sigh.

“I always have.” His eyes stayed glued to the phone, only being able to think about you.

“I know. Shes your sister. You’ll always be protective of her. But I’m sure everything’s fine. Otherwise, she would have probably wanted to come over last night when you got home.” She leaned forward, kissed his cheek and then rested her head on his shoulder.

“Yeah. You’re probably right. But still.” He reached his hand over and placed it on top of hers, squeezing lightly.

“You’re anxious.” He nodded. “You want some coffee?” He nodded again. “Okay.” She rubbed his shoulders once more and went to grab him a cup. 

Just then there was a knock at the door. Jared’s head snapped back to look at it and then he jumped out of his seat. He got to the door and ripped it open, causing you to jump.

“Whoa! Easy there Sasquatch. It’s just your sister.” You saw how worried he looked the second your eyes landed on him.

“Are you okay?” Stepping into the house, you wrapped your arms around him. He gladly hugged you back knowing that you were physically okay.

“Yeah, just uh….after I got off the phone with you yesterday, I just….I’m nervous.” You pulled away and looked up at him, feeling so guilty, cause he did look really nervous.

“Oh Jared.” You rubbed his arm. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just….I really didn’t want to tell you over the phone.”

“Then what is it?” You smiled and pulled on his arm.

“Come on. I want some coffee, and I want Gen to hear too.” He groaned as you guys made your way towards the kitchen.

“Hey Y/N!” Gen made her way around the island in the kitchen to give you a hug.

“Hey!” You exchanged a quick hug.

“Okay, what is it?” Jared’s patience was seriously dropping..

“Well, hold on. I told you I wanted some coffee.”

“I’ll get you coffee. You spill. This has been driving Jared nuts.” She turned to grab a mug for you.

“Yeah. I can see that.” You turned back to Jared just as he raised his hands slightly, urging you to speak. “Okay. So……you love me right?”

“Y/N. This is not helping the situation.”

“I know. But just….please answer the question.” You were starting to get nervous and second guess yourself. Was he going to be as happy as you?

“Of course I love you.” He sat down on a bar stool next to the island, sighing softly.

“Okay.” You took a deep breath right before Gen handed you your coffee. You took a quick sip then put it down on the counter. “So….how would you feel, about working with me?” He squinted his eyes in confusion.

“What do you mean?”

“Would you be okay with working with me…..everyday?” You paused for a second. “On set?” He still looked confused and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Why? Did you get a job on set?” He pointed at you as he asked.

“I didn’t just get a job on set.” His eyes widened. “I got a job as a new character on the show.” You couldn’t stop smiling from the excitement growing in you. 

Jared immediately got a smile and jumped off his chair to hug you. You heard Gen gasp and then squeal with excitement behind you before Jared almost knocked you over giving you a hug.

“Oh my God!” He pulled away slightly to look at you. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah. I got the call right before I called you.” Jared looked ecstatic. “It was Jeremy. He called me personally to tell me and to congratulate me, and then…..I just couldn’t wait. I had to call you.” Your smile never left your face.

“Oh my God.” He pulled you in for another hug. “That’s awesome.”

“Really? I’m not going to bug you?”

“Oh I’m sure you will. But so does Jensen, so I’m used to it.” You rolled your eyes, making him laugh. “No, but seriously……this is great.”

“Yes it is, and we need to celebrate.” You both looked to Gen, a smile on all of your faces. 

“So Jared and I were going to grill some hamburgers and hot dogs this afternoon, but if you want to go out we can.” Jared then looked back to you, waiting for an answer.

“No, no. Burgers and hot dogs are fine. I’d rather stay here anyway, spend some quality time with you guys and my handsome nephews. Not sitting in a booth or at a table somewhere. Which by the way, where are the boys?”

“There playing outside.” Gen pointed to the back door behind you. 

Jared smiled and chuckled as you spun and ran for the door. He knows how much you love those boys and he couldn’t ask for a better sister. Sitting back at the island, he grabbed his phone.

“What are you doing?” Gen smiled, leaning on the counter.

“Texting Jensen. Seeing if hes free this afternoon, so we can tell him the news.”

“Ah. Sounds good. I’m going to take a shower.” Gen came around to Jared’s side and threw an arm around his neck. He put the phone down and gave her a sweet gentle kiss.

“Love you.” He gave her another quick peck.

“Love you too.” As she headed upstairs, Jared picked his phone back up and finished the text.

Hey. So everything’s good with Y/N. It is good news. We’re grilling burgers for lunch, would like you to join.

He put his phone down after he hit send and looked out the window in front of him. He saw you running around the yard with the boys and you picked Shep up, planting kisses all over his face. He was laughing so hard. 

He smiled, reminding himself of how lucky he is. Then his phone chimed, making him look down to see that Jensen had text him back.

Hey! That’s good to hear. And of course I’ll join y’all. I never turn down free food. Ha! No, but, I’m almost done here and I’ll head over.

Jared laughed as he texted him back. Yep, definitely lucky.

Alright, sounds good. See you soon, man.

Jensen immediately replied back.

Yep, you know it!

Jared smiled then got up to join you outside with the boys.

Part 2


This is my second Gravity Falls fic and first BillDip (sortof) fic. I want to thank @ladyofthegeneral for her lovely BillDip art and @smolskey for writing “Desperate Measures” which brought me into this fandom. Please be gentle with me. 

UPDATE: Due to the high amount of people that like this (bless you all), this has expanded into a multi-installment thing under the “Fractured Falls” AU. Again bless and thank you all for the support!

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The Imaginary Friend (Chapter 3)

A/N: Thank you SO MUCH for all the support on The Imaginary Friend. As an aspiring author, it means so much. So, here’s chapter 3, ‘tis quite a bit longer than the rest of the chapters so far. Chapter 4 should be good, real good. I hope you enjoy!! If you would like to be tagged in future chapters, just tell me! 

I apologize if the last scene is a bit a 16 year old boy who’s never been in a relationship, I have no idea how to write “sweet” scenes… Oops :D


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Visions

“Dad, where are you going?” I asked. Making sure not to wake a sleeping Dean next to me, I sat up in bed. I looked at the clock.

3:42 AM

Jumping at the sudden sound of my twenty-one year old voice, Dad looked at me.

“Just go back to bed, Range. I caught a case. I’ll be back in a week.” said my father, picking up a duffle bag.

“At three in the morning?” I asked.  “Dad, tell me the truth. Where are you going?” I wasn’t going to let him think I was stupid.

Dad sighed, looking at me. Walking toward me, he leant down and kissed my forehead, showing me a rare act of affection.

“Windom, Range. I’ll be back in a week, I promise. Go back to sleep.” said Dad. He stood up and left the room, giving me a glance of goodbye.

I laid my head back down on the pillow, wondering how the heck I was going to explain this to Dean in the morning.

“Why are you awake, Red? You alright?” asked Blue.

I jumped; not expecting him to be awake as well as it neared four in the morning.

“I’m fine, Blue. Go back asleep.”

“Ranger, woohoo anyone home?” asked Sam, waving his hand in front of my face.

“What? Oh, sorry.” I said, coming back into the conversation.

“Anyway, Dean…listen. There’s an entry in Dad’s journal.”

Sam started flipping through Dad’s journal that was lying on the table.

“From January of 1990, saying he’s heading to Minnesota to check out a case. That’s roughly, oh, about nine months before the kid was born.” said Sam.

“Coincidence.” said Dean.

“Coincidence. Next two pages of the journal- torn on.” said Sam, shoving the journal toward his brother.

“You’re not actually buying this, are you?” asked Dean, looking at me.

“I am. I believe him.” I said, remembering the memory I just had had happened in in 2002. He had no reason to go to Minnesota.

“What? Why?” asked Dean.

“Remember when we were in south Florida, and you woke up and Dad had just left? I had said he went to catch a case? Dean you would have been like 23, Sam you had already left for Stanford by then.” I said.

(A/N: If my math is wrong and Sam hadn’t left for Stanford yet, I apologize.)

Sam nodded; Dean just kept staring at me.

“Well, he actually left at like three in the morning. Him moving around had woken me up. He told me he was going to Windom for a “case.” I didn’t know where Windom was at the time, but now it just seems like it was Windom, Minnesota.”

“Well, there you go!” said Sam. “Look, man, I don’t want to believe it either, I’m just saying it’s possible. I mean, Dad would be gone for weeks at a time, and he wasn’t exactly a monk.”

Sam handed me the journal and I slipped it into my jacket pocket.

“Look, older brother,” I started. “A hunter, rolls into town, kills a monster, saves the girl… sometimes the girl’s grateful.” I said, looking up at him. It was obvious Dean didn’t want to believe it.

“Well guys, now I’m thinking about Dad sex. Stop talking.”

“Maybe he slipped one past the goalie.” said Sam with a laugh. I laughed with him.

“Dude!” said Dean with annoyance. He slapped Sam’s shoulder.

The door chimed, and a younger man walked in. He was looking around.

“Adam?” Sam called out.

Adam looked over and started walking toward us.

“You Sam?” asked Adam.

“Yeah. Uh, this is Dean and Ranger.” said Sam, gesturing to the two of us.

“Hey.” said Adam. He sat his backpack next to the chair and sat down beside me.

“Ah!” I cried. The second Adam sat down an extreme pain went through my forehead. I grabbed my head in pain.

“Mom!” yelled Adam. Adam ran around his house, looking for sign that his Mom was still there. Something pulled Adam down, sucking him in the vent into his house. “Ahhh!” yelled Adam.

“Ranger, Ranger, are you ok?! What’s going on?” said Dean, getting ready to stand up and help me.

“I’m fine. I’m fine.” I said, blowing him off to sit down. Did I just have a vision? I wondered.

I looked at Adam, confused on what I had seen.

“Ranger, are you ok?” asked Sam.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Just a random headache for some reason.” I said, rubbing my temple with my hand.

“So, um… how did you know my dad?” asked Adam slyly.

Ignoring the concerned looks Sam and Dean were giving me, I answered Adam.

“We, uh. We worked together.” I said.

Adam looked confused.

“How did he die?” asked Adam.

“On the job.” said Sam.

“He was a mechanic, right?”

“A car fell on him.” said Dean with annoyance.

Letting the boys question Adam, I called out to Chuck.

“Cinnamon.” I said, waiting to hear a response.

I immediately got one.

“What’s up, you ok?” asked Chuck with concern.

“Yeah, when were you gonna tell me I was going to have a vision?” I asked, knowing that he probably knew what was happening.

“Wait, are you in Windom?” asked Chuck.

“Yes. Blue what’s going on?”

“Look. I can’t tell you the ending. I’m, you shouldn’t tell people much about their future.” said Chuck, nervously.

“Chuck, man what’s wrong?” I asked. I could feel the tension. “Do you know what I just saw?” I asked.

“Well, no I don’t. Like I told you before I can’t see your personal life. Just, Red? Be careful. Please.” said Chuck.

I could feel him block me. Shit.

“So, uh, when’s the last time you saw John?” asked Sam.

“I don’t even know. It’s… a couple years.” said Adam.

I just knew Dean had pulled his gun out. I kicked his leg, but he ignored me.

Sighing, Sam went on.

“Why did you decide to call him now?”

“I didn’t know who else to call. He’s the only family I got.” Dean and I flinched. With us being the closest to Dad, we did not want to hear this.

“My mom’s missing.” said Adam.

My eyes went wide. It matched what I had just seen.

“Really? I’m sorry. Uh, for how long?” asked Sam.

“It’s tragic, really. But if you’re John’s kid, how come we’ve never heard of you?” asked Dean, speaking up for the first time in a while.

“Cause John and me didn’t really know each other. Not until a few years ago, anyway.”

“What do you mean?”  I asked, wondering if it matched up with Dad leaving a few years ago.

“My mom never talked about him. I knew some stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?” asked Dean.

“My mom’s a nurse, and Dad came into the ER, pretty torn up. Hunting accident or something. And I knew his name. John Winchester. That’s about it. We’re not exactly a nuclear family.”

“Yeah, well, who is these days?” said Sam.

“So, when did you, uh, when did you finally meet him?” asked Dean.

“When I was twelve. My mom had one of his old numbers, and-“

Dean’s hand tightened on his gun as he did the math in his head. That meant 2002.

“-and after I begged her- God, twenty-four-seven- she finally called him. God, when John heard he had a son, he raced to town. I mean, he dropped everything. He drove all night.”

I gave Dean a look. Adam’s story matched up what happened. Dean blew me off. The waitress came back and put a plate of food in front of Adam.

“There you go.” said the waitress.


“Well, that’s heartwarming.” said Dean.

Adam indicated to his food.

“You mind?” he asked.

“Please, dig in.” said Dean.

Adam took the napkin out from under his silverware and spread it on his lap. I could hear Dean cock his gun.

“He would swing by once a year or so.” said Adam. He picked up the knife and fork and nothing happened.

Good, at least he’s not a shapeshifter.

“You know, called when he could. But still…”

Adam started eating his food. Dean uncocked his gun and put it away.

“He taught me poker and pool and even bought me my first beer when I was 15. And, uh… he showed me how to drive. Dad, he had this beautiful ‘sixty-seven Impala-“

Dean cut him off.

“Oh, this is crap. You know what, you’re lying.”

“No, I’m not.” said Adam, obviously confused.

“Uh, yeah, you are.” said Dean.

“Dean, cool it.” I said. Adam was telling the truth, I could tell. But there was still something off about him. Whatever I had just seen in my “vision” doesn’t make sense.

“I’m sorry, but who the hell are you to call me a liar?” asked Adam.

“We’re John Winchester’s kids that’s, who.”

Dean pointed to Sam and me.

We’re his kids.”

Adam stared at the three of us.

“I’ve got siblings?” he asked.

“No, you don’t have siblings. Look, man, I don’t know if you’re a hunter or what kind of game you’re playing here.”

“I’ve never been hunting in my life.” said Adam in defense.

“Whatever. I’m out of here. Come on, Sam. Ranger.”

Dean stood up in a hurry to get out of here.

“I can prove it.” said Adam


So, this is what Chuck meant.

I looked down at the coffin I was standing in front of. Adam was laying in it, covered in blood. Adam’s dead, which means Sammy’s alone with the Ghoul.

“Um, Dean?” I said, calling my brother over from where he stood on the other side of the tomb.

“What?” he asked as he was trying to find a way out.

“Dean.” I stated again.

Dean turned around and walked over, looking in the coffin.  He gasped and put his hand over his mouth, realizing the same as I had. Sam was alone.

“Come on, we gotta get out of here.” I said.

Dean looked around the tomb searching for a solution to get out. He broke off a long piece of metal off of one of the coffins and tried to use it to pry the door open.

It didn’t work.

“Crap.” said Dean. He looked around trying to find a different way out.

“The stain-glass window.” said Chuck.

I shot up, looking around for the window. I looked up, seeing it.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Dean.” I said, pointing up towards the window. Dean looked up and saw it.

“Bless your brain, baby sister.” said Dean. He kissed the top of my forehead.

Dean stacked the coffins on top of each other, climbing to the top.

“Here, hand me the bar.” he said.

Passing him the metal bar, Dean broke the window and pulled himself out. He reached down and grabbed my hand, pulling me out from the top of the stack.

“Let’s go get Sam.” said Dean.


“So, that happened.” I said, standing on Chuck’s porch.

Chuck opened the door wider and let me inside.

“What’d you tell Sam and Dean to get away?” asked Chuck.

“That I was in shock. That I needed a few days to get away and that I’d see them soon.” I said. “Dean wasn’t happy about it, but he forgets I was close to Dad too. It wasn’t just him that was a ‘perfect solider.’ It was a shock for all of us.”

“You ok?” asked Chuck. He took my bag from me and set it by the stairs. I sat down on the couch, laying my head in my hands.

“Man, I just can’t believe that happened. To find out you have more family… just to lose it like that.” I said. I looked up at him.

Chuck stood at the door way, leaning against the side with his arms crossed.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you the truth Red. It’s just, I was warned. I can’t tell you about the future.” said Chuck, looking down at his feet.

“Why are you nervous?” I asked. His head shot up.

“What, what are you talking about?” asked Chuck, stuttering in the process.

“You looked down at your feet. You do that when you’re nervous. We share the habit.” I said.

“Nothing, nothing.” said Chuck, waving his hand.

“Wait, why are you nervous? If you’re nervous then something really back is gonna happen. Why did I have that vision? What’s going on?” I stood up and started pacing in front of the couch.

“Hey, hey. Red stop. Stop.” said Chuck. He grabbed my shoulders and faced me toward him.

“I don’t know why you had that vision. The angels, Zachariah, they, they don’t know about… about us. I don’t know why but it seems like none of the angels know. Like part of you is warded from them, like how part of you is warded from me. But look, it’s gonna be ok. You’re strong enough to face what’s coming. That I can promise you.” said Chuck. He pulled me into a hug, sinking his head into my shoulder, holding me close to him.

I held him close as he rubbed my back.

Something was wrong, and I was going to find out what.

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Ok... so I've never given a prompt before, but here goes... Oliver wakes up to an alternate world where he isn't the Arrow and Diggle and Felicity don't know him... but he knows them and he's wondering what the hell's happening to him. I hope that's not too long, looking forward to what you do with it. Btw love your other stories :D

A/N: Believe it or not, this was supposed to be super quick but somehow morphed into a 3,500 word monster. And also thank you so much Anon! Your words mean a lot and this prompt was absolutely amazing! Come drop by my ask box to tell me what you thought! 

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This was wrong; something was wrong. Oliver couldn’t quite figure out why or how. It was a gut feeling, one of those heavy, relentless sensations that resided in the pit of his stomach. He turned aimlessly around Central City Bank’s rooftop, bow clutched tightly in his gloved hands.

A scream to his right rocked him to his very core. He knew that scream. He heard it briefly in his ear during the Undertaking. He heard it when the Count held Oliver’s very soul in his grip, two needles to her neck. He heard it when Mathis pulled her into the alley, a hand trying to smother the piercing sound. He heard it when he tended to her gun wound in the car on the way back to the foundry; her teeth sinking into his leather jacket.

Felicity. His Felicity.

Oliver didn’t have the time to chastise himself for claiming her as such. She wasn’t his. Sure, they were something; connected to each other in ways he couldn’t explain. But he didn’t want to risk her safety. He would be lying if he said he didn’t expect the stubborn blonde to fight back, to push him to think straight.

But to him, he couldn’t possibly think more clearly. How could she not know that if he lost her, there would be no more Arrow and no more Oliver Queen? How could she not know that her simply being alive gives him so much strength he feels invincible? How could she not know that if she dies, so does he? How could she not know that he couldn’t lose his partner, his love, his soul, his light, his best friend and survive?

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