thank god for your twitter

Thank you, Ben Platt. Thank you for giving up so much for this role. Thank you for losing weight, having to have physical therapy to fix ur posture and near fully damaging your voice. Thank you for being so honest and open about the whole process of creating deh, making the entire fandom feel so involved and aware in how it got to where it is today. Thank you for hitting the stage door as much as you physically can even after such a demanding performance. Thank you for working so hard to give an extremely realistic and non-romanticised perception of anxiety EIGHT TIMES A WEEK, I have never been able to relate to a character so closely as Evan. Thank you for being able to put so many people’s experiences with anxiety in a mainstream media. Thank you for the best tony acceptance speech of all time. Thank you for being so proud of ur Jewishness and being such an amazing role model. Thank you for being so humble. Thank you for your god-sent twitter. Thank you for constantly investing in theatre kids and the future of broadway. Thank you for always being you. We will miss you Ben, but thank you for everything, you have helped people in ways you will never believe.


Bonus from Judy Murray, Andy’s mom :

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*stalks IKMY’s Facebook page for 92620174 months*