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Iwaoi Hip Hop Au - Oneshot

My part for the Iwaoi exchange with the wonderful @mandelkakan .
Amanda wrote this beautiful poem about Oikawa’s pining in the hip hop au and now I show Iwa’s struggle and why he pulls away.

Please click on it for better view!

The text in the bubbles is by me the other text are lyric parts taken by “Fear” by Atmosphere


this is probs canon but hinata can tell kageyama cares by observing even his tiniest of habits


Take that one thing you don’t like about yourself and more often than not that’s the one thing that makes you more special. Whether it’s that gap in your teeth, or that mole you never liked, or your skin color.

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hii, me again😆 can i ask for #42 with alex and #43 with kara please? thank you and i love ur blog!❤️❤️

A/N: The Alex one will be written here and the Kara one will be in another post, but I’ll tag you :)

23. Alex x reader 

“Y/N! Oh thank God you’re here!” Alex took your hand and led you into HQ.

“What’s the emergency, Al?” You see Winn, J’onn, James, and Mon-El, deep in discussion, and start to get worried. 

“Supergirl’s missing.” Tears pooled at the bottom of Alex’s eyes and your heart broke. “Winn picked up a trace of Kryptonite and she went out to look for it.” 

“Can’t we just ask Winn for the location?” You asked, trying to stay calm for Alex’s sake, though you were just as nervous as she was. 

Alex shook her head, defeated. “Winn didn’t pinpoint the exact location. He just had a relative area. God, I told her not to go yet…” 

“Hey, we’ll find her, ok? With everyone looking, she’ll be back at the DEO in no time.” 

I need a hug right about now…” Alex said in a small voice, tears streaming down her cheek.

You step forward, taking her into your arms and kissing the top of her head. “Let’s get to work, babe.” You pulled away, following Alex to where everyone else was. 

You all searched and searched, even tried her tracker a few times, but you didn’t find anything. Luckily, after all of you were frustrated beyond words, you got a ping from Kara’s tracker, revealing her exact location. 

“Y/N and I will take the jet, we’ll be back soon.” 

You and Alex arrived at an abandoned warehouse. She walked in front of you, her gun pointed in front of her. There was no sign of Kara, but there was a huge box of Kryptonite, which meant you were probably close. 

“J’onn, we’re gonna need a backup to take this Kryptonite back to the DEO,” Alex said into her earpiece. 

You kept walking, but there was still no sign of Kara. Soon enough, you’d looked through the entire building and you still hadn’t found Kara. 

“What do we do, Y/N?” Alex whispered. “We can’t leave without her.” 

“Let’s just wait for backup. The more people we have to help us look, the better chance we have of finding her.” 

“Agent Danvers,” J’onn called.

“Oh good, they’re here.” You whispered to Alex, walking over to J’onn. 

“We moved the Kryptonite.” He nodded, walking closer to where the box was. “And we found Kara behind it. She must’ve passed out from all the Kryptonite when she tried to pick it up.”

“Kara!” Alex dropped to the floor and held her sister in her arms until they put her on a stretcher. 

“We’re gonna take her back to the DEO. Make sure Alex is alright, ok?” J’onn whispered. 

“Of course,” You nodded, taking Alex’s hand and walking back to the jet. 


“Thank you.” Alex said as you two sat by Kara’s bed. She still hadn’t woken up yet.

“For what?” You lay your head on Alex’s shoulder. 

“Sticking with me today. Anyone else would’ve left as soon as my crazy panic mode kicked in.” She chuckles. 

“I’m your girlfriend Alex, I’m by your side, even when your crazy comes out.” You laugh, leaning up to kiss her cheek. 

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22 matsuhanaiwaoi (:

22. Muffled, from the other side of the door

“Tooru, please, you’re being ridiculous.”

“No, I’m not! You don’t understand!”

“Well then come on out so that we can understand.”

“No!” Oikawa’s voice is shrill and muffled by the locked bathroom door. “I don’t need to lose all three of my boyfriends in one day, thank you very much!”

Matsukawa rolls his eyes. “Tooru, you could turn into a hideous furry beast and we’d still love you, you know that, right?”

“Yeah,” Hanamaki chimes in, “just look at Issei, but we all love him.”

“Okay, Tooru isn’t losing any boyfriends today, but Hiro just lost one.”

“You guys are not helping,” Iwaizumi says irritably, but the next moment he’s proven wrong as the bathroom door cracks open enough for one of Tooru’s eyes to peek out and they realize that he’s giggling.

“Opening spotted, go go go!” Hanamaki yells as he and Matsukawa throw their bodies against the door, which sends Oikawa sprawling backwards. He looks up at them and they stop and stare.

“…what’s the problem?” Matsukawa finally asks, squinting at Oikawa as he tries to find the terrible deformity that had caused him to lock himself in here in the first place.

Oikawa pouts. “Look!” he says dramatically, pointing to his chin.

All three of them lean over, and Hanamaki actually falls on Oikawa. Now that he’s about two inches from his boyfriend’s face, he can see the tiny red dot that has caused this morning’s crisis.

“Oh my god. I hate you.” He turns to Matsukawa and Iwaizumi. “Can we take away Tooru’s locking-the-bathroom-door privileges?”