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For the whole duration of the race,nothing else crossed his mind but her.
He did not register the swimmers in the other lanes, or even think about the need to win – his thoughts fixated,almost obsessively, on the single memory of Kou asking him:
“Why do you swim, Haruka-senpai?”
And before today, Haru had no reason.
He reached the far wall before any of the other competitors, where he tumble-turned and bolted through the water for the final stretch: swimming home, swimming for gold, swimming for her.
Her name resounded as rhythmically ashis heartbeat in his ears:
‘Kou,’ he thought.
‘Kou is waiting for me at the finishing line.’ 

- HaruGou Chapter IV: Drowning Lessons Part I

Happy Birthday Panda-Senpai! Thank you so much for your incredible fanfics and kindness ♥♥♥ Hope you like this gifset and have an amazing day!

멀어지지 마, babe, 그 날개가 젖으니.

The fact that Mikleo ran there to get to Sorey and they were both clearly exhausted and fumbling around FILLS ME WITH JOY.

Also that preview. That preview……… They were making each other was OkAy and Mikleo noticed a cut on Sorey’s hand. He’s also wearing gloves. You don’t notice stuff like that unless you’re looking for it.