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remember the Jeremy flower AHWU? of course, but do you remember the story in the description? because i do and i may have attempted to make a comic based on it but ended up just visualising some ideas…

Flower Jeremy! he got them green fingers (hahaha)

The peluda, (pellanguis velues) is a porcupine among dragons. Also known as the Shaggy Beast or La Velue (French for “hairy one”), it isn’t hard to see why; this lindworm is as bristly as they come. These long, thick hairs also function similarly to porcupine quills, and can be easily lost when sufficiently embedded in something else, such as flesh.
Peludas are also capable of swinging their tails with devastating force, by some accounts sufficient to fling the spines at the tip like arrows. The tail, conspicuously naked of spines except at the end, is also considered the only weakness of the peluda in folklore. However, it is quite penetrable at any point barring a thicket of foot long quills.
As a last ditch defense mechanism, peludas can also spit up their own concentrated stomach acid as a fine mist to burn the eyes and skin of threatening animals. This ability is thought to be ancestral to all dragons, though not all extant species display the behavior.
The peluda is found only in southern France and parts of Italy, but is thought to have had a more northerly range before the Middle Ages. They are Highly territorial for most of year, but during the spring mating season, males leave their territories and wander the countryside searching for females in distant rivers and ponds. During this time the males grow spectacularly long quills both to protect themselves on their long journey and to impress potential mates. It is likely one of these lovesick males that became the subject of the legend surrounding these beasts, as well as that of the tarrasque. They cannot run quickly, and therefor defend themselves viciously if confronted.
Peludas possess several basal traits not seen in other surviving wyrms, such as powerful hindlimbs suited for walking and a small, nonvenomous rat’s tooth. However, they do have the distinctive arrow shaped tongue and feed mostly on fish and birds.

idk what this is but i really liked your sensitivity headcanon :‘3 (and i wanted to submit even though there is no anon option… i’m embarrassed)

Taehyung was a touchy person, no doubt about it. Jin had known that ever since they met. But his touches always felt casual. Taehyung wasn’t a rough person but his nudges were playful. Even when he was showing Jin what to expect at Bangtan Sound, he was teasing. His touches never felt like anything more but business to Jin.

But RM was a business man, too. Of the worst kind as far as Jin knew. Yet when his fingertips were skimming over Jin’s naked back, it felt nothing like Taehyung’s touches. Jin supposed RM must have been familiar with undoing zippers but he took much longer than Jimin. Jimin who Jin had originally wanted to seek out but who was singing on stage right now. His sweet voice floated backstage where Jin had run into RM. So what if he used the sticky situation he was in for his job. Get close to the enemy, Jin. He shuddered when the cold zipper pressed against his flushed skin. He had forgotten that the enemy would be getting close to him as well.

“I almost got it”, RM murmured dangerously close to his ear. He pulled with repeated small tugs, the other hand splayed between Jin’s shoulder blades, holding the fabric together. In a sudden bout of flight instinct Jin leaned away and held onto a wall drape.

But RM followed right after, pressing closer. “Sorry, did I hurt you?”

Jin shook his head violently and pressed his lips together. RM finally managed to pull the stuck zipper down Jin’s back, stopping above his waistline and stepping back. Jin thought he felt feather light touches trailing down his back, deepening the blush on his face.

“There you go”, RM’s low voice whispered.

Jin took another moment to collect himself, breathing deeply. “Thank you”, he finally straightened and turned around but RM was already gone, leaving only the ghost of his hands on Jin behind.

My thoughts on the new yansim update video

Ok, so, I have a lot to say on the new update video, and surprisingly, it’s mostly positive.

First off I would like to say that this?

Looks cool as fuck.

The newest look of the game is something I actually enjoy very much, it looks like a actual horror game. Also, I really really hope that this game is renamed to lovesick, due to the issues I have with the abielism routed in the y/ndere troupe, and how some people consider it a slur. As someone with bpd, I do rather dislike this word, and am glad that the games name might be lovesick. Even if y/ndere simulator is still a subtitle.

The new title screen of lovesick/yansim is very eerie, and I love it. Not to mention the music was amazing tbh, fit the atmosphere and was creepy. I like that lovesick/yansim is taking steps to feel more like a horror game. I’ve talked about it here some before, and so have others but I want more characters like kokona, ones that make me like them and sympathize. The dev has long said that you’re supposed to feel like a monster, but asides from kokona, if you killed anyone you really didn’t. They’re all blank slates, and it’s harder to sympathize, and feel bad for them because of it. I really think yansim/lovesick could pull inspiration from undertale, particularly the genocide route. That route is gut wrenching, purposes a moral dilemma, and makes you feel horrible. Like a honest to god monster, and not the good kind. And that’s the kind of horror yansim/lovesick needs, desperately. It just wouldn’t work without it, to be honest. The physiological aspect could be a big thing in this game, posing the question; how far would you go for love?

This new update gives me hope that the dev will implement more horror like things, and I’m actually really excited. I love horror games, especially those that delve into the psychological horror genre, so much so that I’m actually making a game myself (though it’s still in its drafting phase)

The atmosphere in some of this is really good!! I especially like the taro customization screen, tbh. Though, I would like the fact that the atmosphere goes down from the original layout to stay, it makes it feel like your actions have consequences, and again, that’s good in horror games. I really hope that the pink light hearted atmosphere stays, at first, until people start disappearing, and then it goes down. I always loved that concept.

I love mai so much and I really!!! Like how she has an actual name now, like thank god.

Unfortunately her description is still the same, but one step at a time I guess.

I love both colors schemes tbh but!! That magenta one is really cool?? This is a really nice symbol for the game, too. (Unlike the yansim side one, like, no. The underwear on heart??? Nothing to do with the game. The dev should just recolor this Symbol to be light pink and stuff I think)

The fact that you can spy on people now and sell the info to infochan is really cool. It’s a great replacement for panties shots, which is, unfortunately still a option to do in game (just take them out completely?? this option fits the game better anyways??) but I’m still really excited about this because!! It’s so cool??

Blackmailing is super cool too. Tbh, I like the idea that you have to figure it out using clues better than just info telling you.

Using clues in the student’s info and stuff is a lot more interesting than just being told what to do.

The main thing I’m happy about is that the dev is actually listening to us! He’s listening to us critics, which is really exciting!!!! Whenever someone says that we aren’t doing anything/won’t change the devs mind, we can point back to this victory, because look! We already did! We’re affecting this game! And that really fucking cool. I still hate the dev and that will never change due to things outside of the game’s development, but the fact that he’s actually listening to us is great. It means we might actually be able to save this game.

I’m super happy with this, although it isn’t perfect, because it shows we’re making progress!

I have found the most cursed ITH review…

Hahaha fuck millenials who aren’t able to drop hundreds of dollars on theater tickets amiright???



I’m not even surprised by Daniela’s description tbh… but CARLA?? FEISTY?? IS THAT THE ONLY ADJECTIVE YOU COULD THINK OF??

Like I guess Benny is hot, wouldn’t be one of the 3 first adjectives I’d use but… IF SONNY HAS PUPPY DOG ADMIRATION FOR ANYONE IT’S NINA NOT USNAVI FFS

Vanessa is the only true description, thank God.

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Artist allows reposts as long as linked back!

my friend irl: Oh my god! There’s a Kara and Lena kiss gif on Twitter. Look… *links me to a Supercorp manip kiss gif I made*. Who has even time to do that lmao… that’s so wrong.

my gay ass:

counting the stars behind the clouds

harry/louis | blind!harry and band au | 28k | t | by simplestardust

The problem wasn’t that Harry was blind. The problem was Harry himself.

or, in which Louis plays keyboard as part of touring singer Harry’s back-up band, and spends his time stuck between being oblivious and in denial, while Harry just wants to know how many stars there are in the night sky.

on ao3

The Auror (Series) Chapter 6: The Hunt

Percival Graves Imagine 

A/N: Finally, another chapter. Thanks to those of you who have read the series so far and continue to read it and like it as you do. I really appreciate it all and am very grateful for it. I apologize in advance for taking as long as I do, it’s just crazy with university and all. Still, I shall continue as long as you’ll have me. More fics will be up soon, I assure you. Thanks Again! Take Care, God Bless!

Description: The Hunt for Grindelwald’s follower’s and the wizard himself, finally begins. 

March 24th, 1928.

           After the meeting that took place three days ago, the Major Investigations Department had gone through a tough transition as everyone prepared for the upcoming mission. Graves had spent his time preparing himself and the others for what was ahead. He himself was nervous seeing as it had been a while since he’s been out on the field, though he’d never admit it. Meanwhile, Julius has been shaping the trainees in a much brutal way. Afternoon training had been transformed into all day training, as Julius wanted nothing more than his trainees to be able to fend for themselves in the most proficient way possible. The pressure was still on for everybody, for whatever the results of tonight were, tomorrow could hold another destiny.

           As nighttime inched closer, the final adjustments were being made. To do a last headcount, everyone was to meet in the same room the previous meeting was held. As everyone gathered in the room, Graves waited by the table, catching a glimpse of all those who became present. For a moment, his thoughts wandered to a certain witch who was partly responsible for all this; Y/N. Because of her, MACUSA was one step closer to adjusting a safer wizarding community. A part of him hoped she wouldn’t show. That maybe she had changed her mind or caught a bug, or something. But, surely enough, she walked through the doors. Graves sighed deeply the moment he saw her. He averted his gaze to Julius who dived into a conversation with him. Suddenly, the last of the awaited individuals arrived. Madam President stepped inside the room and stood at the end of the grand table.

           “Good evening, everyone.” Madam President spoke.

           “Evening. Good evening.” The room echoed.

           “You all know why you are here. Tonight, you take on one the most important investigations MACUSA has had to tackle. For some of you, this is the first time you step foot outside as both protector and fighter for the wizarding community. Never have we consider sending out wizards and witches in training to the field, but given the situation we find ourselves in, we’ve had no choice but to take such risk,” the president said as she glanced at everyone in the room, “To you trainees, I must say, if any of you feels as if they are not capable or willing to put your life on the line for this cause, speak now…”

           The room remained quiet. There was a silence so thick, so heavy, it was terrifying. The wizard and witches in the room looked to one another, anticipating someone would speak up. In the middle of it all, Graves delicately glanced up to Y/N who stood a few feet away from him. As if she could feel his gaze, her own eyes searched for him in the room. When their eyes met, Y/N sucked in a breath. She felt a sudden weight in her shoulders, and her heart thumping erratically. Graves noticed her discomfort and furrowed his brows as he continued to stare. Then, she took a deep breath, straighten herself, and nodded reassuringly at him. She had absolutely no idea what happened to her in that moment. It’s like his stare made her question herself; it made her think twice about her decision. It was a similar feeling to when he wanted her to assure him whether or not they should participate in this mission. It’s like he doesn’t want us to be a part of this. She thought, until Madam President snapped her back to the meeting.

           “Very well. I guess we shall proceed. Graves, you have the floor.” Madam President declared.

           “Thank You, Madam President. By now, all of you have been briefed about the mission. You know the plan and you know the purpose for it. We must begin to cut any ties Grindelwald has to other wizards and witches alike. Every day that goes by, more of the community is lost to the Dark Arts. If we don’t put an end to this soon enough, well, you can all imagine what might happen…” Graves spoke. At his final words, everyone bowed their heads. It was as if he gave them a mental image of the world taken over by the Dark Arts; a world taken over by Grindelwald, “Now, I would like for miss Y/N to take over and lay down some details about Grindelwald and his methods, just in case.” As he closed, he raised his hand to signal for Y/N to step forward. When she did, she felt a bit nervous.

           “Um, as you all know, Grindelwald is a master of the Dark Arts. He believes they are the ultimate power, and the key to actual order. Due to this, there is a great chance he has his followers practicing such magic, which is why we must be prepared for anything. Mr. Weaver’s ultimate tip is to have your wands at the ready. Keep a steady hand, and a focused mind on blocking any and all attacks,” she glanced to Julius Weaver who approved, “Finally, you all know of the suspect we have identified in the building, Gustav Alvez. If by any chance one of you finds themselves confronting the wizard, do not attack first. He is known to cast the first spell, so do focus on your defense, aim to disarm and immobilize in any way. We must capture him so that we can find out what it is Grindelwald is planning.”

           “I have a question miss Y/L/N,” the president stated, “how do you all plan on infiltrating the building? I know you will all enter, but how will you go about it?”

           “Well, ahem, me and Mr. Weaver believe we should go in pairs. Two on each floor to ensure whether there is any activity going on. Also, different people were assigned at the entrances and exits, which aren’t that many. And, three have been posted at a rooftop across this building so that we have eyes up top.”

           “Good. Well, I will say the time has come for you all.” Madam President shared. With those words, the whole room begin to file out the room, and Disapparate to the location.  

           One by one, the wizard and witches began to Apparate near the building between the seventh and eighth avenues. As they appeared, they huddled up together close to where Graves waited for them.

           “Okay, I want the scouts up on that roof immediately. Keep your eyes open for any sort of strange movement or activity,” Graves ordered and the scouts nodded before disappearing to the roof, “Now, those of you assigned to the entrances and exits, find your partners and attend to your posts.”

           As he sent the others off, Y/N arrived to the mix. The final witches and wizards left gathered together and waited on the director’s words, “You all know what you have to do. We don’t know what could be in each floor, so watch your backs. Watch your own, and watch your partner’s.”

           Meanwhile, Y/N stood next to Tina who was hearing Graves talking. Tina glanced at her and nodded; Y/N did the same.

           “Given the situation inside the building, we never paired ourselves, so we will handle the pairings now. There are enough Auror’s to accompany the trainee’s left, but not all of them. Julius took the time to actually approach you and give you an idea of your companions, so those of you who know, proceed to find them,” at his command, different people began to shuffle as they found their partners. Y/N on the other hand just looked around, for she had no recollection of Julius assigning her to anyone, “The rest of you, chose someone you might be comfortable with,” he added.

           In that moment, Tina linked her arm with Y/N, as if declaring the pair. Y/N felt sure and ready, but the moment didn’t last long, “Actually, Tina, you’re with me,” Graves declared. Tina glanced back at Y/N, giving her an apologetic look. The only other person left was Montalvo, and she was well aware of how either of them wanted to be together. She only wished James hadn’t been set up as scout so that she could have chosen him, but right now, she didn’t have any other option. Montalvo came her way and stood next to her. At last, everyone had a partner, so it was time to carry out the mission.

           “Let’s go.” Graves ordered.

           Inside, everything was incredibly dark. Not even the moonlight could find itself to shine inside as the spaces were so concealed. On each floor, a pair would stay behind as they fully inspected it, given the others the lead to continue on to the rest. The higher they went; the less pairs were left. When they got close to the top, only Tina, Montalvo, Graves and Y/N, were left. Montalvo and Y/N gave the clear to continue on their assigned floor, while Tina and Graves went on to theirs.

           As Montalvo and Y/N stepped inside, they each casted the Lumos Charm to help them see along the floor, “You check that side, I’ll check this one,” Montalvo said. Y/N nodded and walked over to the far right of the extensive room. She pointed her wand at every corner she could, but there wasn’t much to see. The entire room was a mess. There were tables thrown around, chairs lying on the ground, and bottles scattered all around the floor. Suddenly, Y/N was met with a small passage in her way. She shined a light through it and found some stairs that went up.

           “Montalvo!” She whisper-shouted.


           “I think I found something.” She answered.

           Montalvo left his side and strutted over to Y/N. He studied the passage and looked at her a bit confused. Y/N only shrugged before continuing inside. Once her foot was in, Montalvo grabbed her forearm to stop her, “Are you insane? We don’t know where this leads…” He said.

           “Exactly, there’s only one way to find out.” She stated matter-of-factly.

           “Let me go first.” He told her.

           “Montalvo, there will be no difference. Besides, I found it, so I get to go.” She said surely, “Watch my back as I go up.”

           Even as they weren’t all that friendly, Montalvo had come to terms with the fact that Y/N was indeed a great witch. When they first started, he was disliked her very much, but in time, he’s come to respect her. Plus, right now he was just doing as told; watching his partner’s back. Though she didn’t let him go ahead, he was still alert in case of anything.

           When Y/N made it through the passage, she found a door. She tried opening it, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Alohomora.” She casted. As the door opened, Y/N and Montalvo grip their wands tightly, and slowly stepped inside. The room, like all the others, appeared gloomy. Using the Lumos Charm once again, the pair begins to inspect the ambient. Then, they are met with two hallways.

           “Of course…” Y/N says irritated.

           “We are supposed to stay together at all times.” Montalvo reminds her.

           “I know, but- we can do this. We have to. You go there and I’ll go here. If we find anything, we’ll call. If we don’t, we meet back here.” She shared.

           “You sure about this?”

           “Positive. Just, be careful.”

           “You too.” Montalvo replied.

           Through the hall, everything felt so far away, but in reality, Y/N had only gone a few feet in. The hall extended itself, and it had no other points to enter other than one at the end. As she continued through, she squinted her eyes to get a better look at a glow that came from under a doorway. The closer she got, the more noticeable was the light. But, when she got closer to it, the board beneath her feet creaked, and suddenly, the light was gone. It was as if someone had made it disappear. Still, Y/N didn’t back away at this; she went on, and she offed the Lumos Charm on her wand. When she was at the door, she delicately gripped the knob, turned it, and pushed the door inside. There was some moonlight sneaking in through some of the windows, making it easier for her to see. When she was finally in the room, the door shut, making Y/N spin at an incredible speed, while raising her wand at whatever or whoever was there. Before even uttering a spell, the girl’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, and with the help of the moonlight, she could see the figure in the room. They too were pointing their wand, but with a weight of relief, lowered it.

           “Miss Y/N.” It was Graves.

           “Mr. Graves,” she cleared her throat, “you startled me.”

           “I thought you were someone else.”

           “As did I.”

           “What are you doing here? I thought you were in the floor below us.”

           “We were. I just, found this secret passage that led me to a room, that led me here.” She explained.

           “I only see you. Where’s your partner?” He questioned.

           “He- I, insisted we separate and inspect both hallways.”

           “Both hallways?”

           “Yes, sir. There were two hallways and we separated so that we could see where they led.” Y/N responded.

           “Very well.” He simply stated before continuing to search around the room. Y/N followed steadily behind him.

           “Sir, might I ask where Tina is?” Y/N asked.

           “We too separated. She went on to inspect another room.”

           “There sure is quite a number of rooms in this place.” Y/N commented evidently.

           Graves didn’t respond at this, for he was too distracted by the large wall that was dimly lit in the corner. Together, they approached it to see more. Graves swiftly waved his wand as he illuminated the wall to get a better look. Y/N, who stood behind him, did the same while coming up next to him. They both scanned what was in front of them and noticed scraps of newspapers, photos, symbols, and even a map, all hanging on the wall. Lines were traced all over, as they connected one thing with the other. The newspapers announced different Grindelwald attacks while exposing the scene with moving images. Both Graves and Y/N just stood there, staring at everything laid before them. Suddenly, Graves spoke.

           “He wanted us to find this.”

“No, he wanted me to find it.” Y/N said while getting closer to the wall and placing her hand atop a photograph of her. Graves shifted his gaze towards her and then to the photo.

Suddenly, a voice sounded out of nowhere, “You’re not wrong sweetheart.”

At this, both the witch and the wizard snapped their head towards the direction of the voice. It seemed to have come from behind the wall. With their wands ready, both Y/N and Graves proceeded to the space behind the wall. At the entrance, they saw how this room was bigger than any other in the building. There were cement columns holding it up every few feet, and behind the farthest one, a figure was hidden. Quietly, it moved from the column, and was in plain sight.  

“Mr. Graves, what a surprise to see you up and well after all Grindelwald put you through. I’ve heard it’s quite the ordeal to be under the mans, let’s say, spell…”

Graves simply looked at the man, as if he wasn’t bothered to be reminded of his experience with Grindelwald. Y/N glanced at Graves, but quickly averted her eyes to the character instead.

“Gustav.” She stated.

“Alive and breathing, my dear.” The man said smugly.

“It appears your ego continues to be intact as well.” Y/N said sarcastically.

“Yes, well, I can never get tired of being me.”

“Right, your good for one thing and one thing only, to do someone else’s dirty work. Tell me, when is it that you’ll finally be captured by doing something for yourself, instead of committing crimes for others?” Y/N teased.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. My crimes have been all my doing. I like to work alone.”

“Right, so you’re not Grindelwald’s little errand boy?”

“Hmm, he said you’d be like this.”

“So, you’ve talked about me?” Y/N only asked playfully.

“Endlessly. Just as much as Graves.”

“So, you’ve been in constant contact with him?” Graves intercepted.

“Wouldn’t you like to know, Mr. Graves?” Gustav mocked.

“Of course, he has. Grindelwald has to make sure Gustav is doing as told.” Y/N commented.

“I’ve heard enough out of you, deary!” Gustav exclaimed right before he raised his wand to attack.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any "love interests who actually just want to be friends" ones? Weirdly specific, I know.

1) He should have loved them. Everyone said how perfect we were for each other. But hearts are not everyone and do not follow reason so easily.

2) It wasn’t that she didn’t love them, she adored them. But not like that. She’d tried to convince herself that she could, waiting for sparks and found herself negotiating the reasons getting into bed with them wouldn’t be that bad. It would make them happy, they had a truly lovely smile, and maybe they weren’t the one but who even believed in the one in the modern age? It took a long time to realize that maybe not being in love with them like that was okay.

3) Are you friends or something more? As if my friendship was a fucking lesser gift anyone should be disappointed to receive.

4) “I think we were better off as friends.”
“Oh thank god.”


Mun: Yeah, compared to the original Sonic universe, I like ow Sonic Boom made Amy a proper character just by reading this description. And thank god, there’s nothing about her being obsessed with Sonic, thank god!

  • fanfic description: the powerpuff girls, now in high school–
  • me: no
  • fanfic description: blossom, bubbles, and buttercup, now 18 and residing in a darker, bleaker townsville–
  • me: nO
  • fanfic description: the ppg and the rrb–
  • me: NO
  • fanfic description: mojo jojo and him
  • me: finally maybe something good thank god
  • fanfic description: are deeply in love—
  • me: no no noOo

enjoy ;D (submitted by anon)

Oh my go d that was fast
I can’t believe DRV3 dubs are already happening
i loVE IT THANK U OMFG- and god, Keebo sounds so done (plus accurate description, ppl being jealous of others ahoges should be a thing)

Goodnight everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow I have a half day tomorrow for school thank god! But send in imagine requests or descriptions for a ship with one of the magcon guys! I’ll be doing them tomorrow after school!