thank crap this is all over

What do you mean it’s an actual PSA???

This blog is on an official mon-fri Hiatus until June. I’m currently doing Clinical, and will (after three more weeks of this) be in preceptorship for five weeks after.

Although that only puts me in about mid-May, afterwards, I’ll be looking into a new job (Hopefully with me preceptor placement) and trying to get settled down into an actual routine. 

It’s not that I have no ability at all to be online after I’m done at Clinical, but the hours are just off enough that my body clock is screaming “BITCH, NO. WHAT IS THIS SHIT?” So by the time I get home, all I can hear is the call of my bed. 

So in the meantime: I do have another job that I do attend to on the weekends, but it’s still within what I would consider my ‘normal’ waking hours. So at some point in the day, I’ll likely be here, answering asks, and working on drafts. (Ah, yes. The endless pile of happiness. I really like diving into drafts, actually. Does that make me a little bit odd?)

In other news, aside from Clinical and Preceptorship, I’ve also been approved for the women’s only housing that was recommended to me. Despite my situation, I felt that I would definitely be turned down, so this is actually a turn for the better!  Come mid-April or so, I’ll be an actual hecked up mess from the move and the adjustment of living -gasp- on my own. 


I’m going to be writing up replies, drafting, and queuing them up over the weekends, and hoping that some of those post at a decent pace over the week while I’m finishing up this leg of stuff in my life. 

Bless all’y’all who read this far. 

Thank you for everyone who has kept my children and I in their thoughts and good hearts. Thank you for anyone who donated to the crowdfund to make sure I would be able to afford to move out like this. 

The sun has finally begun to peek out from the clouds, and I can’t be happier!

Hi everyone- there’s a lot of crap going on in the world right now and lately I’ve received a lot of messages telling me that my art brings smiles to your face. All of this is worth it just for that so thank you for enjoying what I do! I hope you all are having a great day😊 Thanks for those that joined the stream over at! Model is from a Japanese magazine over at

Bear’s Story (part 2)

Outside a desecrated temple of Pelor our new Half-Orc Barbarian (who believes she is a bear) steps forward to challenge them.
Bear: (angrily) “My sorcerer doesn’t like you here. You guys leave now, or Bear mauls you!” And then I roar at them shaking my battle axe over my head.
DM: Roll intimidation.
Bear: Uh, crap, I have a -2 on charisma checks. (Rolls a 2) Alright, then after Bear says that, she looks back to the sorcerer and asks (in a fairly high pitched and happy tone), “Was that good? Bear practic be scary all night.”
Sorcerer: He smiles weakly in thanks of her attempt.
Bear: She does a happy ‘squeeee’ and steps back and forth on her toes shaking arms next to her body.
The sorcerer’s player facepalms to hide a smile.


Seunghyun: Hongki hyung may look like a kid in daily life, but he’s actually really mature. The longer you know him, the more you realize that he’s actually a really different hyung than what he looks like. (x)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHhnnnnnnggg oh my god guys!!! ThaNK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THESE NICE MESSAGES!! I know Im replying pretty late with some of these and Im really sorry for that! Ive been all over the place recently x7x

Just know that every one of your messages makes me so happy, you have no idea! They truly mean a lot to me and motivate me tremendeousely!!

 ❤ I’d hug the crap out of every single one of you if I could  \(Q7Q)/  ❤

gansey’s alive at the end of it all, magically, impossibly, amazingly, and it should feel like a victory - it does feel like a victory.
but it also feels like a loss, hollowing and sobering.
because now gansey is left Purposeless; his quest is over and his sacrifice spat him back out,
not to mention having died again and lived again, but this time with no questions to answer, no meaning, Just This, just life,
and he’s lost and kind of numb and sort of angry, which feels weird and Other in him, because it’s not so neatly controllable and disguisable as his usual emotions, because there’s no one and nothing to really be angry at,
and it’s, like, a smoldering version of gansey on fire when he starts taking down his glendower maps in the middle of the night, 
initially removing them by the pins and then just pulling them off so the corners still stick.

ronan wasn’t sleeping either, not a chance, 
and he knows the sounds of insomniac destruction anywhere,
so he comes out of his room and stands in his doorway until gansey says
‘help me.’

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Day 7: Overwatch Mission/ Fighting Side by Side

this is it folks! the last day of genyatta week!! this week has been so great,,,,,all the content has made me smile like an idiot countless times omg 

i thought i’d finish it off with lined and colored art and a couple doodles like usual lol 

it was seriously an honor to be apart of this week holy crap – ive never drawn so much digital art and comics within a week honestly 

thank u guys for all the likes, reblogs, and follows asdjkfsdb <333 hope y'all have a great day/night! 


Summary: “I wish you would write a fic where Bucky helps the reader after a nightmare where they are forced to kill Bucky.” Thank you anon- I had to make something out of this :) 

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1615

Warnings: Angst, Character Death, (Don’t worry, it ends fluffy though.)

A/N: I had to write something for this after it came through, and It kind of fit my mood? I hope it’s not crap. Thank you everybody for all of your support xo

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hey friends :)

I’m gonna be real honest with you here, it’s been a long time since I’ve worked on the fake bf fic and writing is hard and life is just overwhelming as hell these days, so if y’all wouldn’t mind giving me just a liiiiittle bit of validation that my writing hasn’t turned to complete crap?? that’d be super cool??? please & thank you, here is what I have of ch. 6, it’s not a lot but hopefully there’s gonna be more soon now that I have some kind of flow???? idk man I love you all thank you for being so ridiculously patient

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  •  You do remember #OutlawQueen fandom still exists, don’t you?
    • of course! (x)
  • I heard Lana is leaving the show, is this true?
    • have no idea why this rumor is going around (x)
  • You and the other writers keep saying how happy you guys are to wrote a hopeful show -(1) Do you not take rumbelle fans into that consideration lol? Ive been crying almost every episode now. (2)
    • so sorry you feel such agony for them.  I hope you like their journey this season.  It’s not over! (x)

  • Is there going to be more about charming’s father?
    • yes  (x)
  • I admire you so much for staying on twitter and dealing with all this crap and hate so nicely! You’re awesome!
    • thank you! (x)
  • Is Emmas character based on any fairytale character?
    • no.  She was meant to be a new fairy tale character (x)
  • Is this the last season of once upon a time :(
    • hope not! (x)    
  • Do we find out anything exciting about hook this season??
    • hope so! (x)
  •   Was graham’s death always planned or was it because he was cast in Fifty shades of grey?
    • always planned (x)
  • Was it ever written that Mr. Gold’s “cursed” first name is Eli?
    • no (x)
  • Really depressed about this show, please send some hope my way, especially regarding rumbelle
    • there’s an old saying.  It’s always darkest before the dawn. (x)
  • Should I look forward to some #CaptainSwan scenes Sunday?
    • if you mean do Emma and Hook have scenes together?  Yes, they do.  Multiple scenes.  #nospoilers (x)
  • What kind of things should we expect to see these next few episodes?? And any Captain Charming scenes?? xx
    • yes, they have scenes together in upcoming eps (x)
  • There are rumours Lana won’t be returning after 6x11? Is that true?
    • not true (x)   

Just woke up, hello everyone! Just saw that I’m about to hit 700 followers and I’m just.. holy crap, man. I’m absolutely blown away. 

Thank you, guys. Seriously thank you all SO MUCH! Just like the previous Followers thank you post, I’ll be hovering over Tumblr all day to answer any questions you may have!

 Is there anything you wanted to know about the comic? 

Anything you’d like to see? 

Anything you wanted to know about me? 

Talk to me, I’m so thankful for all of you and I wanna stay communicative no matter how big this gets because it’s all thanks to you folks!! 

❤ Peaches


 @impossiblekimpossible said: “I love ur imagines! Can you do one about Jungkook trying to cheer you up! Thanks!!”

Thank you!! Sorry it’s a bit short. I hope you like this, and thank you for the request!! <3 

It had been a long day. 

It wasn’t anything that was anyone’s fault, nothing you could say “this is why I’m stressed”, just a bunch of little things that all added up. Jungkook could tell by the tone of your voice over the phone that you weren’t your usual self. 

“Are you okay?” He asked, and you sighed. You didn’t want to worry him, or bother him with how crap your day had been (though it wouldn’t have bothered him at all, as you would have known if you hadn’t already felt so down).

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You said, holding your phone between your ear and shoulder. You slipped your shoes off as you stepped into your home, not particularly excited to be alone.

“Can you do me a favor?” 

You really weren’t in the mood to do anyone any favors, but Jungkook wasn’t just anyone. “I guess. What is it?” 

“Meet me at our park in twenty minutes.” 

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A Whole Bunch Of Thanks!!

Hey everyone, taking a moment to do a bunch of cheesy thanks to some special peeps >u>

A huge thanks to @napstablook-the-dj​ / @vai-russ​ for being my beta reader for Playbacktale and for helping me with Sans’ dialogue in the last part! Thank you buddy chum pal ;w;

Thanks for over 300k views and 13k+ likes on the Rolling Papyrus animation!
T-That’s… a lot holy crap [wheezes]

And lastly, thanks to everyone who has read/stuck around while I was drawing Playbacktale (that most likely means you >wo). It was fun reading everyone’s responses, and it was a great learning experience for me. Here’s to future comics!

Wishing all of you the best!

Prompt #9 “We’re friends, real friends,and that means no matter how long it takes, when you finally decide to look back, I’ll still be here.”

Written by Christina

Category: Angst with a bit of fluff

Word Count: 1,883 (I know, this is a long one)

A/N: This week, Danielle was supposed to post, but life has been super hectic for her, so this is my writing again. But never fear, Danielle will post next week. This is my first ever angst, so I’m sorry if this is crap. Also, thank you so much for 100+ notes on last weeks imagine!! 

This week’s prompt is from this list

You felt your heart crumble at the sight, your feet refusing to move you further than the doorway of your best friends room. Peter was sitting on his bed, his normally groomed hair a curly mess, his eyes swollen, and his shoulders hunched forward. His bed was messier than normal, and there were textbooks thrown all over the room. He just stared at the ground in front of him, anger and heartbreak radiating off of him. You tried to hold back your tears as you moved from the doorway. You half shuffled, half crept to the bedside. Peter didn’t even glance in your direction. A tear fell down your cheek and you quickly wiped it away. Peter did not need to see you crying. That was the last thing he needed.

“He died in my arms,” Peter mumbled, taking in a shallow breath. “I was walking and I saw the crowd and I heard the screaming and saw the sirens and I ran and I saw him and then he…” Peter started talking at a high speed, but at the end, his voice cracked and he broke into a sob. He didn’t even bother to bring his hands to his face to hid the tears or snot. Tears fell more freely down your face and you threw your arms around his shoulders, pulling him as close as you possibly could, despite the fact that sitting right next to each other and trying to hug made it awkward and uncomfortable. Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his face in your neck. He sobbed freely. You rested a hand on the back of his head, gently stroking the curls. Peter slid a hand up to the middle of your shoulder blades and hugged you tighter. You felt pain in your ribs and you suddenly couldn’t breathe.

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Yoooo so i finally decided to make a follow forever after hitting 20k followers which i think is insane like how can that many people go to my blog and be like….. sure ill follow like ???? its insane really. Ive only been a kpop blog for a little over a year and ive met soooo many wonderful people and get to see qualityyyy 👌👌content everyday and thats thanks to the wonderful people i follow. i also wanna thank everyone that follows me especially and reblogs my crap gifs and art, the fact that you think its decent enough to put on your blog blows my mind. thank you for sticking with me all this time and i hope i get the chance to talk to even more people in the future. i dont wanna make this too long, mainly bc i suck at writing this kinda stuff sooo itll start to get really lame so i just wanna give one final thank you to everyone :)))

shoutout to my homies who i enjoy roasting on the daily, y’all know whats up (if you hover over your url i have a message for your wack asses): @apgujeon @mintsugakookies @jiminrolls @jminies @jeony @bangtoori @gotjimin @deviltae @kimseoksjin @thesixthmonth @yvngie @mindeer

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anonymous asked:

I wanted to share this happy story with you and for anyone who's afraid of people with DID... I was really depressed yesterday. So depressed that I fell back and let someone else take over because I just didn't want to exist anymore. Next thing I know, I had dinner and a small cake in front of me WITH A CARD that my other alters had written in with stuff like "feel better" "we love you" "you're my favourite big sister" (from one little) So it's not all dismal "the voices tell me to kill" crap...

thank you for sharing this story!! 


The Bears Social Media Team hired me to take a Bears helmet to various haunted spots around Chicago. First off - THAT’S AWESOME! A major sports team asked me to make content for their social feeds, which basically means I’m a member of their team now. Like… right? I think that’s what that means. 

Second, it was a PERFECT way to celebrate Halloween (aka my second favorite holiday). I went to 10 spots all over the Chicagoland area from cemeteries to sites of major tragedies (like the Eastland Disaster and the Iroquois Theater Fire), to places that are just supposed to have ghosts wandering around scaring the crap out of people. 

You can see everywhere we went over on the Bear’s Instagram Page

Thanks to the Bears for bringing me off the bench for this one, and if you guys need anything else - like… some fresh photos of players, or someone to report what it’s like to be a season ticket holder or whatever - consider this an open letter to tell you that I’m down. BEAR DOWN!



Over half a decade of blood, sweat, tears, all nighters and coffee. No more lectures, hypothetical problem based assignments, research essays, 90% weighted exams. Never again will I need to stay up three fucking nights in a row to finish a thesis.  

Bring on the working world, the job hunt and all the crap that comes with practical legal training and the tumultuous road to admission.  

TL;DR Things are changing. Naturally, this studyblr and studygram will aswell. Thanks for all your support, frantic messages and patience (esp to my inbox!).

Stay tuned for updates. I hope you’re just as excited as I am about the year ahead.