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[au]  - this scene doesn’t actually exist, I (bugheadkiss) made it.

Jughead is a typical fuckboy (IN THIS AU NOT IRL) and he approaches Betty in Pop’s, steals and eats her cherry and says the following line 🙊

Me: Where is my fan fiction for this? I’ll like one now please. 

The finale of BB19 has completely redeemed the season holy shit. Why do I thrive on Paul losing for a second year in a row LMAO

things people forget about the outsiders

{synopsis} these are some pretty important things i think people should know bc it could help them w/ their character development or story in general. enjoy!

{warnings} the truth

{pairing} none

{bullet count} 11

• sodapop would’ve joined dally in dirty talking cherry and marcia. and if they were greaser girls, ponyboy would’ve joined in as well.


• johnny is really good at hiding his emotions. he’s also a brave little shit who can get real sassy sometimes. yes, he is meek and shy, but when he feels the need he can be tough.

• steve is still in school. repeat after me, stEVE IS STILL IN SCHOOL AND ONLY WORKS PART TIME.

• the guys only watch their swearing and behavior around cousin-type girls. if your character is a new friend of pony’s who’s coming over for the first time, the gang isn’t gonna be super-duper nice to her and accept her 100%. they will probabaly be jerk-faces for a lil while, then chill out after she proves herself.

• two-bit wanted to drive to texas to look for ponyboy and johnny.

• darry goes skiing with his friends sometimes and was voted boy of the year. he was a popular, fun guy before he became the dad figure in the curtis household. yeah, he’s hella mature and dad-like now, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to have fun.

• johnny was a good man in a rumble. i repeat : JOHNNY WAS A GOOD MAN IN A RUMBLE. HE COULD KICK ASS, OKAY.

• in the book, ponyboy kicked soc ass during the rumble. he is young and emotional, but he isn’t helpless. i personally hated the way the movie depicted him during the rumble; just letting the socs beat him up and crying out for darry the minute it begins. if you read the rumble excerpt, he obviously isn’t the best fighter but he can defend himself pretty well and can take a punch.

• johnny can take a whipping with a 2 by 4 without letting out a whimper. he isn’t gonna be on the floor unconscious after a punch to the gut, please and thank you.

• cherry is afraid of dissapointing her parents if they see her hanging with pony. i personally believe that cherry overcomes that fear and apologizes to ponyboy after ignoring him at school, and they become good friends. but the only true reason she doesn’t want to be seen with ponyboy is because of her parents. we see she clearly doesn’t really care about half of her “friends” or what she’s supposed to do as a soc (beer blasts and river bottom parties), so why would she care if her other friends saw her with pony?

Today is mother’s day in my country and me bittybones wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who creates, no matter if it’s art, music, dance or something else.
A special thanks belongs to @nsfwalphatalelioness, @sanspar, @ammazolie and @fucken-crybaby.
Without them the bittybones you see wouldn’t be here~!
Thank you for inspiring so many people!


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I created this girl called Terribly Thirsty (sorry!) after discoveries I made on the Sims 4 Gallery. Feeling very dejected so I made this pretty girl and put her in some pretty dresses. Enjoy!

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Sim (X) -SFS- or downloadable from the gallery under id: isleroux

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