sooo according to the ask meme thingy where i asked which celebrities you guys thought i looked most like, and from other random comments i’ve gotten, these are the ladies you think i resemble the most.
i’m highly confused, BUT SO FLATTERED oh my god

tomorrow i’ll do the ultimate test. make my parents pick one hahaha

things that happen after tartarus:

  • percy has extreme paranoia, constantly looks over his shoulder, small unexplained noises are bothersome. needs conformation that nothing is following him
  • annabeth is permanently blind as a result of the curse, needs to go through rehabilitation and learns braille. shares some paranoia with percy, though not as extreme. usually ends up calming percy down or reaffirming that they’re in camp/class/etc., ends up with a strong phobia of wells and other pit-like structures, though her phobia of spiders has lessened after her defeat of Arachne.
  • nico is selectively mute, and only really talks to hazel, reyna, or jason, and only in snippets. extremely averse to contact, rather than only mildly uncomfortable. extreme claustrophobia as a result of the jar, and is afraid of asphyxiation; constantly guards neck


anonymous asked:

Im in LOVE with ur near-sighted Ruby!!! I have glasses as well and know how it feels like!! I felt so happy when i saw ur drawing!! (And i love Ruby as well) Keep up the good work cutie :D

I think all us four-eyes know the feeling, bless.

Raw Footage

prompt for smutty saturdays on npn: thirsty phil

summary: dan and phil film themselves having sex

genre: smut

warnings: swearing, sex tape/filming, blowjobs, facials, handjobs, hinted D/s dynamics, dom!dan (buckle ur seatbelts its a wild ride)

word count: 1173 of pure smut i’m not even joking holy

a/n: special thank you to the people who have beta’ed this fic (satan, lu, ozzy, emily, and ofc, the lovely holly) this is my contribution to smutty saturdays on the nsfwphannetwork so i hope you guys enjoy <3 

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