I hope you all realise how lucky you all are that I’m dedicated to my fics. I’m going out with the explicit intention of getting drunk enough to have a hangover so I can write a realistic sequel to Drunk Men Don’t Lie. 😂😂

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Hello. It's VA. Hey Maury, are you the father? XD Man, what a roller coaster last year was, right? I'm so glad to see Mau recovered nicely from it. I'm also glad to see your Ezreal. I love both of your muses and love the ways you've taken them. One day, I can rp with them more. If only I had my old muse again...but alas, things change for the better. I'll be around and hopefully you'll stay around, wonderful person. And keep being awesome with your art! And have a wonderful ass. I mean day.

[[Hi, hi. Funny to see those few who still remember how this blog started. As embarrassing as it sometimes is to think of. LOL Last year was definitely a trip and I am glad to have moved on from that point, for sure and I can’t wait to see what new things Mau will get into.

And thank you so much. uvu I am glad you enjoy my muses so much and don’t be afraid to approach them with…well…any character!

Thanks for taking the time to send these kind words, they are much appreciated. <33

I been working hard at my art and I hope to continue improving!

The ass jokes are forever my legacy. ]]

The Signs as P!ATD Albums
  • AFYCSO:Scorpio, Libra
  • Pretty. Odd.:Pisces, Virgo, Cancer
  • Vices & Virtues:Capricorn, Aries, Taurus
  • TWTLTRTD:Gemini, Sagittarius
  • Death Of A Bachelor:Aquarius, Leo

So, I guess it’s my time to say something about this huh.

I’ve been told that as a blogger with some following I’ve got influence and responsibility and that is why I am not going to lie about this, even though some people would rather just hear that I am optimistic and that I am not worried. The truth is that I am very uncomfortable, I am angry and exhausted and I don’t like this situation at all. As much as I tried to go over every possible scenario, it simply didn’t prepare me for this as I don’t understand how anyone could be doing this to Louis.

Despite everything, or maybe especially with everything going on, I believe Louis is not the father and at this point I will flat out say that there is no baby. I do believe Harry and Louis are together, And as I have said before, if you give up on that cool, but I am firm in my belief and I am simply not talking about that in my askbox. I would like to say I am sorry, but I really am not. I trust my judgement and I trust my critical thinking, but I am not going to make you adopt my opinions, I am not going to tell you over and over again what I have been saying for months about this situation. I am done with that. I am done with theories about Harry and Louis having broken up, Louis cheating or whatever things you are coming to my askbox with. You are allowed to have doubts, but I have said about that what I know and you need to use your own head to figure out what you know and what you believe.

And the thing is that this is not about Larry to me. This is about someone trying to hurt Louis and someone being scared of Louis and someone trying to damage Louis. And damage the band. And we all know who that is. With that I want to say I am not in no way discussing the possibility of the baby (let’s say there is a baby) being Louis’. If it is easier for you to accept that and you have an actual ability to do that, then go ahead, you are allowed to think whatever you want to, but for me, that’s impossible. As much as I would like to just get rid of all this concern in my mind and all the uncomfortable feelings I can’t make myself not see the facts. The fact that her bump disappeared on Christmas, kept changing size, the fact that they kept changing due date, the fact that Briana appeared at London show where Simon was for the first time the fact that they still have to be using party photos from May, because Louis wouldn’t let himself be seen with her, the fact that Louis looked like he wanted to die every time the baby was brought up, the fact that Louis is family orientated and would never treat his own child like this even if it was an accident, the fact that they kept using pictures of different women, the fact that Louis never spoke about it and much more. I can’t ignore events of last years either. I just can’t and I won’t.

I am here for Louis. I haven’t been here for years just to go and give up on them during the endgame, though there might come the day when it just gets too much for a while. I encourage you to take a break if you need to, though. This is making everyone feel uncomfortable, it’s extremely manipulative and plain gross and your mental health and health in general ALWAYS comes first. Because we can’t do anything but watch. With that, I hope the boys are working with a new team that cares about them and is helping them, because this is sickening and not fucking normal. The bullying within the fandom is not normal either. You can unfollow and block people. Protect yourself. The following days are probbably going to be very messy and I am nobody to speculate about when will come denial or something else. Please remember that Harry and Louis (or the band in general) don’t owe you anything. Don’t blame them for this. This is being done to Louis at this moment. This is being done to him and I hope that what we are seeing are last bits of despair.

So please stay safe, and retweet AIMH. Thank.