Fake Film Meme : ❝ F I R S T  B L O O D ❞ - Action
starring Chiaki Kuriyama, Rinko Kikuchi, Devon Aoki, Kiko Mizuhara

The elite four gangs in Kyoto have been at a stalemate for years. The east is controlled by White Tiger (Aoki), the west by Blue Dragon (Kuriyama), the south by Red Phoenix (Mizuhara), and the north by Black Tortoise (Kikuchi). Together they make up the Four Holy Beasts. When the west decides to launch an attack against the east, the four leaders take up arms and get ready for a war they’ve been looking forward to for years.

FAKE FILM MEME: Elle Fanning & Chloe Grace Moretz - Dystopian film
↳For mexicansatan

Humanity’s doom was imminent. We pushed the envelope too fast, too soon. Many tried to warn us, but few heeded their words. In the simplest terms, the world is infected and, worst of all, divided. There are those who fear complete assimilation and dependency on technology will bring on yet another apocalyptic end. Then there are those on the other end of the spectrum who view technology as a way to not only survive, but also evolve. The real war is among our own kind and tensions are building up every day. At this rate, we’ll end up destroying ourselves again before the infection even get to us.