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Vietnamese Mythology Series┋[1/6] Deities/Spirits┋son tinh & thuy tinh

When (King) Hùng Vương VI decided to find a suitable husband for his daughter, Mỵ Nương, who was blessed with incredible beauty, he sent out a proclamation across the lands in search for something who was both handsome and talented. Out of all the potential suitors only two stood out. One was a mountain spirit, Sơn Tinh, the other a water spirit, Thủy Tinh. With a wave of his hand, Sơn Tinh could make an entire forest grow and mountains raise up from the earth. On the other hand, Thủy Tinh could bring upon storms and the sea level rise effortlessly.

Unable to choose one over the other, the King set forth a challenge stating that whoever could bring back wedding gifts first will win his daughter’s hand in marriage. Sơn Tinh came back first with the necessary gifts and was able to take Mỵ Nương back to his home in the mountains. Thủy Tinh came only a few minutes after and grew furious over such a close call. Unable to take defeat gracefully, he called heavy rain, strong wind and thunder, and also rose the sea levels up to defeat Sơn Tinh.

Thủy Tinh eventually conceded since he couldn’t reach Sơn Tinh or Mỵ Nương when they were so high up in the mountains. But he never gave up hopes of getting his rightful wife back. Every year mortals suffer from the floods brought on by Thủy Tinh’s vengeful nature.