The World In Words: Endangered Languages

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This is a podcast episode about endangered languages, researched and narrated by a linguist. He talks about the 93 languages spoken in Nepal, most of which are endangered, and how the culture of those multiple languages has been handled in Nepal. The languages he talks about are spoken in this episode, with some translations. The episode is 31 minutes long, and about halfway through he starts talking about the Thangmi language, the main focus of the episode. 

The complete podcast is titled PRI’s The World: The World in Words. This episode is called Endangered Languages 1: The Thangmi Language of Nepal. Each episode goes over a language’s culture or the culture of several languages. Different dialects and invented languages also have episodes, along with news that has to do with language in general. Here is their website for global news, the language podcast being found here. The various languages are spoken in the episodes.

A bunch of polyglot/linguist blogs follow me, so I thought you guys would find this interesting. There’s episodes over Catalan, French, Bengali, Chinese, bilingualism, Egyptian honking language, Yiddish, Sikh, English, Welsh, creoles, Inuit dialect, Hebrew, Spanish, American native languages, general talk about linguistics in the world, and even more languages.