The Other Shepard Pt5

Willow knew Mordin was going to be trouble, and she was right… just not in the way she’d expected.

Sometimes, even she needs a push.

Oh hey look feelings are starting to happen :D Hopefully not to soon but like… this is just the beginning. No super fluff yet. You’ll see.

Mordin is a troll and I love it. Enjoy?

Haestrom is their next stop to pick up Tali, out on the Far Rim; there are other missions closer by, but Willow knows Arisa is eager to have the quarian back on the team - to have her safely on the Normandy.

It takes several days and relay jumps to make it there, and Willow spends most of her time trying to subtly get Arisa to admit to something, regarding Garrus, and… strangely, talking to Thane.

She still makes her usual rounds alongside her cousin; poking her head down into Jack’s hole to see if she’s still raging, sharing a drink with Kasumi here or there, spending one night in the MedBay under Chakwas’ supervision, after expending to much biotic energy taking out a Merc base with the team.

She seems to find her way to life support after every mission - whether Thane had been part of the team that day or not - toting coffee and ready to retreat if the company isn’t wanted.

Thane’s only turned her away once, so far, and he’d been in the middle of meditating, so she hadn’t minded.

She’s learning about him, and his life has been fascinating - if sometimes sad.

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Every Bioware Romance Ever.

Love interest: let me tell you all about my trauma/tragic backstory/death of a loved one/slavery/addiction/ect.

Player: That’s really sad. You know what that put me in the mood for?

Love interest: What?

Player: Fucking. You specifically.

Love interest: I am down for some reason.

*Cue dramatic make out/sex scene*

I have to say, Mass Effect takes you to some pretty strange places. No. Not the stars. I mean, yeah, the stars are there too. But I’m talking taking you to a place where you can look at a seven foot tall bird lizard or a sad frog with a tragic backstory or a purple squid kitty and immediately declare yourself Mayor of Shag City™, population that guy and your sinful ass. 

Y’all need Space Jesus.

I know everyone loves the concept of me & me:a squadmates hanging out, like liam & kaidan, jaal & garrus, drack & wrex, but consider:

  • Jaal and Ashley reading poetry together in the shuttle bay by the hum of the engines, sending each other emails with their favourite verses late at night
  • Tali, someone who’s never known home, and PeeBee, someone who never stays long enough to have one, working on rem-tech together and bonding over every fascinating new discovery as they help each other make their home there, on the ship
  • Thane and Vetra, each one of them making sacrifice after sacrifice to protect the only family that they have left, looking at each other with silent understanding because they just know how hard it is, not always knowing if they’re doing the right thing
  • Cora and Liara, chatting about Asari culture and the pressures to succeed and all things science through the night cycle, with Liara watching over Cora’s garden when she’s away on a mission
  • Suvi and Mordin geeking out, doing weird experiments together, Mordin encouraging Suvi to Lick the Rock and taking notes on all her observations
  • Gil and Kaidan, drinking beer and having late-night poker games, rebuilding a sense of normalcy with each other that they haven’t felt in a long time
  • Liam and Garrus, two people who are always trying to bring others together, struggling between their sense of duty and their desire to do what’s right, helping each other find a balance between the two
  • Drack looking at Jack, with all of her anger and sadness and discomfort, and immediately taking her under his wing, treating her at once with his characteristic roughness and a protectiveness as if she was his own grandchild