Blessed Be the Wicked

A Thane drabble. Fanfiction | AO3

Notes: I had to twist Thane’s timeline and few details just a bit. Special thanks to @askeebe, @sanguinespire and @customshep.


Thane had never thought Irikah could be more entrancing than she already was. Yet the sight of her in her wedding clothes, bathed in the orange light of sunset matching her irises and contrasting with the white garments she wore, made him shiver in awe. The Gods had banished the eternal rain from the sky, and Thane took it as a sign that they approved of their union.

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Who's Who on Mass Effect 2
  • Shepard: Glorified galactic babysitter
  • Miranda Lawson: The equivalent of that kid who get's straight A's but never studies seriously Miranda not all of us are genetically engineered
  • Jacob Taylor: Kanye West in space
  • Mordin Solus: geneticist who somehow knows the dirt on everyone. How do you know who I'm dating Mordin? it happened five minutes ago
  • Garrus: literally your best friend in the whole fucking galaxy
  • Jack: The most Tsundere person to ever come from something other than an anime
  • Tali: A huge fucking nerd, but YOUR huge fucking nerd
  • Grunt: your actual murderous child
  • Samara: THE CODE
  • Thane: Cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure
  • Legion: the cutest robot sniper pet in the galaxy
The signs as Mass Effect characters

Aries: Ashley Williams

Taurus: Liara T'soni

Gemini: Commander Shepard

Cancer: Tali'Zorah vas Normandy

Leo: Jack

Virgo: Miranda Lawson

Libra: Joker

Scorpio: Garrus Vakarian

Sagittarius: Captain Anderson

Capricorn: Samara

Aquarius: Kaiden Alenko

Pisces: Thane Krios