thane cosplay

Hey guys! 

Me and my crew** are doing a calendar for the 2018 year! Eep! I’m posting this little bit because I was wondering if any of you had suggestions for stuff you’d like to see in the calendar :) 

Whether that be notes, pairing requests, sending me reference to fan art, anything! We have some ideas, but I just thought I’d open it up to you guys cause I love you so much <3 and you’re all so creative and amazing!


** Not pictured Jack and James 

One of my favorite photos of the weekend. The red lighting backstage adds a cool effect. We’re just seconds away from stepping on stage for the Q&A panel. I can still feel my heart pumping. It was exhilarating and humbling to to the overwhelming crowd and roar of the fans. You guys made my first cosplay experience UNFORGETTABLE. Thank you!