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(NSFW) Shepard/Ryder getting on with their non-human lover and experiencing some trouble with the translators at probably the worst of moments? Nothing ruins a mood faster than improper word choice with sexy talk and I can imagine (with how colloquial a lot of dirty talk is) that some issues are gonna pop up first time 'round.

OK BUT have you ever seen fresh off the boat? There is a scene at the car dealership, where this couple is working their way up the manager line to get a better car price, and they’re making this one guy super nervous, cause’ they’re acting like they’re arguing in Chinese, but they’re actually just talking about what to have for dinner, and the dude is all scared cause’ he doesn’t know what they’re saying. It’s hilarious. That’s what this post is reminding me of.
Garrus: well he’s already nervous, and suddenly not being able to understand what Shepard is saying as they rode him is driving him mad. He’s incredibly embarrassed, but Shepard let’s him know with her body that she’ll want to continue, moving her hips down in time with his thrusts. It didn’t take much longer to find their release.

Thane: Thane wouldn’t let him stop his momentum if Shepard was ok with continuing. In fact, he’d capitalize, and start groaning out praises in his native tongue in time with his thrusts, which ended up being very VERY arousing.

Tali: is super embarrassed as well, not able to express it verbally. She had been so close, the end just out of reach. She’d make a quick fix, then return, burning body receiving what it was yearning for.

Liara: they both wanted it, needed it, and even if their translators broke as they both found climax, they didn’t care, Liara was already too far over the edge, eyes black, head thrown back as waves of pleasure washed over her and Shepard.


Jaal: He’ll stop everything, no matter how close he was. He loves hearing Ryder talk to him during sex, so when the translators break, he fixes them quickly, then, if Ryder still wants to continue, he’ll be right back into rutting into them, groaning their name in their ear as he finishes.

Vetra: She’d laugh at it, even if she were close, but she wouldn’t mind not using the translators. Hearing Ryder speak their native language actually gets her off quicker than she thought.

Peebee: when it does happen, she hardly notices because she’s so into the sex. She’ll be writhing, her heart beating a million miles a minute, and crying out as she finishes. it’s not until they’re done that she realizes she can’t understand a word Ryder is saying.