A pair of albino Thanagarians came to Earth to search for their lost brother and sister in arms after their ship crashed in Egypt. They searched through the middle East where people bowed to them and called them angels. They left soon after unable to find their comrades but were remembered by those who saw them as angels, which is where the modern depictions come from.

So, I am rewatching one of my favourite cartoons: Justice League and there’s a strong gay reference, I’m so <3 When the Thanagarians invade Earth on the first season it’s suggestive that Hro Talak (the Thanagarian general) and Kragger have some sort of relationship going on because Kragger’s always so jealous of Hro with Shayera. Then on Justice League Unlimited, the Thanagarians make a trap for Shayera in a distant planet and capture Vixen (who has an affair with John Stewart, the Green Lantern which also dated Shayera) and Vixen says she can hand Shayera to them because they fight for the same man, and Kragger says “I believe you”. I mean, is really subtle, but it’s there. 

Roy Harper/ Arsenal (YJ) X Reader- Heartstrings

Warning:  It’s mostly fluff, some mentions of injuries, drug use (for medical reasons)

You were supposed to be watching a movie right now, snuggling into a blanket possibly sipping some hot drink.  But no!  Of course the team needed help dealing with an alien invasion.  Of course you were the one to get Star City.  Of course you were the one paired up with him.  Roy, well the original Roy, was paired up with you by Nightwing because you’re the only person he could tolerate the most.  You had briefly known him before he was cloned and replaced, but you didn’t believe this was the reason why he was paired up with you.  Your mentor, Hawkgirl, had to visit Star City and brought you with her. She had said that you needed to be more social with the superhero community, and it was hilarious coming from her, but you knew she was right.  That was when you met the original Roy, who was very curious about your abilities.  Yeah, you had wings, but you weren’t a Thanagarian like Shayera was.  You were just a metahuman who happened to have huge ass wings, super strength and another random ability.

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why is shayera one of your favorite characters? ^.^

i’m only seeing this now, sorry! :)

but anyways, i like her because she’s tough and all that but she has a soft side…like the way she interacts with solomon grundy in “the terror beyond” and “wake the dead” was always compelling to me. for whatever reason, she really cares, she understands this ‘monster’ and mourns him (twice actually, cos in “wake the dead” she’s forced to kill him in order to bring him peace)

she’s also a wonderfully compelling character because she essentially betrays the team - remember how she was a thanagarian spy all along and her race (including the man she was engaged to…he was a dick tbh!) ended up invading the earth and a lot of ppl hated her for that including the league at some point

(i always felt that wonder woman was the most hurt by shayera’s action tbh cos she’s an amazon who always took comfort in the trust of other women and shayera broke that trust 1000%)

but she knows she has to fight for redemption, she knows that ppl despise her for what she did and rightfully so - so she reinvents herself

i also like her for a whole lot of other reasons including her relationship with john + the fact that they have a son in the future lol

List of this that are definitely totally going to happen in lot season 3

- a 2 part episode of rip teaching his bf jonah hex the art of cake backing
- A league made up by all the historical lady figures sara made out with led by queen anne of austria
- Sara actually being king louis XIV aka the sun king’s real father
- Kendra shows up 6 months pregnand leading an army of thanagarians
- Kendra: Turns out I was an alien queen all along?? - She forms a harem made up by pretty white boys™ aka carter and ray
- Nate joins too so Amaya has to be Kendra’s second now obv
- Sara: what do you mean kendra started a harem anD I WAN NOT INVITED????
- Kendra was in fact going to ask Cisco to join too but she didn’t want ray’s huge dick to threaten his live.
- Kendra: Nate is made of steel tho and Carter is… Carter + they both had a lot of practice, they will be fine
- So Cisco is her official loyal advisor - Laurel is the mayor of star city. Oliver never existed
- Laurel and Felicity and Laurel’s alive bf Tommy are 100% fucking now, Sara is proud
- Black Siren also exists and is Laurel’s nemesis - There is one episode of Mick just playing with Axel the rat. That’s it, that’s all that happens in the episode. Just Mick Rory being happy
- Barry now co exists with another 1000 versions of himself the rest of the team flash have seen hell™
- The consept of time itself is officially the new big bad

Dark Days: The Forge #1 Review - Welcome Returns and Lore Building

“Before i get started, i want to say thanks to people who follow me and those who have read my reviews and thoughts since i joined Tumblr, it means a lot.

So Dark Days: The Forge #1 is one of two prelude issues, the other being The Casting #1, to the massive Dark Nights: Metal event brought to us by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, the team behind the critically acclaimed New 52 Batman series.

The theme of this series is of course metal itself, The Forge and The Casting are terms relating to the blacksmith art of shaping metal into something else, and we start this story off with a diary entry from the recently deceased Carter Hall AKA Hawkman, who tells the story of how he first got his metal wings. In Ancient Egypt he came across what appears to be a Thanagarian ship in the sky that would ultimately give him, his princess (Shayera, Hawkgirl) and Hath-Set eternal life.

The metal in question is Nth Metal and that ship is made up of it entirely. We also learn that Carter had been exploring the Nth Metal for years as he would often have visions of another life that would disturb him and he wanted to know where it came from.

Having Hawkman tell us this story is a good narrative choice from Snyder (one of many he makes in this story), but it once again blurs the lines when it comes to the origins of the character.

Meanwhile in the present day, Batman is using his resources at Wayne Enterprises to fund undercover sites designed to investigate an issue with the metal, which is supposedly becoming unstable, a problem which Aquaman is more than happy to bring up as the site Batman narrowly escapes death from is based in the sea.

Arthur asks Bruce what he was looking for, but Bruce cryptically says that he knows what is locked beneath Atlantis, implying that some questions should go unasked for now. So what is buried beneath Atlantis? Is it related to the metal?

We later find Bruce back at his Batcave, it would seem he’s been working on this problem with the metal for some time and has even consulted other heroes on the matter, which brings back to the fold the one and only Mister Terrific, Michael Holt, returning to the main universe after some time away.

As it turns out though, Michael has been working with Bruce on this issue with the metal, travelling between Earth-0 and Earth-2 to bring Bruce information on a Multiversal level. Terrific reveals that the frequency infecting the metal on Earth-0 is also doing the same on Earth-2 and beyond, and even a man of his intellect doesn’t know why.

It’s honestly so good to see Michael back in the picture and in a huge story like this too. It’s easy to do a story that concentrates on the big core characters but Scott Snyder doesn’t do “easy”. Which brings us to another surprise returning character….

Mister Terrific sparks a thought in Batman, who decides to investigate further but instructs his colleague to bring someone out of the box……PLASTIC MAN!!!

Now what Bruce means by unstable though i’m not sure (people with his powers are known in fiction to become physically unstable and not be able to hold their form correctly), but Michael’s smile says it all right there, it’s good to have him back. 

Snyder pulls out another rabbit from his hat, because if you told me a year ago that Scott Snyder AKA Batman Guy was going to write a story that included Hawkman, Mister Terrific and Plastic Man in it, i would have laughed. This is what good writers can do though, explore the back catalogue and use any character so seamlessly, it’s one of the things i love about Geoff Johns so much.

Batman heads to the Arctic to see Superman in his Fortress. Years ago, Bruce asked Clark if he could have a room in the Fortress of Solitude, and made him also promise never to look at what he put in the room.

Clark was seemingly too nice to question his motives and agreed, and Bruce even shot the key to the room into the sun so no-one could go in there. But now Bruce needs to go into the room, and there’s only one person you can turn to….Scott Free AKA Mister Miracle!

Mister Miracle unlocks the door with ease and peaks at what is inside. He’s shocked, or horrified, or probably both, and tries to warn Bruce but he waves him off and tells him to leave.

I think Scott had a point though, because in the room is a tuning fork tower previously seen in Crisis On Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis. These towers are designed to hone in on frequency that each Earth gives off and have been used to save them and replicate them, and they can potentially destroy them too.

How on Earth did Batman get hold of this though? How is it possible that this exists in the post-Flashpoint universe? So many questions and no answers, but we do know that Batman is about to use the massive tower to try and get a fix on the frequency that is coming off of the metal.

What could possible go wrong?

Meanwhile in Plot B, we join Hal Jordan as he is tasked by Ganthet, a Guardian of the Universe, to investigate rumours of a terrible truth coming to light on Earth and sends him to Wayne Manor. Hal thinks it should be an easy mission, but he doesn’t account for Duke Thomas.

Duke Thomas, not a Robin, is guarding the Batcave and tries to take on a Green Lantern. Poor boy, he didn’t stand a chance. Hal though gives the kid a break and explores a little, finding a secret cave in the Batcave. 

“Only Batman would have a secret cave inside his secret cave.”

He’s not kidding.

Hal and Duke explore this secret cave and are confronted by a mysterious voice, that gives them a guided tour of the things they’re about to see and gives us an insight into why Batman is exploring the metal in the first place.

As it turns out, it all started back when Bruce discovered the existence of the Court of Owls in the New 52 series of Batman, also written by Scott Snyder. In issue 7, Bruce discovers that the Talons, the assassins used by the Court are brought back from the dead using a special metal placed in a tooth called Electrum. Dick Grayson actually had one in his mouth for years as he was being groomed as a future Talon by the Court, before Bruce took him in at Wayne Manor.

As this mysterious voice in the secret cave tells Hal and Duke, Bruce was able to extract a strange substance from the tooth he took from Dick and found that it gave off a strange energy signature that was also found in some of the most powerful artifacts in the world.

As you can see from the picture, Bruce has collected Doctor Fate’s helmet (or one of them), a trident-like weapon possibly from Atlantis and a pair of bracers similar to what Wonder Woman wears.

The mysterious voice also mentions another element, Dionesium, a substance that took center stage during another Snyder Batman story known as Endgame.

Snyder is digging in deep to get these threads for his story, a great pair of callbacks to his previous work and again he pulls out another rabbit from his hat and brings back the original Outsiders group in their original line up!

It would be poor form for me not to mention another plot thread from this issue, which shows us the Immortal Man talking to an acquaintance about Elaine Thomas, Duke’s mother. As it turns out, the Immortal Man once offered Elaine immortality and she rejected him, and he has since been watching her with the hope she wouldn’t reveal his secret.

Immortal Man is one of many obscure characters being brought into the Metal event and will later be part of the Dark Matter line up of books, written by James Tynion IV and art from Jim Lee, so it makes sense that he would show up here.

Meanwhile, closing in on their strange tour guide, Hal and Duke make their way through the secret cave and Duke is already putting together who this stranger is.

To their horror they open a door and find a crazed Joker, crudely scratching numbers into a wall and laughing like a maniac. It appears that Bruce has been holding him captive for some time.

As i’ve already said, i love the fact that Snyder has gone outside of his comfort zone of the Batman universe and has used other characters for this story, if anything it really shows the growth he’s made as a writer and the confidence he has now to tell big stories. And this is a big story, make no mistake about it. He still uses the Batman related characters to frame his story but he’s not afraid to make pairings that no-one would do in a million years, i mean come on, Duke Thomas and Hal Jordan? It’s a cool idea!

As for bringing in characters like Mister Terrific and Plastic Man, it’s done so that you’re happy to see these guys return but also uses them in a way that feels integral to the story.

As a prelude to a larger story, this issue does a great job of helping set up the stakes as they are and intriguing us into what the mystery of the metal is going to end up being. I still have lots of questions, especially when it comes to Duke and his All-Star Batman story about him potentially being a meta-human and how his mother fits into this larger story.

As for the artwork, highly serviceable stuff. I’m not John Romita Jr’s biggest fan but his work on this issue is great. As usual Jim Lee owns the pages he draws and Andy Kubert captures the magic of Carter Hall’s life in his pages too.

TL;DR: A wonderfully done prologue to what could be one of the most original and interesting DC events in years, and does great fan service to those who loved Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman series as well as those who love DC in general, with some great surprise characters turning up along the way.

Overall Rating - 10/10

After the Thanagarian Invasion in JLU, while most of the hawks left under orders, some in particular cities were leaving before the League ruined their plans. Those in Metropolis with fear of being barbecued, those in Central being chased en mass by the Rogues outright, those in Star with a lot of high level mob bosses playing target practice, and the ones in Gotham were lucky to get away AT ALL.


Someone mentioned to me recently the plotline in World’s Finest back in like the late 70′s where Shayera walks out on Katar because he’s being a patronizing asshole and just sort of making decisions for her all the time, so I went and tracked it down and it’s kind of amazing. Particularly of note is this scene, where Katar asks Superman and Hal Jordan to help him find Shayera and they’re both like, “ummmmmmmmmmm it seems like she… really… REALLY does not want to be around you, my guy… we don’t feel super great about helping you track down your wife who has literally run across the entire universe to get away from you right now, so, uh, maybe just chill and let her have some time?”

I’ve spent YEARS of my life despising Hal Jordan both for just being super boring and also on general principle and now you give me this story where he’s, like, actually not terrible about something like this? THANKS, DC, I’M GONNA GO SET MYSELF ON FIRE I GUESS.

I really hope that we get to see more of the future on the next season of Legends of Tomorrow.

Season 1 was pretty past-heavy, but we got two episodes set in the near future, a third on Vanishing Point, and some of Rip’s flashbacks along the way.

Season 2 though really didn’t have ANYTHING set in the future.  The closest we got was Charles McNider in the year 3000.  (I guess we survive the Thanagarian invasion without Savage after all, so yay?)

And I mean, I understand that part of the appeal of time travel is going to see famous events and famous people.  But I still feel like we’re missing out a little.  Where are the dystopias?  The Utopias?  The awesome tech?  The post-apocalyptic scenarios (…okay, we did get one of those.)?  The aliens?

Eobard Thawne is from a future we never got to see.  Whatever interaction Rip had with Future Barry was strictly off-camera.  And DC has so many fun future stories!  Legion of Superheroes!  Booster Gold!  Bart Allen and Jenni Ognatz!  The MULTITUDE of Thawne descendents!  (…they might need to fix the whole Eddie problem first, to be fair.)

Time travel is such a fun concept, but so far, we’ve only really been playing with half of it!