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“I just don’t know what to get her, bro.”

“What about an interview with Ladybug and Chat Noir?”


“Got her that last year.”

“Has she interviewed them since Ladynoir became canon?”


“Seriously, Nino. Stop beating your head against the table.”

“I’ll stop when I figure this out.”


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Hanukah-themed headcanons for my Jewish Kiddo!!

⁃ El doesn’t understand why Mike’s family isn’t putting up Christmas deco along with the rest of the boys but she does know that the way Mike’s face lights up when she finally pronounces ‘Hanukah’ correctly makes her feel better than anything else that winter
⁃ Mike gripes about not getting Christmas presents all December long because despite loving being Jewish, he feels kinda left out as the only Jewish kid in Hawkins.. but all of his friends get him some anyways and he feels a little better
⁃ Mike looks forward to the seventh day of Hanukah because that’s when all of his friends come over
⁃ Mike sneaks a quick kiss onto El’s cheek while the rest of the boys are OBSESSING over Karen’s latkes
⁃ Because Karen’s Jewish Staple Cooking. OH GOD THE COOKING
⁃ She can make all sorts of Awesome Jewish Staple foods: hamantashen, latkes, gefilte fish, lox, matzo ball soup, you name it she’s got it in her cookbook
⁃ El doesn’t get this whole religion thing, but that huge excited smile Mike gets when he’s explaining something about Judaism is enough for her to be cool with it
⁃ ALSO, El is like “ok Hanukah was cool bye Mike!!” And he’s like “yeah see you tomorrow for night two” and she’s so excited and is just “THERES MORE?!” And Hopper has to calm her down because she’s so excited that this cool thing happens 8 times???? Woah!!!
⁃ Dustin and Lucas and Will are all just so used to Mike slipping little tidbits of Yiddish into conversation that they’ve just picked up on it. So they’ll get frustrated and say “ai gevalt” and Mike is watching proudly like a proud bubbe
⁃ Dustin’s sleeve catches fire while he’s lighting the menorah and everyone Freaks Out
⁃ Mike attempts to teach his friends the story of Hanukah and ends with “yeah they were kinda bad people but I get presents and stuff so you know”

“I’m NOT losing you.”

I put an emphasis on the not because…he doesn’t say “can’t.”  Oh no.  Rick’s made up his mind–

He is NOT losing her or anyone else that he loves.  That stood out to me more than anything. 


But seriously, would it have been too much to get a, “I love you [too much]” or something like that?  I mean, we all know he does, but…

“It’s not your fault when people die.”

I’ve imagined this line in varying ways, expressing it in fic before this moment presented itself.  Though it wasn’t exactly, there was one thing I got right:

Michonne is not only still with him, but she does not blame him. And she’s right, and I’m glad Rick hears that from her especially after Spencer’s stupid ass comment, who would have been dead long ago had it not been for Rick’s people, like Carol, stopping those Wolves.

I would feel so much happier with this photo if she were smiling - even with her eyes - because I don’t have a problem with how she chooses to live her life. She owes me jack shit. But this photo does not give me the warm fuzzies. It makes me feel like I did when I saw the photos from Chicago comic con where she looked guarded and uncomfortable. This is not the sparkly Gillian I know and love but I’m fucked if I can make sense of why. And that saddens me more than anything else.

Uhg I just wish people would stop saying  “Frisk is nonbinary” because no, that’s not entirely true. You HEADCANON Frisk as nonbinary, but the character is meant to be a blank slate so that, while playing, the player can sink into Frisk’s roll easier. And using “they/them” pronouns are a way to make Frisk a neutral character so it could apply to ANY GENDER IDENTITY while playing. (this also applies to Toriel calling Frisk child, same with Papyrus and human.)

I understand where (some, not all) nonbinary people are coming from, I understand that people who are nb do not get enough representation in the mainstream media and Undertale offers more of that than anything else before. I understand that when people go and call Frisk he or she it feels like the person is misgendering the character, and, to an extension, yourself, because you sunk so deeply into the roll of that character. (a friend of mine brought up this point on Skype) But that does not give you a right to force your HEADCANONS down people’s throats. Frisk does not have any hard set gender identity, and this is done purposely because Frisk is not meant to actually be a character. Instead they’re a placeholder for the player to live the game through, like looking through a pair of binoculars.

And if you REALLY want a nb Undertale character that is part of the main cast and plays a role in the game, just look at Napstablook. But stop shoving the “Frisk is nb” headcanon into people’s faces and expect everyone to abide by it.

The Final Problem: how to say it when it don’t matter anymore?

I’ve watched it, I think it is all rather preposterous, but I find that I do enjoy it and it does bring it all to a circle. I love Eurus, very much, it’s the way she talks more than anything else. I hate Mycroft and his fucking stupid ways tho, and Mycroft had always been my favorite. That “I Love You” scene is fucked up and its such a fucking disgrace that they use it to hype up the trailer and the season. 

I cried at the end, right when Mary said “I know what you could become”, every single time I hear that I cried as if right on cue. I realized then, that Johnlock would never become. I doesn’t matter that they COULD and SHOULD become, the writers are just not gonna do it and I think this is how they tell us that.

I am now more than ever crave those fics set in S1 and S2.

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Got any Dastardos headcannons?

Hm. Well, when it comes to Dastardos and his headcanons you’ll want to mosey on over to @shortlifelongart. she’s got that nasty boy dastardos headcanons that you crave 

But let’s see if I can add anything else~

Dastardos is like a sour cat lady. A grumpy sour cat lady. Sours just live in his gross tree face house and he doesn’t give them much of a care. They seem to like him much more than Pester. It’s not that he particularly cares for them but he does seem to have a way with pinatas you know. How odd. 

Dastardos hates Pester. HATES Pester. Pester ruined everything for him and lords Dastardos’s soured status over him like a stupid, ugly man trying to discipline a ugly, floating dog. Dastardos would enjoy nothing more than to just be rid of him. If there is a way to inconvenience Pester 

That having been said, Dastardos doesn’t care enough to help most people with Pester. As much as he hates him, he isn’t willing to simply let go of his bad guy status. Do you know how many things you can just take for free when people run at the sight of you? A lot. 

Dastardos, for all his irritation at his family and anger at his father, does care about his siblings. He keeps an eye on Leafos and Seedos the most. He’s protective of them to a point but not enough to be vocal or out himself to anyone. (Seedos might know tho) Storkos is kept an eye on the least due to the fact that Storkos has spent the least amount of time with her family but that’s for another day. Dastardos still cares for her though. And on some level for his father but most of that care has turned into deep seeded anger as he realizes what kind of shitty parent Jardiniero really was. 

Dastardos loved his mother much more than his father. 

His hair? Disgusting. But also things have just become matted in it. Cleanliness does not exist for Dastardos. 

Dastardos does know how to make medicine. Very gross home remedies. He is a witch doctor after all, so it would make sense if he knew how to brew SOMETHING. What that something is, is still a mystery. 

Dastardos attended his own ‘funeral’. He doesn’t like to talk about it. He didn’t spend a whole lot of time there. Sometimes he goes to his own grave and gets mad or just goes “fuck what an ugly grave whose idea was this”

Ask him if he puts the fun in funeral. Or any ghost puns. I don’t know what will happen but i’m sure he hasn’t heard them before. 

Dastardos enjoys messing with people. It’s the only hobby he has besides putting your sweet pinatas out of their ‘misery’. He likes to ‘haunt’ people, you see. He’ll float into peoples houses and move things around to spook you. Peer into windows and wait for you to walk by and scare you. He’ll take objects from out of your house and put them in your garden. He also likes to play up the creep factor. He’ll stare at you from a distance for a long time, maybe tilting his head in observance or so. You blink. He’s gone. You run into your house and lock the door, holding your favorite pinatas close to you. He’s behind a tree, trying not to snort in laughter. 

If you want to ‘befriend’ Dastardos, which is very very very hard, you could gossip with him. He knows all the latest gossip. 

I have one or two more but it is a secret! It is not fit for the ears of humans. 

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if all they had was time— then surely they’d be alright.
it wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing— and the
oracle would take that over anything. because beneath
these sheets, they were themselves. no one else to tell
them how to act, what to say. .

“ you snore. . ” she can’t help but smile, reaching for a
nearby pillow.  “ did you know that ? ” it wasn’t DEEP,
nor too loud. . but soft, occasional, with just enough. . 
SOMETHING to lull her to sleep.

she liked it.

but it’s then, when lunafreya rolls to her stomach, does
she meet his gaze. “ i must admit, though— ” a hand
then reaches out, over an ocean of bed sheets, “ i find
it rather strange, waking up next to someone. ” some
-one she just so happened to LOVE. the blonde then
brushes ebony strands from the male’s face, resisting
the urge to get closer. 

“ i never thought. . i’d get the chance to. ”

Fanbook Q&A

Q: How long do you need to draw a page?
A: The draft takes 30 minutes. For the real deal it depends on the page but generally about 1-2 hours
Q: Can King transform into anything else than the old man form?
A: He can, but he won’t
Q: What kind of female character is your type?
A: Appearance-wise Merlin, personality-wise Elizabeth
Q: How many magic tools does Merlin have?
A: About 300 different ones
Q: Can anyone use the incantation balls?
A: Merlin made them to be like that, yes
Q: Do fairies take baths?
A: They play in the water at least
Q: When did Elizabeth start hiding her right eye?
A: When she was little. When she started realizing that it was different from other people’s
Q: When will Elizabeth stop calling every sin Lord/Lady?
A: Well, that’s more of a personality problem…
Q: What do the different clans see as an old man? (from what age?)
A: That depends from person to person I think
Q: Tell me what to do against stiff shoulders!
A: I don’t have stiff shoulders often so I don’t know
Q: Is King the silent type when he’s not with Diane too
A: Well, yeah
Q: Why does Diane hate Ban?
A: Because he’s gaudy (at least that’s how she views him)
Q: With which sin would you go drinking?
A: With King or Diane, the other ones would be scary, lol
Q: Did Merlin and Arthur ever bath together
A: Definitely not, lol
Q: Why did you get interested in the Arthurian Legends?
A: Because there’s a lot of different interpretations by lots of different writers
Q: Who is the biggest crybaby out of the male characters?
A: King
Q: Where do fairies sleep?
A: Everywhere. Except in beds
Q: Do giants make kids because of marriage or out of love?
A: Except for Diane and the recent Matrona giants mostly mate out of a breeding instinct
Q: Is it very special that Diane as a giant loves a fairy like King?
A: That’s actually very rare!
Q: What is Ban’s psychological age?
A: His mind is stuck in his 20ies
Q: Tell me how to get nice abs like Ban
A: Working out stoically is the only way to get there
Q: Can every giant create golems?
A: They can! (though how good they are made depends on the person)
Q: What movie did you like as a kid?
A: “The Goonies”. I still like it a lot even now!
Q: Did Merlin have a master too?
A: When she was young she learned the basics from someone but soon surpassed that master easily
Q: How many apprentices did Merlin have?
A: Over the years she had a lot of apprentices
Q: Can King and Elaine talk with every animal?
A: Yes. Except for Hawk Mama
Q: Why does Gowther wear glasses?
A: Because he’s super near-sighted
Q: What did you say when you proposed?
A: “Please help me applying the tones for the rest of my life!!”… That was a joke
Q: If it’s raining or cloudy does Escanor’s power get cut in half?
A: He can’t use 100% at least. Probably.
Q: Why doesn’t Elizabeth remember the Sins?
A: Because of an accident that happened when she was young she doesn’t remember much of that time

The worst monster of them all

Dean x reader

I’m struggling with a summary of this. So I’m not gonna write one.

Hope you like it. Don’t hesitate to give me a shout if you do :)

Word count: 2883

They must have seen them coming. That is the only reason Dean can think of to explain why he is sitting on a cold dirt floor in chains, with Y/N, most likely in chains too, in the cell next to his. He would give almost anything to be in there with her – although he has no doubt she’ll just as well as he does on her own. It would be more for his comfort than anything else, really. He wants to hold her close and tell her that everything is going to be okay. Or if it doesn’t, at least they’d be together when they die.

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for joannalannister


“You will regret this,” Mother promises Viserys on the day he agrees to wed Daenerys to one of the horselords. “To your dying day, my son, you will rue the day you did this.”

Daenerys has learned to trust her mother in such things - deny it though she may, it has always seemed to Dany that Rhaella Targaryen is gifted with the dragon dreams Viserys speaks of in hallowed whispers when he thinks their mother cannot hear.

Mother always hears. Dany does not mind that.

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9 - things you said when I was crying - Cass x Varric

They’re in Redcliffe when they happen upon it, by accident more than anything else. They’re restocking their supplies inthe market when there’s a commotion, and the Inquisitor is sought through the throng of people. For what purpose, Cassandra is not made privy, but it does not look like good news. Varric mutters something about being a natural beacon for trouble, which she ignores as they fall into step behind their leader, supplies forgotten. 

They’re taken to a small hut near the docks, a ramshackle thing that looks more like a shed than anything else, and even through the stench of fish that clings to everything, the metallic tang of blood is unmissable. But she steels herself, heart and body, as she always does, and when the Inquisitor moves inside without hesitation Cassandra is not far behind.

But however thorough her preparations, she’s not prepared for the sight that greets them.

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AKB48 Sousenkyo Official Guidebook 2016, Yamamoto Sayaka’s part

AKB48 General Election 2016

Predicted 2nd place

Yamamoto Sayaka, age 22, NMB48 Team N/AKB48 Team K

Aimed place: 1st, last year’s place: 6th

The song she centered, 365 Nichi no Kamihikouki, became the representative song of AKB48. Last year she managed to maintain her place in Sousenkyo, but after that she made a great breakthrough that anyone would admit. What thoughts does this genius of hard work, Sayanee’s heart hide?

More than anything else I want to win the 1st place for the sake of NMB48

I don’t want to lose to myself, so I do my best to get closer to „the me I want to become”

The steady advance of Yamamoto Sayaka, who acquired the center position of AKB48 and held it for the group’s sake, perhaps started from her Sousenkyo speech last year. When it was revealed that she ranked 6th just like the time before last, just for a moment she showed her frustrated face. But the moment she stood in front of the microphone, she became the usual “Sayanee” oozing with her leader aura. “My future dream is to become a singer/songwriter. I still have ways to go, so I must work hard and polish my skills. I wish to be the one to broaden 48 Group’s horizons and become a new kind of existence in it.” We asked her once again about her feelings at the time she said those words.

I think the senpai members of 48 Group that I know opened a path for the younger members by making progress in the fields they wanted to work in and thus telling them “it’s okay to have individuality and do your job like that.” And now I have to become like that too. More than the future of this group, I wanted to express in my own way the possibilities of being a member of this group.

Easier said than done. But Yamamoto Sayaka is as good as her words. 365 Nichi no Kamihikouki was the first ever song by AKB48 to be used as the theme song of a morning TV drama. For that song, Yamamoto was chosen for the first time to center an AKB48 song alone. What were her feelings when she heard of that decision?

I thought “it’s finally happening” (laugh). Like, “I’m finally centering AKB48!” Thanks to this song I was able to get many jobs such as appearing on music TV shows; I decided to make songs whenever I have some free time; I decided to touch my guitar more; my feelings towards music have become even stronger. What really impressed me was when I appeared in TV show Studio Park kara Konnichiwa, and many older people came to the viewing. Not to see me, but to hear the song. Perhaps thanks to this song people who didn’t know much about 48 Group before also picked up some interest. It made me really happy that things seemed that way.

I hated myself for thinking „as expected, you couldn’t beat them”

This one year was full of your personal successes, but NMB48 also had its turning point. In October last year, having celebrated your 5th anniversary, it was revealed that you would be the only sister group to appear on Kouhaku Utagassen at the end of the year.

I think this one year made the members aware once again of what „NMB48-likeness” is. I think each of them respectively realized the meaning of being in this group. The amount of times I look at the members and think of them as reliable has increased by a lot.

Nevertheless, the one leading this group is undeniably you, Sayanee. All members speak of your leadership, hard work and will-power with respect. One time the former Soukantoku, Takahashi Minami, called Sayanee, who possesses singing and dancing skills as well as is good at MC, “a genius.” “But she herself doesn’t think she’s a genius. That’s why she’s able to continue working hard, that part of her is amazing” was what she said.

That makes me happy. But I really am not a genius or anything like that. If anything, I think she (T/N: Takamina) may have meant that I have the talent to work hard. And even then, I’m really bad at dealing with pressure, so I always lose my confidence when it’s needed (bitter laugh). I’m the type of person who is unable to think “it’ll be fine!” when the performance begins, so until the very moment I have to go up on the stage I practice more than anyone. Not because I don’t want to lose to others, but because I don’t want to lose to myself. By working hard I want to get even just a little closer to “the me I want to become.”

The challenges you face daily are your battle with yourself. “I have the confidence in having been able to come this far. I think the people who support me understand that the best.” When 48 Group handshake events are held, you’re a top class member who shows everyone the same kamitaiou (T/N: godly treatment). The confidence that has let you be this way has never been shaken by your place in Sousenkyo or the number of votes.

Maybe I’m not suited for Sousenkyo (bitter laugh). Having said that, I feel that saying “I am myself” might be a kind of an insurance from getting hurt. I always worry about how I should face my feelings.

Last year, soon after Sousenkyo, you expressed in your blog your sadness of having only been able to maintain your rank from the year before. You also wrote “if there’s a Sousenkyo next year, I promise I will participate in it, and I will crush the firm Top 3!”

I remember the moment I was writing that blog post very well. I had thought “as expected, you couldn’t beat them.” I really hated that about myself. I thought I don’t want to feel like that the next year.

Nevertheless, one year later you hesitated about participating. The last NMB48 member to hand in her candidacy application was you. What was the reason of your hesitation?

In that one year, because I was able to do the things I wanted to do, I felt the desire to make even more out of it. Because the Sousenkyo period is tough for you mentally and physically, I thought maybe it would be better to use that time for making music instead, that maybe it would be better for my future that way.

To follow your own dreams, or to carry out your role as a member of the group. While you were pondering, the face that came up in your mind was that of the 2nd Soukantoku, Yokoyama Yui.

After Takamina-san’s (Takahashi Minami) graduation concert ended, when I went to see Yuihan (Yokoyama Yui), she said, although in a slightly light tone, “So she really has graduated, huh. Sayaka-chan, stay here a little longer.” I was happy to know there are people who count on me. I think especially Yuihan, who had been by Takamina-san’s side, knew of the damage the graduation of the leading members would bring. I wanted to shoulder a part of that responsibility too.

The one you consulted right before handing in your candidacy application, when there was still some doubt left in you, was Shimazaki Haruka.

Talking with Paruru (Shimazaki Haruka) about various things in the waiting room of the facility accepting the applications also had a huge effect on me. We both had the same problem. And the reason we both eventually decided to run in Sousenkyo was the same, too. It was the intention to enliven the group and return the favor (T/N: for everything it’s done for us).

To enliven NMB48, to become 48 Group’s strength

This is the first time for you to participate in Sousenkyo without your rival from the same group, Watanabe Miyuki.

When Milky (Watanabe Miyuki) announced her graduation, I said that too, but as the captain, as well as a member of NMB48, I don’t want to let that group end. I also decided about canceling my concurrent position with AKB48 on my own. I can think about myself as much as I want after I graduate. I will do my best for everyone. Now that I’ve made up my mind, I will aim for the top.

And the place you’re aiming for is the 1st.

Takamina-san, who ranked higher than me last year, is a really enchanting person, and the other members above me are all very professional people too. This year, I think it wouldn’t be surprising if either Sashihara-san (Sashihara Rino, HKT48), Kashiwagi-san (Kashiwagi Yuki), Mayuyu (Watanabe Mayu) or Jurina-san (Matsui Jurina, SKE48) ranked 1st. I want to take part in that battle too. I’ll also aim for the 1st place. More than anything else I want to win the 1st place for the sake of NMB48.

i’m here for Waverly being nervous about Officer Haught, not because ‘gay panic’, but because she’s not used to people actually seeing her. But here’s a newcomer to Purgatory and she doesn’t know her family’s history the way everyone else in town does. When Nicole looks at her, she doesn’t see a dark history filled with death and curses and a shadow she can’t get away from. Nicole just sees her. And I want that to be what scares her, not the idea that she could be anything other than straight.

I Still Believe There's Hope for Skyeward

Ok, so there’s a lot of people that believe the writers have abandoned the ship, because Skye has given NO indication of missing Ward since she found out the truth in season one. But I don’t agree. I think Skye took all of her feelings for Ward and buried them deep, deep down and told herself he’s evil and she hates him. And has told everyone else the same.

But remember why Coulson chose Skye in the first place. She sees the good in people. And ever since she found out, she has flat out REFUSED to see it in him. Why? Because hoping for something and not getting it hurts more than never hoping for anything. We KNOW that’s what she does when she wants something. She allowed herself to hope for Ward. And it had dire consequences. So she buried all of that hope and shut down.

Because out of all of them, she was the closest to Ward. But she never mourned. She hid behind anger and sarcasm to avoid feeling the pain she felt from losing him.

It doesn’t help that he did everything wrong to try and win her back. She didn’t want him to focus only on having her whether or not she was interested. She wanted Ward to be the good person she thought he was. And at the time, he couldn’t focus on anything but her taking his pain away. It only made it easier for her to believe that the Ward she fell for was never real. That what she wanted was someone that never existed. It made it MUCH easier for her to get so damn angry about him trying to force him to love her that she shot him four times. But even then, she didn’t go for the kill shot.

However, when she saw him in her dad’s office in Milwaukee, she didn’t respond with anger. She was taken off guard. She wasn’t prepared like the rest of times. Whenever he pops up and she doesn’t expect it, it takes her a few moments to regain her composure and stay mean.

And whenever Ward’s redemption arc starts (though I think it has and he’s trying to destroy Hydra, not Shield), Skye is going to fight tooth and nail against thinking he’s sincere. She’s going to tell everyone he can’t be trusted. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the last one to believe he was sincere. Because if Ward is really the good person deep down, she has to deal with all these feelings she pushed away. She’s much rather he stayed a villain and she never had to.

Because once she does realize there is good in him, she’ll realize those feelings never left.

Saw you standing there
July 6, 1957
Woolton, Liverpool

“I’m going to go say hi. Do you want to come?”

It’s a throwaway comment, just out of courtesy more than anything else, Pauline is sure. And sure enough, before she really has given an answer, Ivan is already off. For a moment she debates with herself about whether to follow him or not, but in the end she does, because she’s curious.

Ivan vanished through the entrance of the barn, and when Pauline gets there to see what’s inside, he’s already saying his greetings to the boys in the band who are holding bottles of beer and cigarettes. She comes closer slowly, casually, because as much as there can’t be any easy inclusion with her as with Ivan, she’s not going to stand around meekly at the barn entrance and wait for her friend to be finished.

And Pauline doesn’t let herself do things by halves. Either she’s in, or out.

One of my favorite Olicity scenes from Season 2 is when Felicity tells Oliver how afraid she is of losing someone else who is that important to her. Oliver is that important to her, and always has been, and she summons up the courage to both tell him the secret despite fear of losing him and also to admit how important he is to her. There’s a reason we never hear anything about Felicity’s backstory before this moment - Felicity doesn’t like to talk about it. She talks about her herself and her past less than Oliver himself does. But here, she places her heart in his hands, and trusts him with it and with her feelings. She lets down her walls to Oliver and trusts him enough to show him her closely protected heart and her fear of being abandoned, and it’s beautiful.

And then comes Oliver’s reaction. At this point in Season 2 so far, he hasn’t been particularly brilliant when it comes to Felicity. He has no context for what she’s saying here, he doesn’t know that his mother threatened her that a part of him would always blame her if she told him the secret, he has no idea that she’s been caught in a catch-22, thinking that either way she’s going to lose him…and yet, the second she tells him that her father left, the second she expresses a fear of losing someone that important to her again, he knows that he’s the one she’s scared of losing. You can see it dawning on him in an instant, and he rushes to reassure her that hey, she’s not going to lose him. It’s a promise to her that he’s going to stay, that she has him. And it’s a beautiful one. 

I love this scene so much. 

Adrien & Chloe

Originally posted by jirachistar

I’m really intrigued by the relationship dynamic these two shared when Adrien was still being homeschooled. Since they were both brought up in similar social classes and Adrien’s father was a paranoid asshole, she was probably one of the only people (in his age group, at least) he was allowed to socialize with.

He’s disgusted by romantic advances, obviously (and it always shows in his expressions when she makes a move) but I don’t think he truly dislikes her by any means. In fact, I think he looks at her more like a sister than anything else. And just like any other sibling bond, it can be pretty complicated. He’s not afraid to call her out when she’s being mean, narrow-minded, or offensive; and he certainly sticks up for others when she’s manipulative or cruel. And I think he does it because he wants her to be better and try harder. 

I just really hope we get some solid backstory to these two and dive deeper into their friendship. I have firm suspicions that even though Chloe is a manipulative pain in the ass a lot of the time, that she was there for Adrien when he needed her the most… and holds a special place in his heart (platonically, of course.)

After all, Chloe may know full well the pain of losing a mother … we’ve never actually seen hers…

I hate how Katniss, Peeta, and Gale are always clumped together as a trio. If anything, it would be Peeta, Katniss, and Haymitch. Throughout the books, especially the last two, Katniss is always wanting Haymitch’s advice or he’s the first one she wants to tell about the uprisings.
Haymitch is so underappreciated. And I hate it when people say that agale understands Katniss better than anyone else. Yes, at one point he did, but now, it’s Haymitch and Peeta who are her refuge, who she can talk to about anything, who support her in everything she does. And to me, that’s more like a trio than anything else.