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You know what? 

People have to right to block.

If someone makes you uncomfortable, then go ahead.

We need to stop saying that blocking is a bad thing.

If you don’t want someone interacting with you, then go ahead and block.

Blocking isn’t a weak move.

A weak move involving blocking is when you block someone after a argument and imply that you won.

Blocking someone because you simply don’t like them is perfectly normal.

You guys seriously don’t know how humans work, huh.

Humans wan’t to remove out of their site everything that upsets then and makes them uncomfortable. 

People have to right to dislike people.

People have the right to make themselves happy, even if it’s just a little happier.

Not everyone can handle the things you can.

Some people go through/went through trauma that has made them live in fear and vulnerable to possible harm.

Whether it was abuse from someone else, or themselves abusing their own body and mind.

Not everyone works the same way as others.

Each and every human being functions differently.

And we should stop judging people for wanting to make themselves happy.
Omaha’s Answer to Costly Potholes? Go Back to Gravel Roads
While President Trump has called for major spending on infrastructure, cities like Omaha have resorted to unusual solutions to problems unlikely to see federal funding.
By Mitch Smith


OMAHA — After living more than 40 years along a road plagued by potholes, Jo Anne Amoura was excited to see city crews shred her block of Leavenworth Street into gravel.

“I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is great. We’re going to get a new street,’” Ms. Amoura recalled. “And then we waited and waited and waited.”

Fresh pavement never arrived. Only after the asphalt had been ripped out almost three years ago did Ms. Amoura and her neighbors learn that their street had been “reclaimed,” Omaha City Hall’s euphemism for unpaving a road.

“It’s really kind of like living in the country in the city,” said Ms. Amoura, 74. Her neighbors sometimes hauled wheelbarrows full of scattered gravel back up the hill after big rainstorms. And her house, she says, is regularly smudged with dirt blowing in from the street.


Yep, you read that caption correctly, neighbors took up a collection to get the road in front of their houses repaved with concrete. They paid ½ of the cost of the resurfacing (utilizing their own after-tax money in the process). The city paid the other ½ of the cost. In Omaha it appears government will build half of each road assuming you and your neighbors will chip in for the other half. A dangerous precedent and slippery (gravel) slope, I’d say. 

‘Cause w/o government, who’d tear up the roads thus reverting back to mid-20th-century gravel roads?

Wait a minute! I thought government existed to build roads—I’m confused?! Now the government is stealing your money and you don’t even get roads in return…

Meanwhile, in front of the city offices in downtown Omaha…paved roads everywhere…


Opiate by Tool with guest appearance, Layne Staley, Dallas - 1993 (higher quality audio than the live video that’s out there)

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If Vamp George started drinking from human Lafayette, would he be afraid that he wouldn't be able to stop until his boy was too far gone to save him? Better to feel the need than to live with the knowledge that your precious pet died because you lacked control.

Washington considers his control to be nearly faultless. Nearly. He’s had the limits of it tested, surely, after so many years drawing mortals close to him. He’s placed his lips upon a dozen necks and just held them there, feeling the blood throb beneath them. Whatever gorgeous creature is indulging him the habit will lie beneath him, calm and easy, perfectly trusting. Trusting Washington because he has never yet harmed him, because they do not know. 

Hamilton is the only one to work it out in last years of his second century of immortality. When Lafayette is well out of earshot he says, quite out of the blue, “I thought for sure the hunger must naturally fade over time.” 

Washington turns his head just slightly and waits for Hamilton to continue. 

“I am so used to thinking of you as merely ‘older.’ If you had the control to bring yourself just to the edge of feeding, it was because you were older, and so naturally one day I would find myself with the same control.” Hamilton is quiet for a little while, but does not speak until Washington finally looks him in the eye. “But I am as old now as you were when you found me, aren’t I?” 

It’s quite true, but Washington – as is his habit – still does not confirm it. 

“And even now there are times when it feels so dangerous to have one of them near. Times when, if he were to suddenly throw his arms around me, there’s almost nothing that could stop me from sinking my teeth into-”


Wisely, Hamilton does not finish his sentence. Washington turns back to watch after Lafayette as he moves through the crowd. After a moment the tension eases, and Hamilton ventures to get to the point of his musing. 

“How do you do it?” Hamilton asks. “How can you ignore the hunger?” 

Washington considers not answering, but then remembers that now is not the time keep too many secrets from Hamilton. He looks at Hamilton, makes sure that he will see Washington’s sincerity when he answers. 

“I don’t.”


✴Happy Birthday Sunshine!✴

♥ ♥ ♥

I love you so much and I can only hope that someday you’ll finally get all of the appreciation and care that you well and truly deserve around you.

You’re so strong and kind and full of determination, you work hard to achieve your goals which make them even more meaningful when you reach them.

You put up with much more than you should ever have had to in your life and although things won’t be the same for you ever again i still hope that from here on out you can try to feel at least some peace and joy in your last years, even if that isn’t a constant feeling.

You’re a selfless, strong, genuine, kind and wonderful person and I only hope that for once you try and think of yourself and your own wellbeing above others because you deserve to think of yourself first rather than their lives and their expectations, put yourself first. You’re too good to some.

No matter how your life turns out you’ve made me so so happy and you’ve helped me to feel comfortable with myself and how I’m feeling.

You let me know that it’s okay not to be happy all of the time, and that it’s okay to mess up and cry about it if i just pick myself back up again.

You gave me something to latch onto, that I could connect with, and you helped me to realise how I could help myself through all of the upset that I was going through, just through how you handle yours, and still get up everyday even with the weight of the world on your shoulders.


Happy birthday, Eren.

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I think the closest description to what barry does to cisco and caitlin is he cares/help them when they need him but he doesn't really appreciate them when things are 'quiet'. Kinda like taking them for granted in a way. Oliver for example has taken more interest in his friends lives than barry does and he does go out of his way to help them whether they ask him but barry doesn't do that. He isn't a bad person he is just a bad friend.

My waifu arrived yesterday i’m so happyyyyyyy
It’s the ice Lily version :D I got it for around 22€ on (it’s actually cheaper than that but i live in europe so I had to pay the shipping fees too xD)
The figure arrived pretty fast,considering that the website actually stated that it would arrive between march 31st and april 18th. Box and figure were in a really good condition. The figure can’t exactly be called ‘premium’ quality I guess,since the hair and other parts have certain 'marks’ or seams where it looks like the parts are glued together and some parts aren’t painted 'perfectly’,but it’s not really visible unless you take a close look at it -w- Other than that there are no problems and she looks very pretty~ Here is a link if anybody wants to check it out

Please note that I don’t have any experience with buying figurines since I also don’t have any plans to get more (I just really love Lily lol) but I hope this is helpful?

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Are there still more positives than negatives to living so much of your life in public?

I mean I don’t tell you guys everything by half and I’m not obligated to and I’ve only been approached like once because someone recognized me but I’ll let you know when it gets to be too much

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PLS tell me that TBFE will have a happy ending. I can't bear the thought of it ending with anything other than Victor and Yuuri living happily ever after :'( </3

Ahh, that would be spoilers. I can promise you than everyone ends up where they’re meant to be. How’s that?

  • me: why the fuck am i so goddamn tired all the fucking time??¿?¿????
  • also me: *stays up till 4am reading fanfiction every single fucking day*