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Imagine having control of more money than you could ever spend in your lifetime, and then going out of your way to try and bleed even more money out of people who can barely make ends meet. Imagine being the kind of person who could literally just spend all your days painting or writing or playing with dogs or helping to nurse orphan baby sloths, with no worry that you will ever lack the funds for housing, entertainment, health care, vacations, etc, imagine reaching that point, and then deciding you are going to work your ass off to screw everyone else over instead. You are going to spend your days bribing politicians so that you can charge some minimum wage single working mother an extra $40 a month for her ability to use Facebook. So that you can charge some uninsured kid so much for his insulin that he can’t afford it and ends up dying while he begs strangers on the internet for help. That’s what you want to do with your life.

I do not understand billionaires.

Basically Mads Santa Claus in an American Gods like universe.

Long ago prayed as St Nicolas. Then commercialized… And slowly forgotten and replaced by the image of the nice chubby ol’ daddy Christmas.


You can also have this nice agressive postcard to send to your relatives for Christmas. :))))))

If you are a genuine fan of the IT/ST cast:

  • Please stop calling Finn and Gaten daddy (yes, I was on Gaten’s live and he had to say about 5x for people to stop calling him ‘daddy’)—I don’t care what age you are, they are minors, and they’ve made it clear that they’re uncomfortable with thatdo
  • do NOT ship the actors. I’m sure a lot of you don’t mean ill will, or maybe you’re too young or ignorant to understand how this can genuinely damage friendships, especially in the industry at their age. If you love Mileven, fine. If you love the actors, respect their boundaries, and do not ship Fillie, Jyatt, Syatt, Fack, etc. Even if they didn’t stay it, it should go without saying that this makes them uncomfortable. And it makes us, who know better, uncomfortable as well.
  • Continue to support them! Don’t make fun of Finn for his anxiety or Gaten about his teeth (idk anyone who’s done this, but if I ever see this, I’ll fight you), don’t attack him for not wearing black at the GG.
  • Appreciate Caleb, Jeremy, Gaten and Chosen more! They work JUST as hard as the rest of their castmates! This isn’t to guilt trip anyone based off their weight, medical condition, or race, but let’s not deny that this is partially -if not the whole - the issue.
  • Do not invade their privacy.
  • @ other adults, stop sexualizing them. This shouldn’t even have to be said. They’re children. Go toss your fantasies at the older members of the cast; it’s really not that hard. Joe Keery, Natalia, Charlie, Dacre, David and Winona are all so fucking beautiful. Don’t forget that.
  • The same applies to the IT cast; any child actor/actress! We understand that they’re children, but they’re people, too? And they deserve respect.
  • Don’t spread rumors about Sophia’s sexuality. We don’t know; we sHOULDN’t care. Regardless, we should support and be proud of her.
  • Boys can be very close friends, open with each other, physically close, and not be gay! Don’t force that onto Jack and Finn. You rarely see them together anymore and - aside from their busy schedules - this could be one of the reasons why.
  • Sophia and Wyatt are a very comedic duo and lovely, but please don’t ship them, either
  • I understand if you’re closer to their age range, and around that age you’re going to have these thoughts and feelings. That’s inevitable. But please respect their boundaries. If they don’t want to be sexualized, don’t do that. If they don’t want to be called “daddy”, call them by their real name. Respect them. Don’t ship them with each other. That’s invasive and disturbing. Leave shipping with real-life couples (ex: Charlie and Natalia) and fictional ones.
  • Don’t harass them on their lives.
  • Let them live their lives. Let them make mistakes. That’s a huge process in growing up.
  • Understand that when they’re part of projects, and should tour favorite be involved , remember to support and love the others involved in it as well (case in point: Calpurnia and MMI).
  • This is all I have to say in general.

Lads is it too early to start demanding a stage adaptation of The Greatest Showman


So I noticed that at the sign of uncertainty and momentary nervousness, Rachel tends to tuck her hair behind her ear. And she does this gesture during times where she’s unsure of Chloe’s response or her own. So yeah, Rachel, has been wanting to get to know Chloe for some time now and like Chloe, she doesn’t wanna mess it up (hence why she gets so flustered).

BTW the last photo is where Rachel replies to Chloe’s confession. She’s taken aback and flustered (aka having a gay panic attack).

In summary: Rachel Amber, the most popular girl in school, has a crush on the lesbian delinquent, Chloe Price.

not to get sappy but the fact that taeyong’s dance teacher told him he’d never make it and taeyong himself admitted that the only reason he can dance now is purely out of hard work and not natural ability just proves that…. we can do it too. taeyong is such a good leader not only for nct but for nctzens. he’s a role model. he’s showing us that hard work really does matter and that you can do anything you want as long as you never give up and try your hardest. be kind. work hard. take care of others and take care of yourself. never stop chasing your dreams. don’t give up on yourself. believe in yourselves, my fellow nctzens ily ♥️

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I don't know if this is something i should ask on this blog (feel free to delete if its not) but i heard the chainsmokers said something racist, do you know what it was?

This is definitely something I am willing to answer. The video has been taken down. But yesterday at about 10AM KST, the Clamslappers posted a video of an interview in China for Ultra Festival on Twitter. And the host asked whether or not one of the guys (idk their names and I don’t want to know their names) whether he brought his dog. And he made a “joke” implying that dogs aren’t safe in China because of the typical Asian stereotype that all Asians eat/slaughter dogs. The guy didn’t say this specifically, but it was implied through his silence when asked why he didn’t bring his dog and after the host realized what he was implying the Clamslappers and the host laughed together. The caption was also the laughing (with tears) emoji. Later, (I just checked now because I have them blocked), the member (again idk their names) posted an apology saying that it was because he heard dogs get slaughtered in China (you can find it here:, but it was still a racist comment based off of old stereotypes and it frustrates me to an incredible extent. The fact that they make these remarks and laugh about it makes me mad. While he said this is why he didn’t bring his dog, I’m sure he was making a joke about Chinese and Asians in general. If he was truly worried about his dog, he would have looked concerned or sad or made a comment about saving dogs in the interview. Instead he made a cheap “joke” and attempted to cover it up with a campaign to fight against dog slaughter. What makes it even more upsetting is that they are collaborating with BTS, a South Korean boy group. I know a lot of you guys won’t agree with me, but yeah. Also for those fans that are worried about whether or not dislking or not supporting the Clamslappers makes you a bad ARMY, it really doesn’t. Fact of the matter is we love BTS not them. Just because we love BTS doesn’t mean that we have to be fans of those people. I’m going to add this because I don’t think some of you get it. I am Asian, I have lived through ugly Asian stereotypes, remarks, “jokes.” Don’t make comments about the Asian experience and say “well this sterotype applies sometimes.” It doesn’t matter. It was a cheap ugly “joke” and should not be tolerated.
- Kylie


Best of 2017: cover versions

Merle: I got a tree arm.

Jess: That’s super great. Hey, what happened there, by the way? You had two-

Magnus: We’ll tell you later.

Merle: Son of a bitch cut my damn arm off, that’s what the hell happened.