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Preach about your last answer. Because as much as Daenerys finally found someone who loves her for who she really is and someone she can be her true self with, Jon also literally found his match, and someone who loves him as he deserves to be loved. I don't think we ever saw anyone being so worried about him in the entire show like she was in this ep. Of course there are a lot of people who cares about him, but the extention of her love for him in this ep was everything to me.

regarding this

It’s really as simple as them being literally destined for each other. Their separate stories have been building up to them joining together and the thing that’s so beautiful about their relationship is that it’s not just about them. They’re drawn to each other to fulfill a purpose so much greater than just being a couple and I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.


I’ve been wanting to use this song for a while, and with some of the new deleted scenes that were released I had some perfect footage for it. With every challenge that these two face they get stronger. They still have their troubles, their fears, and their doubts, but that’s all part of it. They love each other and trust each other enough to share those and work through them together, and that just shows how far they’ve come.


BIGBANG 11th anniversary (1)(2)

2006 - 2017 Happy Birthday to my beloved Kings 💕👑 Today is your 11th year since debut. I hope you all have a great day and enjoy such a beautiful day like today! As you guys promised, we will always be here waiting for you guys no matter how long it takes. If you guys say you all will be back, we will be here waiting. That’s a promise between us ❤. VIPS and BIGBANG are family, not fans and artists. Again, happy birthday to my BIGBANG 💓

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Besides key, who speaks the best English?

Hi, well as you already know, Kibum is the most fluent. The others can speak a little English and have been working hard on their languages (especially Japanese). But none are fluent like Key as far as I know, although it has been rumoured that Jinki speaks good English but sadly we never really get to hear it.  


patton being sweet and gentle while trying to call anxiety (even if it didn’t work c’:) (x)

okay but him complimenting and encouraging anxiety’s makeup is so cute!! he’s such a kind soul <3

S1 - S4 ‘99 ers love interests are ‘97ers. All of them. . These 99ers sure have a type. Jonas. The deal breaker. Oh, boy Am I glad.

self-care masterpost: clean speeches edition

(psa 1: this was inspired by Kara’s aka tasyoungreckless tumblr post, I just thought it might be cool to add a few more to the list

psa 2: I also included video links to the speeches if I could find them because I personally feel Taylor’s words more if I’m watching a video)

when you hate yourself:

when there are rumors/bad things being talked about you:

when you feel alone with your pain:

  • Glasgow, Scotland, 06/23/2015 (text // video)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, 06/21/2015 (text // video)
  • Philadelphia, PA, 06/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Bossier City, LA, 05/20/2015 (text)
  • Raleigh, NC, 06/09/2015 (text),
  • Foxborough, MA, 07/24/2015 (text // video)

when you feel stuck up in having to be perfect/happy all the time:

  • Glasgow, Scotland, 06/23/2015 (text // video)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, 06/21/2015 (text // video)
  • Louisville, KY, 06/02/2015 (text // video
  • Cleveland, OH, 06/03/2015 (text)
  • Pittsburgh, PA, 06/06/2015 (text // video)
  • Edmonton, AB 08/05/2015 (text)
  • Los Angeles, CA, 08/21/2015 (text // video)

when you feel like past mistakes will forever define you:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands,, 06/21/2015 (text // video)
  • Cologne, Germany, 06/20/2015 (text // video)
  • Philadelphia, PA, 06/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Charlotte, NC, 06/08/2015 (text // video)
  • Vancouver, BC, 08/01/2015 (text)

when you feel like everything is pointless and the bad days will never stop:

  • Philadelphia, PA, 06/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Tokyo, Japan, 05/05/2015 (text // video)
  • Las Vegas, NV, 05/15/2015 (text)

when you lost yourself:

  • Las Vegas, NV, 05/15/2015 (text)
  • Bossier City, LA, 05/20/2015 (text)

when you feel like you’re standing still:

when you feel like you just don’t fit in:

  • Cleveland, OH, 06/03/2015 (text)

when mean comments on the internet get to you:

when you compare yourself to others:

when you think you’re not “enough” of something:

  • East Rutherford, NJ, 07/10/2015 (text // video)
  • Washington, DC, 07/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Washington, DC, 07/14/2015 (text)

when you feel like happiness is never a constant/always expect pain:

when you’re getting told you’re too much of anything:

when you’re going through heartbreak/lost someone:

  • St Paul, MN, 09/11/2015 (text)
  • St Paul, MN, 09/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Indianapolis, IN, 09/16/2015 (text // video)
  • Nashville, TN, 09/25/2015 (text)

when you’re full of regrets:

when other people’s opinions clatter up your life:

  • Shanghai, China, 11/12/2015 (text)
  • Adelaide, Australia, 12/08/2015 (text // video)

emo wizard boy lovingly admires his murder tree and probably wears a shirt that says ‘plants are friends not food’