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   I’m alive. I moved over the great USofA to be closer to this nerd –> @synne-tove (It’s great) and now have an operational computer and the ability to navigate the terrains on both the wild web and IRL. Had a bunch of set backs, but that’s all being solved now. Still going to be touch and go while I adjust to the new time change and get some personal things conquered but outside of that, I’ll be actually able to try to finish off some of these memes/asks everyone was cool to send me while I was gone, and then I guess hop into the RP scene again. 

   I appreciate the well wishes and new followers in the meantime. Usually more active than just queues and liking the occasional post but if you’re looking for content, that’ll start rolling again soon with hopefully new stories for all of my characters to update their progress in life as well. I think that’s everything covered currently, just a little more patience and I’ll be back in action probably within the next week - week and a half. 

- Mitch

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Federal court halts Trump’s immigration ban
The federal court for the Eastern District of New York issued an emergency stay halting President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry to the US from seven majority-Muslim countries...
By Nilay Patel

Additional commentary by eyewitness @lettersfromtitan:

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ask thing because most of the others are about kissing and stuff
  • 1: a video game you'd recommend
  • 2: favourite pair of socks
  • 3: an odd thing from your room
  • 4: if you made a gang what would the design/text on the back of our matching jackets be
  • 5: if you were in a fantasy world what would be your 'trademark' item/feature
  • 6: if you were an npc what quest would you give (and what reward)
  • 7: dream Lego set
  • 8: do you have any scout badges
  • 9: a book you'd recommend
  • 10: favourite 'made-up' creature from any universe
  • 11: what instrument(s) do you play/any you wish you could play
  • 12: a character you wish you could pull off the perfect cosplay for
  • 13: favourite Terrible™ movie
  • 14: do you speak any other languages
  • 15: how many time telling devices are in the room with you
  • 16: a random useless fact you know
  • 17: create a tag urself meme description of yourself
  • 18: what is your weapon of choice
  • 19: do you like _________ [default word is waffles]
  • 20: all the questions!! (and/or your own)

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AoS Ladies Appreciation Weeks Day Eight: Favorite lady in season three
              ↪ Simmons + healing after trauma