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From last night

I wasn’t fully awake yet. But I was aware of the dreaded hang over. My head was pounding and my lids were too heavy to be lifted open. When I managed to fully flutter my eye lids open, the sunlight stung my irises causing me to wince at the burning sensation. I rolled around in my bed for several more minutes only to notice my bedroom walls look paler than pale. 

How bad is this bloody hang over?

I couldn’t recognise my surroundings very well at first and I fought with my brain to straighten itself up. I looked around then suddenly shot up in bed. This was not my bed. Hell, this wasn’t even my bedroom. 

Where was I? 

 Just then the doorknob clicked and an elvish looking man peeked through the door.  

“Hey, you awake?“ 

 "No?” I rolled my eyes at him, the bitter sarcasm rolling off my tongue made him laugh and walk inside. 

He stopped at the edge of the bed and jammed his hands in the pockets of his dark blue trousers. I’m not sure if it was just me but the button down he wore was about to rip from the front had he dared to flex his chest. But it didn’t. It fit his muscular form perfectly. 

“I uh. Didn’t know what to do with you last night so I just brought you here.” He rubbed a hand behind his neck, smiling sheepishly to himself, his gaze tracing the floor. I barely acknowledged his explanation and quickly threw the duvet off of me before realising I acted too soon. 

I had clothes on. Phew. 

I still had my socks on too. 

 "I’m just going to use the bathroom.“ I explained, getting off the bed and darting towards the bathroom door. 

 My reflection was a bit hazy at first but I wanted to punch myself in the face when I noticed the dishevelled freak I looked like. I was nauseous but I didn’t want to keep the man waiting outside. And so I cleaned up as best as I could and walked out. 

“Where are my shoes?” I asked. 

“Um, over there.” He pointed to the corner of the wall beside the cupboard. I silently tied the laces to my shoes, my mind half occupied by the Herculean figure sat on the edge of the bed, his fingers intertwined revealed the whiteness of his knuckles. He was lost in thought. 

 "I, I’m… um..“ My mouth felt salty and I gulped hard to swallow the distaste so I could speak clearly. "Thank you.” Was all I could say. I felt nervous and I knew that I was either going to pass out or throw up so I had to get out of there as soon as I could. 

With an awkward wave of my hand I decided to just walk out the door. He still sat in his place, pursed his lips and nodded his head at me, reciprocating the awkwardness that engulfed us. 

 As my palm gripped the cool doorknob, I heard him call my name. 

 "Yeah?“ I spoke without turning around to face him. 

 "You don’t remember anything from last night, do you?” He asked. 

 I clenched my eyes shut grimacing at his question. Damn it. He had to bring this up. “What do you mean?” I played dumb. I looked at him now and he seemed a bit disappointed. Though, he smiled at me. 

 "Nothing.“ He said softly and then looked away. 

 I just stood there unsure whether to move back inside or walk outside and never see him again. But he remembered last night. I was drunk but he was sober. He probably remembered every single detail I failed to recollect right now. 

 "Do you remember anything from last night?” I had to make sure. 

 "I can’t stop thinking about it.“ He confessed, shrugging his shoulders like he was helpless about it. It made my heart flutter for a moment because I’ve wanted him for so long. But I couldn’t let this happen. 

He has a girlfriend. 

I can’t do this. I have to leave. 

I must leave. 

 As I stood there agonising over my thoughts, he walked up from his place on the bed and stopped right before me. He was so close I could almost hear him breathe. I nervously looked up to see his blue eyes unflinchingly stare down at me. 

"I know you want this.” He declared. 

I didn’t know where he was going with this but him standing so close to me had me feeling extremely faint and I couldn’t understand how or why he was pursuing this. He was taken. What was the point of this? 

“It doesn’t make any difference-" 

 "It can.” He cut me off. It was like he could read my mind. 

Finn” I said his name exasperatedly, not knowing how to explain to him the blasphemy he was trying to commit. 

Y/n.” He mimicked my vexed tone, grinning at me as his frame blocked my exit without me even realising it. 

“You have a girlfriend!” I whisper-yelled. There I said it. 

He looked at his feet and smiled to himself before bringing his hand to cup my jaw. “Had.” He grinned again. 

“What?” I spat out, all flustered. 

“I. Had. A. Girlfriend.” He spelled it out for me, before placing his other hand around my waist and pressing a soul searing kiss to my lips.

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I remember when I was younger I’d watch shows like Hannah Montana, iCarly, Suite Life Of Zack & Cody, etc and I’d lowkey wonder why I never saw anybody on TV that looked like me. The only Indian character I knew was Baljeet from Phineas & Ferb, and he was a stereotypical nerdy Asian. I wondered why my skin was so much darker than the pale characters in most of the TV shows that I watched.

Then I got older and started watching The Office and saw the character Kelly Kapoor. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t gotten really excited when I noticed an Indian character on an American show. I would live for the few minutes of screen time that Kelly Kapoor would get in every other episode. Seeing an Indian on TV made me so happy.

Then came the hilarious Tom Haverford on Parks & Recreation, one of my favorite characters of all time. And yet, another Indian character that made me feel represented. I’d get so excited whenever he had screen time.

Now it’s 2017 and we got Quantico, iZombie, The Good Place, and other shows that have South Asian characters. I feel so much better than I did when I was younger. I actually get to see myself on TV. Representation freaking matters. I hope that if I have kids, they won’t have to wonder why they don’t look like the people they see on TV.

We still have a long way to go. We need more black characters, latinx characters, Asian characters, gay characters, trans characters, etc so no one feels left out. The only people that say “representation doesn’t matter” are those that have always been represented.

This is why we need more shows with characters that are minorities. Everybody deserves to be represented. All races, religions, and sexualities should have a place in television.


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Imagine experiencing EVERY emotion at its fullest. AT ONCE.

Emotional overdose.

I’d also like to imagine that Ink already did that, too, at some point. Also emotional hangovers afterwards.

Since Pale never had enough of this stuff to be able to stockpile it, he’s used to use it all in one go. He knows no modesty when it comes to this. |D

I already replied to a similar ask, explaining that I think Ink basically consumes liquid creativity in order to feel, which is exactly the essence of every AU, which Pale drains off of AUs. But doing a comic is fun, too, I guess. c:

Cardiac distress symptoms in women

In the wake of Carrie Fisher’s death four days after she suffered a massive heart attack, one thing that was reported by some news outlets was that she had been in “significant distress” on the flight. We don’t know the exact details of this, but in my experience as an EMT, it often means “hysterical woman having a panic attack and thinking she’s dying…*woman dies* …oops, guess she really was dying.” 

It is SO IMPORTANT to remember that many women present in what medicine considers an ‘atypical’ manner for heart attack, but it actually IS typical…for women. Women are more than twice as likely to die from cardiac emergencies, not because our physiology is that much different than men and thus gives us a worse chance at survival (it’s actually better if treated promptly and adequately), but because our symptoms are more likely to go unrecognized or to be dismissed entirely.

Thus, please take a moment to review and pass on this list of cardiac distress symptoms as seen in women: 

Shortness of breath - This is the most common one. If a woman, especially one without prior history of respiratory issues or shortness of breath, seems to be having trouble catching her breath and/or complains of such, pay very close attention. If she continues to feel winded after sitting or laying down, it’s probably time to call for help.

Feeling of impending doom - This can range from a sense of general unease to a full-blown panic attack. This one is extremely important, and is the symptom most commonly disregarded by doctors and hospital staff. If a woman tells you that she feels ‘not quite right,’ or like something terrible is about to happen, or that she’s about to die, LISTEN TO HER FFS. 

Nausea and “indigestion” - Also common. Heart attacks frequently present as a feeling of vague nausea or indigestion, but unlike typical heartburn, antacids and other OTC treatments will not alleviate the symptoms.

Hiccups - Unexplained hiccups, especially if seen with any of the other symptoms listed above, can be indicative of heart muscle that is being acutely or chronically starved of oxygen.  The exact mechanism isn’t known, but it’s thought that the enzymes released by the dying muscle irritate the pericardium and adjacent diaphragm, causing spasms in the healthy muscle. 

Fatigue - This is another commonly seen symptom, and is often overlooked or ignored as just transient tiredness. Many women having a heart attack will complain of feeling “flu-like” symptoms of nausea, sweating, fatigue, and shortness of breath, and they’ll lie down for a nap and never wake up. 

Lightheadedness - A feeling of being lightheaded or about to faint isn’t terribly uncommon in many benign conditions, and many women experience it on a monthly basis. However - be aware when it appears unexpectedly or unexplainedly, and/or with one or more of the other symptoms on this list. 

Sweating (diaphoresis) - Heart attack does funny things to the sympathetic nervous system, which is behind reflexes such as sweating and hiccups. If a lady is experiencing unexplained or excessive sweating, pay attention to anything else that might be going on with her. 

Tingling or numb extremities - A feeling of numbness or “pins and needles” tingling in the extremities can be an important sign that cardiac function is being impaired and those body parts aren’t receiving enough oxygen. 

Peripheral and/or central cyanosis - Often accompanies tingling or numbness, and is considered a later-stage symptom of cardiac distress and heart failure. Finger and toe tips will turn pale or blue first, and lips and gums after that. Important to remember that darker-skinned women may present cyanosis as ashen, grey, or darker purple rather than pale or blue. 

Back pain - Pain between the shoulder blades, in the cervical spine, or even further down in the torso or lumbar region can be a symptom of heart attack. Alone, it isn’t that suspicious, but if it’s unrelenting and presents with any of the other symptoms above, keep a watchful eye on things. 

Classic “crushing” or “tight” chest pain or pressure - Women DO experience this classic pain, too, just not as frequently as men do. This may be due to our higher pain threshold, or differences in blood volume, or maybe we’re just not sure because nobody’s bothered to really study it. Whatever the reason, some women do still experience the crushing or tightening pain, and others may experience less painful pressure or tightness that doesn’t seem to be relieved by anything.

Arm and jaw pain - Another “classic” heart attack symptom, and a bit more common than central chest pain. Unexplained pain in the left arm or shoulder, and on the left side of the neck or jaw, should not be ignored by anyone.

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Author: @queenofthyme

Dearest Potter,

My mother insists that I write you to formally thank you for speaking on behalf of us at the Wizengamot. Without your testimony, we most certainly would have faced time in Azkaban.

So: thank you.

If you were expecting any heartfelt words of gratitude, then you’ve mistaken me for those hero worshippers who submit their amateur poetry about you to The Daily Prophet. Even as a child, I could write better poetry than that. 

Hoping to never speak to you again,

Draco Malfoy


Please pass my appreciation on to your mother. I sincerely hope she is well.

As for you, I don’t need or expect your gratitude. That’s not why I helped you. You wouldn’t understand this of course, but those of us who have a heart, help others simply just to help others.

I also happen to enjoy and appreciate the notes people leave in The Daily Prophet for me. I’ve never heard any poetry from you, so I wouldn’t be so quick to throw stones.

Wishing you horrible misfortune,

Harry Potter

Don’t give me that load of crock, Potter. Even heroes have ulterior motives.

I also highly doubt you enjoyed last week’s poem: “I see Harry Potter’s emerald eyes, they sparkle and shine, all magic defies.” What does that even mean?

Seeing through your media-trained lies,

Draco Malfoy

Malfoy. You only think I’m lying because you can’t comprehend anyone’s perspective but your own.

That poem was heartfelt and thoughtful. I have a copy of it on my fridge - that’s a muggle appliance.

Rejecting your rude assumptions about me,

Harry Potter

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Sorry, I was just imagining you burnt to a crisp.


I want to know more about that horrible group of misfits so bad. Jayne stole my heart and I love her so much.

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what kind of colours would you think Semi's hair would look nice with? (like the style he has, just different colours)

Okay so I thought about it and~

I like this range! His original and cream are my faves (but I usually go more into a silver/white or creamy tone when drawing)

I always have this theory that a lot of the companions have high-maintenance looks that take a while to sort out, and getting ready must be a pain. So I was thinking about some of my DAI favourites and ended up with the “six AM and just got up” headcanons: 

  • Cassandra sans-makeup is just as scary gorgeous. But more scary. And the hair is… vertical. She looks glorious. And like she might commit murder. Consciously works to straighten her posture and seem more soldierly.
  • Cullen is insanely curly and eye-bags ahoy, because he barely gets any sleep anyway. Even more pale than usual. Very, very Fereldan in terms of accent, and grumpy if it’s been a bad night. Sheepish if it hasn’t.
  • Dorian can join the vertical-hair camp (though parts of it are also flattened) and is also stubbly plus pissed off because he hasn’t had chance to wax his moustache yet. Probably making his way to the nearest bath ASAP. Slightly hairier than anyone expected.
  • Josephine… glorious cascades of wavy hair. And maybe a lot of frizz. And trying not to tired-blink because it’ll ruin her diplomat-paying-attention image. And I also agree with the frilly-underwear headcanons I’ve seen. She’d so have bloomers.
  • Sera looks like… Sera. Less eyeliner, I suppose.
  • Bull occasionally forgets - or pretends to forget - he has a pillow stuck on his horns. Yawns a lot. Eyepatch slightly askew. Insists he sleeps in the nude but people have mainly just seen an even more awful pair of “circus pants” that must be his pyjamas.
  • Krem tends to end up with his undercut flopping annoyingly into his eyes, and when he’s half asleep he goes all mumbly and even more Tevene. Probably wears something sleeveless by way of pyjamas to show off the arms.
  • Leliana… no-one actually knows. No-one’s ever caught her less than perfectly preened. Everyone’s too terrified not to knock.
  • Blackwall’s bedhead is legendary. Even the beard has bedhead.
  • Vivienne is either never seen unprepared, or perfectly businesslike and will probably politely murder you if you draw attention to the slightly-more-scalp-stubble and the lack of makeup. She’d probably just brazen it out, so maybe the latter.
  • Cole doesn’t sleep. It’s rather unnerving.
  • Solas is just slightly sharper than usual. Other than that, he has a worrying amount of composure. But then, he’s pretty used to dropping in and out of the Fade.

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When K returns from killing Sapper Morton in the film’s opening, he’s subjected to a “Post-Trauma Baseline Test” to ensure that he has not become emotionally affected by the killing. As a successor to the Voight-Kampff Test used in the original film to trigger and measure emotional instability in Replicants, it appears to function the same way. K is tasked with repeating a set of call-and-response phrases after prompts are given, with emotionally-charged questions posed to trip him up – assuming he’s strayed from baseline. Several of the prompts are taken from a longer string:

And blood-black nothingness began to spin A system of cells interlinked within cells interlinked within cells interlinked within one stem. And dreadfully distinct Against the dark, a tall white fountain played.

It’s no random phrase, but lines of poetry taken from Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fire. It’s no random book either, but a story built in layers around a fictional poem and its editor, seen as an early precursor to metafiction, and even pre-Internet hypertext. Playing with the idea of what is real, what is not, and who gets to decide, the novel also takes it title from Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens – the Bard’s most enigmatic work. If you’re interested in giving it a read, look for the same copy K keeps in his apartment: the one that Joi, ironically, hates.