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C: I just discovered that there is a black owned cafe in my area! Mind you, I live the land of racist, stuck up, holier-than-thou pale people – whites in Texas if you catch my drift. I’m honestly so happy and proud! The place gets good business, the food is bomb, and service is very friendly. I love it when we establish our own things and prosper in areas where we are told we are not wanted. I can only pray that more black businesses begin to pop up around me!🙏🏽

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Rereading ACOTAR and Rhysand is described as having pale skin 😧

Yeah. That can happen to naturally tan and brown and mixed race people. He spent 50 years under a mountain. We’d expect him, or anyone, to be pale/paler than normal.

Oh, wow, I finished this. I can’t believe it!!! 

This is one of my very first attempt with my new sketch pad. I’ve to learn like a dozens of tricks, but to be honest I enjoyed this far better, than I expected. 

@pale-silver-comb you mentioned Derek in demisexual colours… I think after this, i’ll give a try. :D

I must add this, because my poor Sterek heart was crying when @benaya-trash told me the following: it looks like Stiles is made out of galaxies, and this is what Derek feels when he sees him.