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This morning I woke up to find that I’d passed seven hundred followers.

And it made me remember when this blog had no followers and I finally talked myself into making a Jonerys sideblog. It was an idea I’d been thinking about for months-a place for me to post my fanfiction and find other people who actually appreciated the wondrous ship that is (soon to be canon) Jonerys. You’ll be lucky if you get past 150, I told myself.

In just over two months, I managed to gain over 700.

I wonder sometimes why I have all of these people following me. It’s not like I make amazing gifsets and edits. It’s not like I answer a bunch of asks (although I wish I could because almost nothing gives me more pleasure than defending the characters/ship) I just write fanfiction, the way I always have, and try not to feel too embarrassed that I’m putting it out there for everyone to read.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for sticking with me (for all two months) and for allowing tumblr to become the place that I hoped it would be but didn’t let myself think that it would be-where I’m not a freak because I’m sixteen and watching GOT and I’ve met quite a few people who feel the same way I do about the show and characters. I appreciate every single one of you.

It’s been quite a ride so far and I can’t wait to see where it goes next!

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I agree will the whole "don't call Jin mom" thing. But a thing that makes me really uncomfortable is the word "bias". It's awkward. I've been listening to k-pop since 2008~2009 and I just can't get used to that word and the whole concept about it. Especially when the idol is so much younger than the fan/listener. And ships, ships are just stupid. I didn't really know how to put words on this, but I guess you get what I'm trying to say.

ships are stupid if people take them too seriously. i get that ppl want to “ship” idols together because they like their interactions but things can easily go way too far when they start to hate on any girls/boys that try to “get in the way of their otp”. like… you don’t get to decide who your fav idol can date…. you don’t own them.

ship wars are also the most stupidest thing ever. people should not try to compare which ship is better like idols are some fictional characters or something..  we should always keep in mind that they’re real humans.

also when people try to ask their idols if they know about this and that ship is just…. so…. cringy…. please keep ships inside the fandom and don’t try to ask the idols about them.


I stopped caring about all the ships in Aphmau way back, I just stopped liking them because a young part of the fandom associates their relationship as to who they have become through character development.

There are fans who don’t care about storylines and just want Aarmau to get engaged now. I don’t like them very much, I love storylines a someone who writes a lot.

So Zane~Chan is just something I care no more and no less than any other canon or un-canon ship. I’m just kinda “eh”.

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I love your Ships Pass In the Night fic! It's so good but it ended on such a sad note! Are you planning on more chapters though, or is it finished? (hopefully this ask isn't too unintelligible, sorry if it is, it's 12:23 a.m. here! 😮)

Haha omg hi again, sorry, I just sent an ask! I looked through your blog a bit more and sorry I realised that it’s all good it’s not finished 😊😊 I’m really looking forward to the next chapter! Love your blog and the fic 👌🏼

Hey! I thought I’d respond to your message as one, rather than in two halves. 

Ships isn’t finished, its just the next chapter is giving me a few problems. I’m on my 4th version of it. 

You see, I did that thing where I outlined out the fic ahead of time, and it grew as I went along and the plot point scenario I’d planned for this chapter no longer works. And everything I put in it’s place up to now hadn’t seemed like a good enough substitute. 

But I think I’ve cracked it, almost, I now have writing time on a Thursday night with some pals so I’m hoping to get a big chunk of it written then! 

Thanks for your message!! <3

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CS fans had season 5 to themselves+ a wedding, that's a lot more than other ships got but in the end the writers just stopped caring, like you said *sigh*. -An OQ shipper who's still bitter about Robin's death, whoops

I’m sure the Rumbellers have words too.

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

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Different KamSero anon, but like headcanon that Bakugou and Kirishima argue about kissing in public, while Sero and Kaminari don't see the big deal. Bakugou tries to tell them that it's embaressing but Sero and Kami peck eachother on the lips to demonstrate it "not being a big deal". P.S. They may of broke Bakugou and shut down his brain in the process.

That’s!!!! an adorable headcanon!!!! even though I gotta say I’m leaning more towards something like


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

  • viktor: i bought us matching silver rings yuuri!!
  • yuuri: wow that's so sweet!
  • viktor: i melted down the pole you danced on during the banquet and made them
  • yuuri:
  • viktor: let me explain-

AU where Percy works at Starbucks and starts to get a crush on a blonde girl who orders the same coffee every saturday

a little gift for zareens from your secret santa! I hope you enjoy this percabeth (with a little bit of pipabeth implied oops)