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I’ve seen a lot of post episode 12 fanart of Yuuri and Yurio growing their hair out so naturally I had to do a ton of hairstyle doodles.

(On another note, thank you for 2000+ followers on my fanart blog *sobs*)

Bonus: the man who started this hair growing/cutting craze:

andrew getting overwhelmed by how much he loves neil…like…before he Never saw this feeling coming he thought it was just his mind making up things while he was on his meds. he’s long since accepted that this is real neil is real but sometimes it hits him so hard, that he can have this. he wasn’t able to have cass the way he wanted because of drake ruining it, ruining him…but now he has neil, and he is able to keep having him. 

neil, who loves andrew unconditionally for who he is. neil, who accepts all of his sharp edges and dark thoughts. neil, who knows when to back away and when to stay close. neil, who wants to be with him and feels just the same as he does. neil, who can see the good in him when everyone else couldn’t. this all hits andrew like a wave crashing onto the shore and he feels like he’s drowning, but it’s a welcomed feeling. because it’s safety, and it feels like home. neil is home and before, he had this twisted, broken view of what “love” is from all those traumatic experiences that still eat away at him, both of them did, but this is new and different from anything else and too much and sometimes andrew wonders if he is really worthy of this, of what neil gives him and makes him feel. 

and there are still passing fearful thoughts that what if he loses him, but waking up to fluttering eyelashes against cheeks and the way the morning sunlight rests against his skin while he’s in a peaceful sleep, seeing those looks neil sends his way, full of adoration and warmth, late night trips to the grocery store together wearing eachother’s hoodies and sweats and picking up andrew’s fave sweets to dull the nightmares he just had and is still feeling in trembling fingers and a rapid heartbeat— 

it all makes their forever click into place and andrew knows that this is it. neil is it for him and it will always be that way


Looks like I have two new sons (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Vincent and Rachel

Yana made several posts about the characters’ ages on twitter today, but to me the most interesting information was this one about Vincent and Rachel:


“Because his wife was young, *papa [*Vincent] would make himself look younger.”

The keyword here is 若作り (”wakazukuri”), I’ll just quote the definition from the dictionary:

“the act of attempting to make oneself appear younger than one is by wearing youthful clothing and makeup“.

So apparently, Vincent was (much) older than Rachel that he felt the need to make himself look younger to keep up with his young wife (appearance-wise) xD

Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.

Before it was killed, the Nightmare managed to damage Garrett’s memory. For a brief few days, he remembered nothing at all, not even his own name or who anyone was. Needless to say, Fenris was terrified when all he got from his husband was a very blank look and ‘who are you?’ when he went to tell him off for throwing his life away.

Eventually his memory began to recover with the help of his friends and family, but in places there are gaps where there shouldn’t be. So the others help to fill in the gaps with stories, dramatic retellings and Varric being told off for exaggerating or outright lying again. Fenris in particular is intensely dedicated to helping Garrett’s mind and memory heal for obvious reasons. If Garrett is uncertain if he’s recalling a certain memory correctly, he asks Fenris, and Fenris tells him if it’s real or not real.

Because Fenris never had anyone help his mind to heal. He never had anyone help him recover what was take away from him. Fenris lost everything because no one cared if he could remember the love of his mother, or the games he played with his sister. He lost everything because no one cared, and he’ll never allow that to happen to Garrett.

Tell her you love her - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Tell her you love her

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Basically the reader and Dean broke up cause she wants to start a family and Dean doesn’t. After a couple months Dean realize that even if it scares him, he wants a family too and w’ Sam’s help he makes a huge public romantic act to win her back.

It was just a couple months. Only a few months, well it was 8 months and two weeks to me specific but Dean prefered to call it a few months. And the only reason as to why he called it a few months was his need to believe it. Because in reality it felt like eternity. And eternity so much longer than the one he felt like having when he was in hell. Because this was much of a worse hell than the real one. Because here, now, even if he was on Earth Dean was without you. The thought of what you once had and would probably never have was his torture. And this time it was one he couldn’t take, because back then and down there he had your thought to keep him going. And now that thought was only a memory. And memories hurt.

“Dean? Dean are you even listening to me?” Sam snapped two fingers in front of his brother’s face who blinked rapidly.

“Huh? What? What did you say?” he frowned at the younger Winchester who this time didn’t look angry nor gave him a bitch-face. He only looked at his brother in worry.

“Dean” he said a little sadly and Dean got it immediately, avoiding eye-contact.

“What?” he asked stuffing more pancakes in his mouth and ignoring Sam as much as he could.

“I’m just- Dean you’re not alright.” he sighed and Dean scoffed.

“Sammy I’m fine, alright? Just peachy.” he said matter-of-factly but Sam kept a clenched jaw.

“No, no you’re not Dean and it’s crystal clear.” he shook his head “Ever since (y/n) and you broke up-” he saw how his brother stiffened at the words “See! That’s what I’ve talking about! Dean” he sighed “You’re not doing well, man.”

“I broke up with her.” Dean said in a low and rough voice.

“What?” Sam whispered.

“I was the one that broke up with her, Sam.” Dean said in anger. Anger directed at himself because he now regretted every single word he had uttered to you.

“I was the one that ruined everything.” he sighed in desperation as he ran a hand down his face.

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I am so friggin late! Been busy during the weekend and had no time to finish the last 2 Otayuri prompts. I know I’m suuuperrr late but I told myself that I must at least get the final two done no matter what! Sorry tho!

Otayuri Week Day 6 - Rivalry

Yura is smug because he got taller than Beka and he felt like it’s a competition to see who grew tallest during their months away from each other. Beka be cool as ice tho with the 10cm (?) difference


and now he felt her, really felt her in the force, as though she could have been some kind of jedi, too, but more than that: he felt a bond, a connection, deeper and more intimate than he’d ever had before with anyone, even obi-wan; for a precious eternal instant he was her…he was the beat of her heart and he was the motion of her lips and he was her soft words as though she spoke a prayer to the stars

“Omg Kanda Yuu is suchhh a jackass would it kill him to be better?”

*is the first to volunteer to sacrifice himself in the Ark and makes sure no one has to die with him*
*offers Allen advice and solace in Martel even though he doesn’t like him*
*allows upset teammate to sit with him, even though he prefers solitude, and even offers comfort*
*never complains about his shitty situation even though he has every right to*
*is the first to volunteer to fight without his Innocence in the attack on HQ*
*apologises because he thought he woke his friend up with his nightmares*
*patiently sits and watches friend enjoy himself because he knows he’s wanted there*
*is willing to forget the people who tortured him and move on*
*comes back to work for the place that treated him worse than an animal because he felt he owed it to Allen*
*doesn’t blame anyone but himself for his behaviour in North America*
*sells his coat buttons so they have food and a place to stay*

“Wow, such an asshole. Why can’t he be nicer?”


Hi lovelies,

As some of you may know (I’ve whined my fear share about it - sorry!), I’ve been working on a fic for a while that I’ve gotten quite stuck on. Inspiration has, so to speak, left me. So, I’m gonna try something new, and post this sneak peak for you - it’s the first 4,7k of chapter one of what is known as ‘The Vegas Fic’ and which will probably be titled ‘The Greatest Thing’ unless I come up with something better. I’m hoping that the fic will be something you’d like to read (?) and that posting this sneak peak will sort of obligate me to finish it! Hopefully, knowing that there are people out there waiting will work as motivation for me. I hope you enjoy? And please let me know what you think - whether it’s even worth finishing and all. x
(Oh, by the way, I copied this from google docs, so all the italics and such disappeared, soz!) 

CHAPTER ONE (or half of it, anyway):

If Harry had to describe Vegas with one word, it would be ostentatious. He’s never cared much for the city to be honest, all the flashing lights, the partying, the gambling, the countless amount of strippers, the sense that you could just throw away all your inhibitions and let go… yeah, he appreciates the quiet life nowadays.

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Seokjin - 

How could you not have told him?! He’d been sitting with you, watching some silly variety show on television when suddenly your door opened. He looked at you in surprise before rising, just in case it was an intruder only to see none other than Seungri walking in. He felt his mouth dry up and could have screamed when you ran up and jumped at the kpop superstar.

“Seungri, thanks for coming! This is my boyfriend Seokjin. Seokjin, this is my cousin, Seungri! But I’m sure you knew who he was.”

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Yoongi -

You were texting someone a lot then suddenly told him company was coming over. He helped you clean up until there was a knock at the door, then ducked away to answer it. He opened it and had to resist slamming it in his face out of shock. T.O.P was at your door. Yoongi swallowed and when he didn’t answer your calls for him, you peeked around the wall, then smiled widely. What? Why hand’t he been told about this? He was going into shock.

“Uncle Seunghyun, you’re here! We’re sorry about the mess we tried to clean up. I missed you!”

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Hoseok -

He was in the middle of stuffing his face when you walked in with a guest. Hoseok could only slowly look up and choke on the food in his mouth when you and Daesung looked at him. Your cousin just started laughing openly while your poor boyfriend was dying inside. In the end though they both laughed at this very strange introduction. He didn’t feel to bad about it because at the very least, he made a lasting impression.

“You both are weird and now I’m hungry.”

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Namjoon -

It looked suspicious when you ducked out of the house. He wasn’t mistrustful of you, only worried about why you would leave the house so late. So he did what any worried boyfriend would do, he followed you. He didn’t sneak or anything, but got a bit more concerned when he saw you meeting with a man in a mask and dark shades. He called out to you, startling you and your friend.

“Namjoon! Don’t do that! Well, this is an odd way to meet my brother, right, Jiyong?”

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Jimin -  

It looked like you were on a date, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Because you were sitting with motherfucking Taeyang and Jimin felt his whole world imploding. He felt no jealousy, oh no, for the moment he kind of forgot about you. Cause motherfucking TAEYANG was right there. When you noticed him you happily waved him over. Youngbae raised his hand to shake and once again Jimin was losing his mind. You may have lost your boyfriend to your brother.

“It’s nice to have my two most import men together for lunch– Jimin? Can you hear me?”

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Taehyung -

He should have known. He should have scrubbed the practice room to sparkling perfection how come he wasn’t told sooner?! Your brother was coming to visit and watch the practice with you, that was all you told him. He slipped in with you without anyone noticing at first but when Taehyung caught his reflection in the mirror he could have screamed. Jiyong had been watching intently and was smiling now that chaos had broken out in BTS’s practice room.

“I told you they were going to lose it, now pay up GD!”

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Jungkook -

There was definite nervousness for the maknae. He was told that he was meeting your younger brother that day. Jungkook had no clue who he was other than that, just like you intended. When you arrived at the nearly empty park, there was a shout of “noona!” followed by a man with a mask covering his lower face. When he pulled it down, Jungkook had a near meltdown and stared at you both like a deer in headlights.

“Seungri, there you are. Don’t go wandering off without us, you don’t want to get noticed do you?”


Derek x Fem!Reader

Requested By Anon

Momma Hale Prequel

As Derek spoke you couldn’t help but roll your eyes as he spoke down to the rest of the pack. His stupid smug smirk that had you wondering whether you wanted to punch him or kiss him.


“Why don’t you shut up Derek.” You snapped making him jerk his head back.


“Why don’t you go home (Y/N), this isn’t witch business.” Derek snapped back.


“Someone has to take care of your pups.” You retorted as you walked from the room and into the kitchen of the Hale mansion.


“Wow.” Isaac muttered to the others.


Derek found you cleaning up his living room after the Beta’s had left for school, he was used to you being around but he found you frustratingly attractive and he wasn’t about to admit it, opting to push you away than admit how he felt.

“What the hell was that back then?” Derek grunted when you ignored him and continued to clean.


“I don’t know what you mean Hale.” You said quickly as you attempted to side step around him only to find a large hand on your waist stopping you.

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Based on this gorgeous art by @diminuel


Sometimes Castiel fancies that he is not alone in the big old house. 

Sometimes he sees things from the corner of his eye, fleeting shapes that are gone when he turns his head. He catches fragments of conversations from behind a door, but when he opens the door he finds the room beyond it empty.  He smells wood-smoke in his bedroom although no fire has been lit. The smell does not leave, not even when he opens the window to air the room out. 

Whatever else is in the house, it is not mortal, not human.

Castiel does not believe in ghosts. He believes that the dead are dead. If they have been good then their souls go to Heaven. If they have been bad, then they go to Hell. 

He believes this, but the old house causes him to wonder.

If there is something there, then Castiel is sure it means him no harm. 

More than once he has felt the soft brush of another’s hand against his own, although he is still quite alone. 

Whatever it is, it is growing stronger, emboldened by Castiel. It is trying to break through to him, to manifest itself fully until Castiel can see it, hear it, scent it and feel it in all it’s glory. It is trying to become corporeal for him. 

Castiel finds himself longing for the day when it does. 

soul to keep, ch. 1

summary: marinette dupain-cheng is no stranger to unusual situations. a ghost wandering into her bedroom and pulling her into the mystery of who he was and how he died, however, is a touch out of the ordinary for her–and falling in love with him might just take the cake. ghost!adrien au.

genre: romance with equal parts (hopefully) humor and angst

cross-posted: ao3

next: ii | iii

For some time, he waded through thick, oily darkness. It clung to his feet and legs; it streamed into his nose and made breathing nearly impossible. When he attempted to push it apart, like curtains, it seeped through the gaps in his fingers and flooded back in, seemingly faster than before. He felt like he was burning, or drowning, or maybe both. But still, he kept going, because he couldn’t bear to think about what might happen if he stopped and sat down and let the darkness consume him.

When he stumbled through the last of the dark, onto the solid ground of a busy street, he wanted to weep with relief. When the tears didn’t come, he didn’t question it, but continued to move, trying to engage passersby so he could figure out where he was. But after the first dozen people refused to speak to him, or even stop to look at him—even when he stepped right in their paths—he realized he had entered a new kind of hell: these people were ignoring him because they could walk right through him. It was only then that he looked down at his own hands, only to see that there were none. For whatever reason, he was no longer of this Earth.

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Reasons Wash Isn’t Sleeping: Justice Doesn’t Sleep

Title: Reasons Wash Isn’t Sleeping – Justice Doesn’t Sleep

Characters: Agent Washington, Director, FLISS

Warnings: A small mention of blood.

A/N: I said I would do this, and then got caught up. But I did it. A short based on this image by @strangestquiet

Agent Washington watched as the holograms dissolved around him. His frustration had been growing with each target that had popped up in that test. His head dropping for a moment as the scenario finished. He was making too many mistakes. Too many of his hits weren’t center. Sloppy.

“Director. Agent Washington’s reaction times have fallen over 300 percent in the last –”

“Run it again, FILSS.”

“Safety protocols prohibit Agents being active for long than –“

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They have to change their baby’s diaper for the first time (BTS)

Rap Monster: -he was instantly scared when you put your daughter down ready to change he was not ready- “please no. I feel weird doing this”

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Jin: -you weren’t feeling well and asked him if he could change your daughter. He wouldn’t say no to you so he was going to try it- “okay baby I’ll take care of it don’t worry”

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Suga: -he wasn’t ready at all when you asked him to change your daughter. One thing he never had to do since she was born a few months ago- “since when would I have to change her?”

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J-Hope: -he would gladly get to the point where he undid the diaper then he backed down- “I’m tapping out. He smells gross”

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Jimin: -he was more scared to clean your daughter than you ever thought. He felt weird because well your daughter is a girl- “babe I feel weird about her”

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V: -he looked at your son then at you. He had just watched the face your son made when he went and he didn’t think it was something he could do- “um can I try the next one?”

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Jungkook: -he tried his best but your daughter was sick so it was messier than normal. You were telling him that he should try it now- “how about you do it. I don’t think I’m ready for this mess yet”

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Government Property Aftermath- Alex Summers X Reader Drabble

Word Count: a lil’ under 600

Request: okay PLZ do just like a little short drabble of Alex when the love bite’s seen and the other soldiers kind of laugh at him but he’s like whatever at least I have a fiancée

Author’s Note: I’M SO SORRY I TOOK FOREVER TO GET TO THIS BUT I’VE FINALLY DONE IT. I hope it’s alright, so I hope you enjoy.

Alex was trying his damn hardest not to look back. He couldn’t make it any harder on himself than it already was. He felt like if he looked back, he’d break. Once he was down to a country road where no one could see him, his eyes finally began to let out the red hot tears that had been building since the moment he walked out the door.

He cursed to himself. He cursed at the world. It was the world’s fault that war was going on. It was the world’s fault that he had to leave the love of his life all alone and risk the chance that he would die.

The drive was a long and solitary one but he eventually made it to camp for him to check in at. His jacket didn’t dare show the marks on his neck from the previous night, so no one noticed. He had to stay there for a few hours before being forced into an aircraft that would fly him to Vietnam. That’s when he was supposed to sleep because once they were grounded, he’d immediately be sent to duty.

Soon as they landed there and exited the airship, Alex stripped his jacket. It was hot and humid so Alex preferred to wear as little as possible. He got registered, was given a uniform and sent to the barracks.

Alex had a blank expression as him and every other soldier changed into their basic military uniforms. Only once Alex was completely dressed other than lacing up his boots, he heard a few men laugh.

His eyes turned up to see three men walking his way, so he stood up. “What do you want?”

The middle man put his hands up. “C'mon we’re not causing any harm. We’re just trying to tell you, lover boy, that you got a few nice hickeys for the world to see. Did your lady give those to you?”

Alex frowned. “She’s not just ‘my lady’ she’s my fiance. I proposed to her yesterday morning.”

The men laughed and another one spoke up. “With marks like that you must’ve been her bitch.” Nearly everyone in the barrack laughed at that one and Alex fake laughed before just flat out punching the guy.

“I’d appreciate if you’d just shut up. At least I have a woman worth fighting and living for.”

The one who took the punch came up to Alex and their chests were centimeters apart, looking like either of them could throw a punch any second. That was until a whistle blew and everyone turned to see the sergeant. Alex backed off as everyone filed into a line for uniform inspection.

The sergeant would give assuring nods or correct whatever the soldier’s issue was. That was when he came to Alex. He stopped completely. “What’s your name soldier?”

Alex’s posture was as straight as possible as he looked straight ahead. “Alex Summers, sir.”

“Well Alex Summers, you better sit your ass down because the in fragments on your neck will not allow you to participate today. I’ll talk with you after everyone is dismissed.”

Alex muttered, “yes sir,” before the sergeant continued down the line. After everyone was dismissed, Alex was asked to give the sergeant your number and he listened as the sergeant scolded you.

He sighed. God, he really did love you and hoped you’d get the chance to do it again.