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Being a Hufflepuff & Dating H.G Would Include:

‣During the school year cute dates to The Hog’s Head

‣Sneaking Hermione up to your dormitory to study because the Gryffindor common room is too loud

‣Not much PDA because you both prefer the intimacy of your affections but you do hold hands

‣She does give you forehead kisses whenever there’s no one around though

‣Hermione definitely spoils you like crazy

‣You make flower crowns and Hermione wears them proudly, hexing anyone who makes a comment about them

‣Hermione is naturally overprotective of you but you enjoy her overprotectiveness rather than finding it patronizing

‣Dates in the muggle world where she takes you to the city and you spend the nights loading up on street food, enjoying watching the street dancers, and then finally going to the London Bridge to watch the River Thames below as street musicians play in the background

‣Dates where you take Hermione to magical beaches where you can swim along with the beasts and you take Gillyweed to swim underwater with the mermaids; at the end of the day you cuddle by a bonfire and roast marshmallows

‣Always taking a small backpack everywhere where you have your camera and a small photo album to record all of your adventures

‣Scrap books with pressed flowers

‣Her parents absolutely adore you and they feel a parental protectiveness over you

‣Spending Christmas with the Granger household who immediately take you in as family and get you presents and a customized stocking over the fireplace

‣Hermione reading you to sleep while you are nuzzled into her neck

‣When she is stressed you take her outside and lay her head across your lap, threading your fingers through her thick hair while you sing to her or just talk about nothing

‣Sneaking up to the Astronomy Tower at night to stargaze; eventually you end up lying on your sides, facing each other, whispering breathy promises between feather light kisses

‣Uncontrollable giggles as you chase each other across fields of sunflowers or try to splash one another while avoiding getting splashed

‣Using secret passages to leave the school when the pressure of Voldemort’s impending return haunts the students

Piggy! Back! Rides! Every! Where!

‣Aesthetically pleasing everything

‣Hermione snuggling you in a cocoon of blankets by the fire when you’re sick and vice-versa

‣You are very close friends with Luna who seems to be the only one besides Hermione who doesn’t judge you and she’s just a great person to be with overall

‣Hot chocolate with a shit load of whipped cream and probably, maybe sprinkles?

‣Switching jumpers and house ties to mess with the other students

‣Traveling everywhere and probably eloping in a place where it’s just the two of you and your parents are going to kill you but it doesn’t matter because you found your soulmate and also, what’s the point of waiting?

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Oxford University worker suspended over alleged Islamist terror links
A staff member at Oxford University has been suspended from work after it was alleged online material had emerged showing he had links to Islamic terrorism.

staff member at Oxford University has been suspended from work after it was alleged online material had emerged showing he had links to Islamic terrorism.

University bosses ordered the action after learning the ‘non-academic’ employee, whose identity has not been revealed, had been arrested for terrorism offences and detained in Italy five years ago.

It was alleged at the time that the man was involved in spreading extremist material, and although he denied committing an offence, he spent two-and-a-half years in a number of prisons.

He reportedly sent emails containing links to download operational manuals on how to execute terror 'attacks and guerilla techniques’.

Yesterday (Saturday) The university confirmed it had 'immediately’ alerted Thames Valley Police when senior staff learned of the man’s background earlier this month, and an internal investigation has been ordered.

88/365 photo project

It’s easy to see why some photographic artists like to focus on cities. There is just so much material. Here I captured a passing train on a bridge spanning the Thames in London. The London Eye creeps into the background and a pigeon takes a break from begging to enjoy the view.

I love the idea that nothing is motionless here. If it’s not trains then it’s the flow of the river, or the slow turning of the enormous Ferris wheel, or the take off and landing of the birds. Truly a part of London that never sleeps.

© StueyB