thames flood barrier

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Hello, how are you? Do you know of any architecture that deals with issues in flooding and sea-level rise?

There are a couple of well known projects and a number of proposed projects that deal with flooding and rising sea-levels. There is one country in the world, the Netherlands, that has developed the most sophisticated technology so far to deal with this issue.

Here are two built projects for flood control, a couple of proposals and a house built to float in case of flooding:

Thames Barrier London

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Thames Barrier & Docklands
Woolwich, London

Rendel, Palmer and Tritton

After a gorgeously clear day, I took the trek down to the Thames Barrier, only to watch the clouds cover over the sky I was hoping would remain pristine. Will I ever learn to be patient? It will take me a while to slow down - Im thinking of getting some large format equipment in an effort give up haste. Next week: Buddhism (or not)

A Place For Us To Dream | The Runaway Bride

“It might just be locksmiths now, but HC Clements was brought up twenty-three years ago by the Torchwood Institute.” That could only be trouble.

“Who are they?” Donna asked blankly.

“They were responsible for the battle of Canary Wharf.” That just earned her another blank look. “Cybermen invasion. Skies over London full of Daleks.”

“Oh…I was in Spain.” Donna waved it off.

“They had Cybermen in Spain.”

“Scuba diving.”

Rose shook her head, tugging at the hair. “That big picture, Donna. You keep missing it. Torchwood was destroyed — thank god — but HC Clements clearly stayed in business. Looks like someone else came in and took over the operation.”

“But what do they want with me?”

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