Need to find out more about this collection.

It ticks all the boxes that I am currently interested in.

1. Loose, flowing garments.

2. Wool gabardine meaning it is light and cool.

3. Modern interpretations of traditional clothing worn by non-Western cultures.


image is via someslashthings where you can find more images. Atelier New York also has plans to stock his stuff. Very interested in wearing some of what I have seen so far.


Did anyone else literally gasp and then spend the entire performance in a sort of fashion-induced coma? Because one look at Mitch and I was gone.

This is everything I wanted for her and more tbh. Victorian-esque dress and bondagewear. They say Mitch all over them.

Mitch’s dress from their AMAs performance is the Thamanyah Wool Tailored Kandora  $1983 SOLD OUT paired with the Zana Bane Serpentine Harness $480