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The Uchiha Family

On the 4th January, I was asked by @thalied:

“Hi! Madara-san. Can you please do an essay about SasuSakuSara family bonds, arigatou ʕ•̫͡•ʔ♡*:.✧”

thalied, this is for you :)

The Uchiha clan have certainly never been lacking in the drama department, and the Uchiha family of the new generation certainly started off as following that same unfortunate trend.

During the first few years of Sarada’s life, Sasuke had taken some time on the side to investigate any traces or remnants of Kaguya, and had discovered the existence of a threat potentially larger than the “Rabbit Goddess” herself. Because this information would throw the shinobi world into pandemonium, after they had worked so hard to attain peace, the members present at the summit agreed to keep the news confidential between them, and agreed that Sasuke was the only one capable of tracking the remaining remnants due to his Rinnegan. So he took on the mission solo, in order to preserve the peace and tranquility of the shinobi villages, for the good of his family and friends:

This of course, had the unfortunate consequence of Sarada growing up without her father. She would often look at her peers with envy, thinking that they took their time with their fathers for granted, and would gaze at Sasuke’s photo, wondering what kind of a person he is:

Throughout the years, Sakura had done her best to satiate her daughter’s curiosity, but she could only do so much. Eventually Sarada would come forward, with heavy, armour-piercing questions which were understandable, yet almost hurtful:

However, Sakura would persist in trying to reassure Sarada that despite Sasuke’s absence, their feelings were connected, and their bonds weren’t so weak as to sever over a matter such as this:

But despite this, Sarada’s doubts would remain. There would always be that lingering doubt at the back of her mind which would never disappear; not unless she heard the words directly from her father’s mouth: 

This would happen in due time, where she would ask Sasuke that very same question, “How can you be so certain about that?”

Following the scene with Sakura where she accidentally destroyed their house, Sarada went to find her father’s picture in the rubble, and discovered that it had been doctored; she found out that it was actually hiding a picture of Sasuke and his former teammates from Taka, which included a woman with glasses of a very similar design to her own:

This revelation only served to fuel Sarada’s doubts and concerns regarding her true origins, because she was also concerned about the fact that neither of her parents wore glasses, yet she did. Therefore, after overhearing Naruto claim that he was going to meet up with Sasuke:

She opted to follow him in order to gain the opportunity to receive some much needed answers from her father, and find out the truth behind his absence.

It was during this journey that Sarada had a very telling conversation with The 7th. Naruto described to Sarada just how similar she was to her parents, and this caused her to wear a smile that she hadn’t worn in a very long time:

The fact that she smiled so brightly after hearing how similar she was to her parents was a large indication of how much she loved them both. But if that wasn’t enough of a hint, as they edged closer to the rendezvous location, Sarada unlocked her Sharingan for the first time, out of sheer anticipation of finally being able to meet her beloved father:

Prior to this, unlocking the Sharingan required the user to experience a situation of extreme emotional stress. Yet, Sarada unlocked her’s out of an intense love and desire to be with her father - a love so strong only an Uchiha had the depth of love to feel it.

However, their encounter was not at all how Sarada had imagined it would be. Sasuke, being as cautious as ever and firmly believing that Sarada should be back in the village and safe with Sakura, initially believed Sarada to be one of mini-Shin’s comrades:

However, after hearing Sarada’s desperate cry for her father:

Sasuke deduced that she was in fact the real deal:

Whereas Sarada, despite this being the first meeting with him that she could remember, she always knew that it was him, which again signified the depth of her feelings towards her father; she could just tell it was him:

However, Sasuke immediately inquired what was going on, and why the children were there with them, because he was adamant that his actions were to be kept a secret, and didn’t want the children to be put in danger:

And when Sarada answered that she came to see him, Sasuke asked “what happened?”. His nonchalant reply opened the floodgates for years of Sarada’s pent up emotions to pour out all at once:

She subsequently asked her father all the questions that she so desperately needed to know the answers to:

However, Sasuke, still wanting to preserve her ignorance of the situation in order to ensure her safety, remained secretive and dismissive:

You could tell by the expressions that Sasuke wore as he was listening to her that his answer wasn’t easy for him to say. However, if it was for the safety of his family, Sasuke would gladly shade himself in a negative light. It kinda reminds me of his idea for a revolution prior to his escape from the darkness; because for that plan, he wanted the entire world to hate him in order to preserve the peace, by unifying the world due to a common enemy - he was willing to be the bad guy for their sake. I think this situation was rather similar.

But Naruto knew of Sasuke’s intentions, and while he also kept Sasuke’s mission a secret, he tried to convince Sarada that there was no ninja greater than her father; he knew how much Sasuke had sacrificed for the village:

Shortly following this, they were attacked by Shin, and Naruto and Sasuke were caught off guard by Shin’s abilities to manipulate objects after having touched them. Shin would eventually go after Sarada, causing Sasuke to protect her by using his body as a shield, signifying that despite his words, he cared greatly for his daughter, and her safety was of the utmost importance:

However, just as Shin appeared poised to finish them off, Sakura made a timely rescue, and saved them from his attack, while simultaneously knocking Shin out in one devastating blow, while essentially declaring that no one harms her husband and beloved daughter and gets away with it:

The Uchiha family would subsequently share a brief heart to heart moment, where Sakura attempted to apologise to her daughter for remaining secretive to her for so long. However, Sasuke wouldn’t allow his wife to take the blame for the situation when he knew that the fault was his:

This is rather significant. Sasuke acknowledged his mistakes as a father and was regretful that his focus on the mission caused his daughter so much grief over the years. He may have believed that one parent would be enough since he grew up without either of them. Or maybe he just never expected the mission to take so long, and after a while became so engrossed in it that he forgot about the possible consequences his long absence would have. Either way, he was deeply regretful, and this was very telling.

Following the brief moment between the Uchiha family, Sakura was caught in Shin’s space-time jutsu and was kidnapped, so the rest of them went to locate Orochimaru so as to get some answers on who exactly Shin was, as well as where to find him. It was here that they met up with Suigetsu and Juugo as well, and Sarada immediately recognized them from the photo of Sasuke. 

Seeing this as an opportunity, she secretly asked Suigetsu to perform a DNA test on her, using something that seemingly contained Karin’s DNA, and to Sarada’s utter horror, the results were positive:

You can really just feel her utter shock, and how her heart must have just sank after seeing those results. It’s like her worst nightmare, and everything that she had ever feared for so long had become a reality right in front of her eyes. She remembered all the times her mother tried to reassure her of the strong bonds within their family, and now believed them to be all lies:

And while allowing her typically powerful Uchiha emotions to get the better of her, she harshly dismissed the notion of going to save someone who she wasn’t blood related to, because she felt betrayed:

However, Naruto would convince Sarada that bonds transcend time and blood, and that even if she wasn’t biologically related to her mother, the powerful love that was between them was the real thing, and that’s what truly mattered:

Naruto then asked her to see if she could find any past examples which demonstrated how genuine the love was between herself and her mother, and this seemed like a rather easy task for Sarada. She would initially recall what was likely a suppressed memory of something that happened very early in her life, which gave powerful implications, as it illustrated Sarada walking with both of her parents and served as a reminder of one of her main incentives for going on this journey in the first place. She really wanted to spend time with both of her parents, even if only just for a little bit; that would’ve been sufficient:

Sarada would then recall moments when her mother stayed by her side:

And instances where Sakura would assure her that despite Sasuke’s absence, they were both very special to him, and that he was away for their sake:

It would also appear that when Sarada makes a particular face, her parents just feel compelled to hug her. This will be seen with Sasuke in due time:

When Sarada asked if her parents had kissed, Sakura was initially taken aback by the question, and blushed while pulling a sad face, likely because she missed being intimate with her husband. But she would quickly cheer up: 

This was because she remembered something that held greater significance than any kiss Sasuke could give her:

By then poking Sarada’s forehead, it is implied that the time when Sasuke had poked Sakura’s forehead prior to leaving for his redemption journey was what Sakura was referring to. This is likely because through this action, Sasuke not only paralleled the day by the bench and indicated that this time, he would definitely return to see her, but Sakura was also able to see the the sincerity and the genuine affection in Sasuke’s eyes as he did the gesture and thanked her. She blushed because of this, and understood that maybe, just maybe, Sasuke was beginning to return her feelings.

This was why Sakura held the poke in such high regard; it was an “ultimate display of affection”, and Sakura wanted to portray that to Sarada:  

After remembering all of the times in which both Sakura and herself had demonstrated just how much they loved each other, Sarada tearfully relented, and admitted that despite the recent (and very misleading) revelations, she did still indeed want to save her mother:

Naruto was glad to her it, and assured her that as long as that deep down, Sarada genuinely wanted to save her, then…

On the way to saving Sakura, Sarada would still harbour doubts about her father due to the results of the DNA test. However, she wouldn’t allow such thoughts to linger in her head:

She knew that she needed to save her mother, and that was more important than anything else:

When they finally reached Shin’s hideout, Sasuke emulated his wife not only by making quite the dramatic entrance, but also by taking Shin out in one fell swoop, by using his Susanoo to crush every bone in his body. By this point, I think that Sasuke and Sakura had proved that there were severe consequences for threatening the safety of their family XD:

Shortly afterwards, Sasuke would affectionately tend to his wife’s wounds and make sure that she was okay. This scene was so great because firstly, it was everything Sarada ever wanted to see; proof that her parents love each other, and that their hearts were indeed connected. The gentle smile that emerges on her face after seeing the affection between Sasuke and Sakura is very moving, because you know she had wanted to see this her whole life, and now that it was finally happening, you just felt really happy for her:

After the mini Shins had betrayed their master, they launched an attack on the rest of the group, where Sakura told Sarada to stand back:

However, Sarada was absolutely determined to do what she could to protect her mother. In a devastating demonstration of not only how much she loved her mother, but also of the fact that she was in fact a SasuSaku child through and through, she activated her Sharingan, dodged an incoming attack, and proceeded to unleash an attack of such fearsome power; only Tsunade and Sakura herself were capable of such raw strength:

At the battle’s conclusion, Sakura was relieved to see that her daughter was unharmed, and gave her another one of her patented hugs:

She would then reassure Sarada that she was indeed her daughter, in every sense of the word:

That was good enough for Sarada, but she now needed to hear it from her father’s mouth as well. She asked Sasuke whether he felt that his feelings were truly connected with Sakura’s, and he replied affirmatively. However, Sarada needed more, She pressed on and asked how he could be so certain of that - the same question she had asked her mother in chapter 1: 

And Sasuke duly obliged, by confirming that if his and Sakura’s hearts weren’t truly connected, then Sarada wouldn’t exist; she was the proof and the product of their connection. This was the moment when Sarada finally received clear reassurance, from Sasuke’s own mouth, that her mother was telling the truth; her parents’ hearts were indeed connected, and that she was the product of their deep connection. Following this, she’d no longer need to worry about who she was, who her father was, and whether her parents love each other. This very scene finally put her worries to rest, there was no more doubt; she exists because her parents love each other :)

And just look at what it meant to her, and look at how happy Naruto and Chouchou were for her; Sarada had finally obtained the answer she had sought for so long, and it was everything she had ever imagined it would be, and more. She had finally obtained her closure:

After the Uchiha family had returned to the village, they spent a lot of family time together, making up for missed opportunities and finally being able to enjoy each other’s company:

But unfortunately, Sasuke’s mission was not over, the threat potentially greater than Kaguya was still at large, and Sasuke still had his duty to fulfill. Just prior to his departure, Sarada was greatly disappointed that he needed to leave again; she had obviously grown very fond of him during the time they spent together in the village. She then demonstrated a familiar upset expression which always seems to cause her parents to feel compelled to hug her :)

And Sakura looked on happily, observing how much Sasuke loved their daughter. She knew it wasn’t easy for him to leave; his expression said it all, but she nonetheless understood that he had to:

Sasuke then affectionately poked Sarada’s forehead, which has now become something of a trademark for the Uchiha family. Sasuke wanted to convey to his daughter that despite the necessity of his mission and absence, he still greatly cared for both her and Sakura, and that he would be back for them as soon as he could:

After observing her father’s genuine affections for her, Sarada finally understood what her mother was trying to convey to her all those years ago when she had poked her forehead, and gave her a knowing smile. And Sakura was aware that Sarada finally understood the significance of that gesture:

Meanwhile, back at one of Orochimaru’s hideouts, after Karin had explained to Suigetsu that the umbilical cord that he used for the DNA test was in fact between Sakura and Sarada - therefore confirming Sarada’s status as a SasuSaku child - she went on to explain that she and Sakura had become friends. And despite hinting that she still loved Sasuke, his happiness took precedence over everything else; Karin acknowledged that Sasuke had found happiness with his family, and as long as that was the case, being his friend was good enough for her, because she knew that “bonds and connections come in all sorts of shapes”, and if she couldn’t share a lover’s bond with him, sharing a bond of friendship with Sasuke was more than enough:

Shortly following Sasuke’s departure, Sarada observed her new family portrait in a scene which paralleled the one in the first chapter. However, this time, rather than looking at it with sorrow and longing, she looked at it with happiness and understanding. She had finally attained the answers she had sought for so long, and now had a genuine symbol for the unity of her family. Sarada’s smile while looking at her new family portrait was amazing:

It was a testament to the powerful love between the family; that their bonds were able to withstand extended separation and misunderstandings, and now this portrait was the culmination of all of Sarada’s efforts. It was a symbol of the Uchiha family having resolved their issues, and they were now able to move forward, make up for lost time, and make new memories together:

And 6 months later, it truly did seem as though their issues were a thing of the past, and the Uchiha family were truly content with their current situation. Sarada was close and comfortable enough with her father to actually push and encourage him to train Boruto:

And Sakura and Sarada constantly acted like such carefree dorks around each other, such as when Sarada teased her mother about being so happy that Sasuke had returned (when Sakura knew that Sarada was just as happy). Or when Sakura was very loudly and proudly cheering for her daughter without a care in the world during Sarada’s Chuunin exam match:

The Uchiha family were happy, and Sasuke and Sakura were able to watch over their daughter together, excited at the prospect of what the future may hold for them, now that Sasuke’s mission was finally at an end: 

The Uchihas may have had to endure struggles for the majority of Sarada’s younger years due to Sasuke’s mission. However, Sasuke and Sakura’s devotion to each other had never wavered even the slightest bit because they both understood how important the mission was, and Sakura was privy to how dear Sasuke held both herself and their daughter in his heart.

Sarada would understandably always harbour lingering doubts in the back of her mind. However, after witnessing first hand how much her parents loved both her and each other, her doubts were finally put to rest, and she acknowledged that the bonds and the love in their family were

And that they were strong enough to survive anything. They were Uchihas after all; and no one felt love as strongly as they did ^_^

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