n0xia asked:

Just wanted to say that I think your turian theories are very interesting and well thought out. Also, the rest of your blog is really cool too. c:

Thanks! I’m always up for talking about Turians, Palaven, or Garrus. I have tons of thoughts that I rarely get to put in writing, simply because I don’t know where to start. Being prompted like I have been a few times is nice.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my things :D

n0xia asked:

HI. I'M SHELBIE. I don't have a main ship (I'm no good at making really hard life decisions like that, though Clintasha is pretty up there). My first fandom was Bleach. Three things about me: I really enjoy drawing and writing, I secretly plan escape routes no matter where I'm at just in case someone around me turns into a zombie, and I really like to watch movies. Why I follow you? YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME (and not just because of all the great fanfiction). Nothing could make me unfollow. -stares-

Hi Shelbie!  I plan velociraptor escape routes.  Hooray, Jurassic Park!