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it's weird that Thaily would request a DMCA considering their name is a ripoff from watership down

It’s weird that Thaily would do anything, considering she’s kind of an unlikable twat and no one really cares what she has to say.

(and yeah i say this as i’m taking about her, which imples i give a shit, but i’m dicking around before i have to go to work, so it’s not as if i’m wasting valuable time on her)

But seriously, she really had to struggle to find something that would fall under the DMCA removal because, really? Your icons? C'mon. 

Oh, hilarity. Thaily sent a DMCA notice to tumblr about the fd_2 post.

We’ve received a notification of alleged copyright infringement against one of your blogs, sent to us by Eva aka Thaily Palli, related to Icons, made of photos of my person and edited and owned by myself. As used on my personal blog, shown here They have been reposted without my prior knowledge or permission and I want the screenshots containing my icons removed..

So does that mean if I black out your icons, I can repost you being a dumbass???? Cause I think that’s what it means.