Photo of the Day: A Girl Puts On Shoe

Photographer note: Participants in a parade have stopped for a rest, removed their shoes and left them beside a curb. One young woman puts her shoes back on as others in dresses move in front of her.

Photo by David Moreno (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA); Nongkhai, Thailand

From our 13th Annual Photo Contest. Winners announced in the spring!


Culture: Women of Thailand


Sao, 79, Sappong Thailand 

Photographer: Phil Borges



Women of Thailand Hill Tribe

Photographer: Steve Evans


Both of these photographers created portraits that really catch your eye. The eyes are really what get you started. Experience and wisdom radiate from these women each with their own personality. Lao from Borges’ photograph reveals to you a certain pain or hardship from her past or present. Borges caught that emotion perfectly while her positioning and clothing just reinforce it. Evans photograph has a hard-working aspect within it. Both photos really show the Thailand woman as strong and respected people. Do these photographs show the real culture of the Thailand Woman though? 

Woman hospitalised after python attacks her in shower

Woman hospitalised after python attacks her in shower

A 57-year-old Rampeung Onlamai, was attacked by a twelve-foot python that simply crept out of a toilet and and attempted to drag her down the drain in Samkok, Thailand. Rampeung claims that it was while she was getting out of the shower that the python lashed out at her and sank its fangs into her right hand. She reportedly grabbed a nearby broom to fend it off and screamed for her daughter’s…

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Complete (back)packing list
External image

  My mum always said “at this day and age, everything you’ll need is your passport, some money and your phone.” She’s not entirely wrong, of course, but since I don’t plan on shopping for an entire new wardrobe and accessories, here’s a list of what I’m planing to take to Malaysia with me. It’s my first real backpacking trip and I’ve never really done a proper packing list so here we go (this…

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