Again…new au
But now, for RWBY
I was thinking about russian aus lately
And I thought, what about rus au for rwby?
I drew some sketches but I realized, that wasn’t a great idea.
So I came with idea of normal life.
Without battles,hunters and hurt(but it is not exactly).
So yeah
First about Ruby.

-works as a kindergarten teacher.
-still studying
-loves to watch anime or Netflix shows with Yang.
-big fan of marvel universe.

-Japanese (but from the birth lives with father,uncle and sister I n America)
-works as a “barman” in a coffee house “bun-ny”
-engaged in single combats (judo, kickboxing, taekwondo)
-loves her little sister

-from Thailand (but live in America)
-usually go to library, where workers know her, so she always helping them with books…sometimes they give her money.
-studying with Yang in same class
-Likes to walk with Yang or Sun and Neptune.
-likes cats.

-16(not a canon)
-Her family owned a popular Chinese cosmetic&clothes company, so she always have a money.
-studying with Ruby in same class.
-fond of singing and fencing.
-“fan” of her big sister

I’m sucks at English and grammar
I hope you will like it