thailand mall

~Favorite LGBTQ safe spaces~

  • Between two powerful witches.
  • The inside of an empty Mystic Pizza DVD case.
  • Under a pile of leaves.
  • Inside a crystal bowl that used to be full of Jordan almonds.
  • The empty Perfumania storefront of that mall in Thailand that was reclaimed by nature.
  • The upper mantle, directly beneath the earth’s crust, in which there is relatively low homophobia and convection is thought to occur.
  • Sbarro’s.
  • There’s a place off Ocean Avenue.
  • Tucked inside Jennifer Coolidge’s cheeks.
  • Among sea anemone, protected from predators by the anemone’s painful stinging cells. 
  • The comment section of any picture on Carly Rae Jepsen’s Instagram.
  • Celine Dion’s private Las Vegas tunnel.
  • The Oceania and Arts of Africa wings of The Met.  
  • The set of Pretty Little Liars.
  • Most major bank vaults.