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Top 5 Jongdae fancam?


1. This was chen’s debut on gayo daejun, the moment leading up to that glorious 24 seconds of chen’s introduction to the world, and whoever recorded this must have know that hes the one thats gonna save the world what a precious moment. 

2. 53 SECONDS OF KIM JONGDAE PORN. EVERYONE SHOUD HAVE THIS DOWNLOADED INTO THEIR PHONE AND WATCH IT EVERY MORNING WHEN U WAKE UP. ok it just chen fixing his tie in front of a mirror but that is sexy u dont understand.

3. Chen at Seoul Fashion Week. idk if it’s the editing, or i happen to like the song, but he looked mighty fine that day.

4. Jongdae and Yixing at Thailand fansign im not sure if this is qualified as fancam but he looked like a rich chocolate mousse that day such perfection he was adorable nice smell good and damn it i love him so much.

5. Exo-M at LA. OK LOOK AT HOW HE PRACTICED HIS ENGLISH OMG hes so precious did i mention he was reaaaally fine too.

Honorable mention:

a) Every single fancams from this fansite is a 1080pmasterpiece.

b) One of my fav airport fancam of chen is the one from this infamous moment 

BUT i cant find the video anymore T__T this is the closest fancam i can find.

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