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Past SM groups have lost Chinese members because SM doesn’t give them the opportunities to really shine. You guys can say that they “betrayed” their groups or were “selfish” but the truth of the matter is SM keeps pushing their Korean artist more. Not only did Winwin not get decent lines, he didn’t even get a decent amount of screen time. I don’t care what y’all think. I don’t care if you guys think it’s because Winwin’s not comfortable rapping in Korean. He is part of the DANCE line, he should have been in the center for more parts and for longer than a second. Same goes for members like Yuta and Ten. SM keeps only bringing them out when it FINANCIALLY benefits them. That’s the truth and you guys can say what you want, doesn’t make this any less of a FACT.


HLD - 1010 by nicolas ulmer
Via Flickr:
Ayutthaya. Thailand. November. 2016. Hasselblad 503cx. Planar 80mm f/2.8 CF. Fomapan 100 classic + iD11 Copyright©Ulmer.Nicolas

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omg ok basically:

- so this video of markjin was dropped out of nowhere on twt of mark like going in to kiss jinyoung jokingly

- the video is behind the scenes at the filming of sanctuary which was this cf mark, jinyoung and bambam filmed in thailand

- this cf was filmed months ago and a behind the scenes video was already posted without this clip in it

- the clip the op shared is potato quality for some reason?? which makes me think it wasn’t shared like on an official acc like it looks like it was filmed by a phone on a screen and, weirdly, there is no audio in the clip

- so obviously markjinators flipped their shit n a friend of mine asked the op where they got the video from. the op’s reply was “ive seen it a long time ago. i can’t remember”

- if op had seen this a long time ago then why are they posting it now?? and i can guarantee u that this is the 1st time i have ever seen this moment n i have 99% of markjin moments saved like im serious and from what i could tell on twt, every acc i saw had never seen this moment before either so how did op see it a long time ago but nobody else had?? n why didnt they post with audio??

tldr markjin did the shadiest thing theyve done in a while n add this to the Unexplained Markjin Moments™ list


est cola cf!


[FANCAM] 120124 #B1A4InThaiLand - Busy #B1A4 on their way to the restroom at cyber world tower cr: hugahubaleevy


[FANCAM] 120124 #B1A4InThaiLand - Take a peek to #B1A4’s make-up session at cyber world tower cr: hugahubaleevy