I was looking through my (unsorted) PSD folder and realized I hadn’t uploaded this yet, even if I told my friend @eldstunga/Adrian that I would. It’s a “youtube cover” commission for him and his friend. They’re making a parody/humour fantasy “audio book” and it’s amazing. Sadly (and not sadly, since I think it’s great) it’s also in Swedish. Adrian is the one reading <3 Kudos, kudos. (Should you want to listen to his lovely voice in English, he also does flight simulator video things and his channel is here.)

Anyway! If you know Swedish (or if you’re into listening to things you don’t understand) here it is: Thaais och Kalla handen, del 1

And if anyone’s wondering why the text is different in this version and the one they use, it’s because I typoed at first and they thought it was fitting so they kept that version. I’m gonna upload this one, though…

a little introduction ...

Hi! I’m sorry for not posting this earlier. I was so excited reblogging all the pretty notes and study tips that I’d totally forgotten to introduce myself.

I’m a new studyblr and this is my main blog. I started this blog because I was inspired by lots of the amazing studyblr from this community. I hope to be welcomed and I look forward to getting along well with everyone here. :) 

About Me:

  • My name is Pampam
  • I am 15 years old and am Thai
  • I enroll in an American international school and is majoring in medicine
  • My freshman school year is over and I’ll be in my sophomore year soon, some of the classes I’ll be taking next year are General Business, English II honors, Chemistry honors, Physics honors, PreCalculus honors !! (please tell me if you have any advice on taking any of these classes)
  • I’ve started learning Chinese in my extracurricular classes and I’m trying to teach myself Japanese
  • Science and maths are my favorite!!! ♡
  • I enjoy singing, dancing, reading books, and watching animes
  • My career aspiration is to become a pediatrician

These are some of my favorite studyblrs:

@emmastudies @sushi-studies @focusign @equaticns @studyquill