I was looking through my (unsorted) PSD folder and realized I hadn’t uploaded this yet, even if I told my friend @eldstunga/Adrian that I would. It’s a “youtube cover” commission for him and his friend. They’re making a parody/humour fantasy “audio book” and it’s amazing. Sadly (and not sadly, since I think it’s great) it’s also in Swedish. Adrian is the one reading <3 Kudos, kudos. (Should you want to listen to his lovely voice in English, he also does flight simulator video things and his channel is here.)

Anyway! If you know Swedish (or if you’re into listening to things you don’t understand) here it is: Thaais och Kalla handen, del 1

And if anyone’s wondering why the text is different in this version and the one they use, it’s because I typoed at first and they thought it was fitting so they kept that version. I’m gonna upload this one, though…