For Freddy.

I’m still in an angry, devastated daze. And as much as I wish you hadn’t done this to yourself, it gives me great comfort to know that your heart just might be less heavy now and that you have eased your suffering. You had so much going for you, Freddy. I wish you would’ve have left just a little more insight for those of us who care about you, so we could understand you, instead of spending your last words on a stupid girl.

You and Ruben were the only classmates of mine that gave me the time of day in freshmen year. All I can remember is that you were constantly with your girlfriend, the little Mexican girl, who I never believed deserved you. You were always holding her hand, fighting off other bitches with sticks, and calling her your fiancée. You gave me tons of advice about school and love. You gave me hope that maybe someday I could find a gentleman like you; A strong, loving prince charming who wasn’t afraid to give everything he had, every little bit of him, to the woman he loved. You were such a beautiful person in every way, and I hate that you were so good at hiding your demons from all of us.

Anyway. I’ve missed you for a long time, pretty much since you graduated. But you know that I’ve always supported your endeavors. I’m so glad that I got to watch you shoot to national, even global popularity with JerkTV, and up until yesterday I was an avid supporter of your relationship with Sochitta. I never saw this coming. And I’m glad to have gotten to run into you one last time. I’ll be seeing you soon at the funeral, my friend. Rest easy. You can relax now.

You are loved. You are missed. You will never be forgotten by the 206/253.