I want to interact with you guys more

….and interact with the wider martial arts community on here. I know there will be people training every variation of every known art - but I want to see what categories of combat arts people train in the most.

Reblog and post what art you train in *natively*! As in, the art you’ve been doing most consistently over your martial arts career more so than anything else.

I’ll start off - I’m a native Thai Boxer and Kickboxer. I’ve dabbled in plenty of other arts over the years, but these are my true loves.

Let’s try and start a discussion between blogs! Maybe people can make some new friends discussing arts they do. I know I love it when people message me about the stuff I do because they do it!


I started live streaming workouts this week.

Hope to give you some ideas and motivation!

So far it’s been 2 minute rounds with 1 minute rest. In the rest I grab my mic and chat with you! It’s cool to answer questions, and I get motivated, too!

I’ve already been asked if I’m going to do a regular time, the answer is yes!

Let me know if you are interested and would be able to make these times:

Tuesday + Thursday 12.30pm BST (UTC+1)
Tuesday 12.30pm BST + Thursday 3pm BST (UTC+1)

Possibly a Sunday workout, too.

It would also be in the range of 12:30pm-2:30pm BST (UTC+1)

You can expect:


Anime Style Team Reveal!

Kaioken x 10!

Heavy Bag!

Lamborghini’s don’t have commercials because the people who can afford them aren’t sitting around watching TV.