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NCT reacting to you on your period

We all hate that time of the month but here’s how nct would make that dreaded week more bareable.

Taeil: at first he would be kind of annoyed that you were snapping at him because of your mood swings so would try to avoid you so he didn’t somehow make you more mad but once seeing you in pain from cramps he would bring you some pain killers and sing to you to take your mind off of the pain. He’d be a bit awkward about buying you tampons but would be a gentleman and do it anyway.

Taeyong: this boy omg. He’d be the sweetest thing ever and would run you baths and fetch you pads and tampons and sit and feed you unhealthy food to keep you happy. He’d also let you cry on him or rant when your mood swings kicked in and would do whatever he could to ease your cramps. Honestly with this boy around you wouldn’t mind your period at all. Also go read the period scenario thing by @svt-can-fvck-me bc omg I live for this.

Yuta: he’d be slightly annoying as in he wouldn’t give in to you wanting to be lazy and eat junk food. He’d take care of you by making you healthy food and encouraging you to exercise to ease your cramps. At first you’d be like ew gross why are you making me exercise when I’m literally bleeding out of my lady parts but once you felt the pain start to go away you’d shut up bc once again he was right…

Jaehyun: he’d also be super sweet whilst you were on your period but only for that week. He’d look after you and cuddle you when you wanted to cry and yell and would sit through all your soppy films not minding that you hogged the ice cream. But be warned once it was over he’d mimic your rants over silly things and entertain the boys with the story of that one time you cried bc you couldn’t find matching socks and you were sad for the odd sock bc it was alone.

Winwin: he’d be slightly panicked when you yelled at him for no reason and would probably run to Taeyong for help. But once he realised what was going on he’d be the sweetest bean omg. He’d lay on the sofa with you and rub your stomach to try help with your cramps and go fetch you food and supplies from the shop whenever you needed them despite the embarrassment he felt holding a box of tampons at the checkout.

Mark: being young, he’d be at a total loss to know what to do. He’d probably have to ask his hyungs for help hoping the ones who have sisters know what to do. He probably wouldn’t buy you pads or tampons tbh bc awkward teenage boy syndrome™ will kick in and he’d bottle it and buy you a butt load of unhealthy food to make up for it. Also prepare for loads of cuddles and bad cooking bc he’s a sweetie and is trying his best.

Haechan: uh oh. That’s all I gotta say like omg he’s gonna literally take the piss 25/8. If you’re having mood swings don’t think you can be rude to him bc this boy will sass the heck out of you and you will 210% cry. However if he was feeling particularly nice and you were in a lot of pain he’d make you a got water bottle and come cuddle you until you fell asleep or something. He could actually be super sweet when he wanted to.

Ten: he might be a little cheeky at first but he’d be super caring and sweet to you oh my gosh. He’d make you his favourite Thai foods as a treat and cuddle with you all the time rubbing your stomach and playing with your hair and doing whatever he could to make sure you were comfortable. He’d also be really good at calming your mood swings and cheering you up when you were crying by doing lots of dumb stuff and aegyo to make you laugh. (insert “where’s my hair” and silly dancing clips here)

Johnny: I feel like he’d also be super sweet and caring at the time. He’d always make sure you were comfortable and would cuddle with you as much as you wanted to without a single complaint. He’d try not to laugh at your mood swings but would so tease you afterwards. Basically he’d be a complete angel whilst you were on your period but the second you’d finished he’d be teasing you in front of the boys about that time you cried in a restaurant bc the waiter asked you what you wanted and you didn’t know (lmao this happened to me once)

Oh, Dungeon! v/ Vocals
Oh, Dungeon! v/ Vocals


…well i got inspired and we all know how dangerous that can be


What Dating BamBam Would Be Like

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  • Lots of skinship. He never can keep himself away from you, from holding hands or slinging his arm over your shoulders, hugging you from behind or from the front, kissing your cheek or your lips, this boy seriously cannot get enough of you.

  • Leaving your phone for one minute and coming back to find 26273636 snapchats from BamBam and see 162736 updates on Dubsmash or Twitter from BamBam alone.

  • Going shopping together is a total thing you two have. We all know how much Bambam loves fashion, so he wouldn’t mind just one bit going shopping with you and helping you pick out some clothing (not without having many laughing sessions and jokes told between the two of you).

  • Making Dubsmash videos with him and sometimes doing the dab with him while other times you leave him hanging and just laugh at how BamBam could be.

  • Dates with BamBam are either so romantic like in the movies or in the movies. He’ll take you to restaurants (specifically Thai restaurants) and treat you like an absolute princess while other dates are more fun and adventurous and filled with more laughter like when you two go ice-skating and you both keep falling on your butts and laughing at each other.

  • Him teaching you some phrases in Thai and helping him more with his English.

  • ‘I miss you’ texts sent to you 24/7 when he’s away on tour or completing his crazy schedule.

  • Finding so many meme selfies of BamBam on your phone, as well as finding out that he set your lock screen as a selfie of himself.

  • Being really goofy and weird with one another and not caring at all because you both were smiling or laughing and that’s all that mattered.

  • He loves you, he truly does. Being with someone that 110% understands him and accepts his personality is something that will forever remain special to him. He loves you so much and hopes you realize this when he tries his best to make you smile or laugh.

just a reminder that very few bands actually come out after their shows to meet fans. just bc matty did it a few times in the past, people always expect him to now and its really weird. you literally do not need to meet him after a show to have a good time at the concert or to enjoy the music. meeting ‘celebrities’ has become so over romanticized that people forget theyre literally just human beings like everyone else. stop using musicians as a way to gain followers or popularity amongst your peers bc its really shitty, especially to the people youre using



“’m tired.”

Smiling softly, Steve glanced down at the male who was resting his head on his lap, his blue eyes filled with affection as he ran his fingers through the soft, brown locks. 

Tony looked like he was ready to pass out as his usually expressive eyes were now struggling to stay open, his breathing had calmed down to a steady lull and his body was so relaxed. It was released of all that tension and the excitement from today as he finally managed to finish Clint’s new ‘boomerang’ arrows. Steve didn’t know how Tony did it but when Clint fired the arrow and it came zooming back to him after it hit the target, Clint was over the moon and Tony was exhausted yet incredibly happy himself.

The genius hadn’t slept or eaten over 72 hours and Steve made sure to in order in from his favorite Thai place as a treat before helpfully feeding the brunet who was on his last stretch.

And now, they were resting on the couch and Steve couldn’t help but sigh in relief when Tony’s eyes fell shut and his breathing became deep and…peaceful in a sense. 

His genius was sleeping at least.

“Goodnight, Tony.” Steve whispered softly before leaning down to press a soft kiss on his forehead before returning his vision towards the tablet, his fingers still running softly through the genius’ locks.

It was in the morning that Natasha found the both of them asleep and with a fond eye roll, covered them with a thick blanket.

Goodnight, guys. I’ll see you later!