thai sticks

When self care looks like a Thai food feast, let it.

When it looks like poetry
like stick and poke tattoos in your living room
like humidifiers
and space heaters
like comfy clothes
and hair dye
when it comes dressed as dental work
or routine bed times
or coffee dates
when it looks like bringing friends together
and dancing
like making art
and breakfast
when it comes looking like you
in every shade,
let it.

stormriser393  asked:

I'm a huge fan of your characters and art style so I wanted to all for advice. When drawing T'xeru, how do you get down the proportions for his arms? I've always had trouble drawing characters with four arms (especially cuz my styles more toonish)

honestly? my anatomy isnt PERFECT by any means, but since ive got like, a kind of ok understanding of how a body works

i just kinda

draw what i know, which is torsos with 2 arms

and then

…just kinda tack em on underneath LMFAOO


For the anon who requested 17 and 43 with Gibbs “Can I have this dance?” & “You’re shivering.” thanks!

You sniffled angrily and ran your hands over your face quickly wiping away the few stray tears that had managed to spill over. You kept your head down, shivering slightly as you picked up your pace.

You sniffed back another bout of angry tears, regretting deciding to walk the ten minute walk back to your apartment rather than calling for a cab; it was far too cold for this. You were less than five minute from home, from bed, and a glass of wine, and a nice movie when your awful night got impossibly worse.

Your heel caught on a piece of uneven sidewalk and snapped off, causing you to tumble forward and hit the ground knees first. Bursting into tears was becoming a more and more likely outcome at this point, and for about five seconds you considered giving up there and just keeling over.

“(Y/N)?” A voice called from in front of you and you watched as a familiar pair of shoes came into view. You sat back, quickly wiping your face clean but it didn’t wipe away the red eyes or the next wave of tears ready and willing to let gravity take them.

“Hey Gibbs.” You hiccuped, giving him what you hoped was a reassuring smile – it wasn’t. Your boss regarded you for a moment before smiling and offering a hand to help you stumble to your feet.

“What were you doing down there?” He asked, keeping a firm hand on your forearm. You offered him another slightly watery smile before leaning down to pop your shoe off, showing him the busted heel.

“Shoe broke, I don’t usually make habits of lying on dirty DC sidewalks.” Gibbs gave you a slightly amused smile and a friendly face was enough to suck the next batch of tears back in until later when you weren’t standing on a public street.

“You’re shivering.”

“Huh?” You asked, tilting your head before, “Oh.” You were, you’d forgotten how chilly you’d been and how you’d been rushing to get him to your warmth, “I’m fine. I should’ve brought a coat.” Before you could even really register what was going on Gibbs was wrapping his jacket around your shoulders and smiling.

“You live close don’t you?” You nodded, “Well you’re not going to walk there shoeless, I’ll hail a cab.” And just like that you found yourself riding with your boss the short ride to your apartment building.

“What brings you to this part of the city?” You asked, picking at a loose string on the hem of your dress.

“Favorite Thai place is here, and they don’t deliver to my neighborhood, so sometimes I come and pick it up.” The cab stopped and Gibbs helped you out as you dug in your purse for your key, leaning on him to keep your bare foot off the sidewalk.

Suddenly you found yourself wanting anything but to be left alone in your apartment all evening to wallow on how poor everything went, and before you could ever think about it you spoke.

“Well my dinner plans happened to fall though if you wanted to stick around. Thai sounds good, and they probably deliver here.” Gibbs smiled at your and nodded, taking the key from your hand and helping you hop inside.

Upstairs he made himself comfortable on your sofa and you placed an order for delivery before joining him and handing over a glass of whisky while you settled down with a glass of wine.

“Sorry if you’re not a whisky or something, but it’s this or wine and I kinda assumed…” Gibbs smiled and nodded.

“Whisky is fine, (Y/N).” You sat in comfortable silence for a moment before Gibbs cleared his throat slightly and looked at you, “Are you… alright?”

“I’m fine,” You answered quickly, shrugging. “Fine, really.”

“Sounds about as unfine as it can get. Want to talk about it.” you thought about it for a moment before shrugging and shaking your head.

“I’m okay. I just…” You laughed slightly, waving your hand and blushing as you felt the tears again, “My own fault I thought maybe this time he changed. Just some jackass. We were going to go dancing and get dinner and well… No show. No call, not even a text. Just nothing.” You sat for another silent moment before Gibbs put his drink down and stood up, offering you a hand.


“Well dinner is already on it’s way.”

“And?” You asked, brows knitting in confusion.

“I’m giving you the night you were promised. Can I have this dance?“ You laughed and allowed him to pull you from your sofa.

“There’s not music.” You pointed out, allowing your boss to pull you close, swaying slightly in your small living room to music that wasn’t even there.

“Eh, we don’t need it.” You laughed in agreement and allowed him to lead, keeping you close to him. “(Y/N) it’s not your fault.”


“No. Say it. Not your fault.” Gibbs ordered and you flushed slightly, biting your lip and nodding, giving Gibb’s a slight squeeze.

“Not my fault.” You whispered, “Thank you.”

“Anytime.” He promised, leaning and pressing a kiss to your forehead, “I swear.”

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If you are unaware of the epicness of this photo…. Let me tell you…

I, the girl with the don’t panic tattoo, am being passing one of Afgoo_head’s (on Instagram) famous Thai sticks by the joint roller johannesnw
One of the most epic sessions encompassed into one photo ^_^

Foldings World Design: Building the city.

This week I finished the redline of the first 21 page comic (what you’d call the final sketch phase) and we dropped the words in at last so the whole thing can finally be read start to finish. Whoohoo!

At the start of January I was also able to take a full week to go back to the drawing board and reassess what I wanted Lunule to look like. As you can see from the pages already finished there’s a heavy Italian and Victorian influence but still a lot of blockiness, a feeling of skyscrapers and I wanted to see if I could give the place a more patched-together, wonky, not-entirely-possible sort of feel.

So I started looking at tudor housing, Thai stick bridges and large-scale treehouses as examples of pretty epic buildings that look and feel handmade.

The next problem I took a look at was how to stack things so they blot out the sky, without losing the sense of proportion. (Or just taking forever to draw.)

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