thai short film

The best things in life are not what you receive but what you give.

While I’m watching this short film, my heart melts because of this man who helps people who have nothing. He helped people who need a helping hand and made people smile. Then there’s a part of this video when I almost cried. There’s a woman sitting on the street with her daughter. They are waiting for money to drop into their can with a sign saying “for education.” Then this young man who always gave money to help this family passed by one day and he’s about to give money, but he noticed that the daughter of this woman was not with her. The mother just looked at him with a blank face, nothing, and a voice was suddenly heard calling “mama.” They looked in the same direction and saw this girl smiling while wearing her new school uniform.

Being anonymous is much better than being a well-known person. People don’t need to broadcast everything. You don’t have to say how much you help this man or how much money you give him. Helping is not about showing off. It is about helping and not asking in return. This guy witnessed the happiness and he recieved what money can’t buy, which is love.