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set small goals for yourself! you don’t need to be fluent right away, or graduate with straight As. it’s way better to have smaller goals, like “get an A on this test” or “use memrise every day for a month” - it’s so important not to overwhelm yourself, which can harm your motivation a lot. same goes for having a (study) blog, just set yourself some small milestones, instead of having one huge aspiration that seems impossible to achieve.

Woman Reading - Thailand 

The Tibeto-Burman ethnic minority group, the Kayan People, are native to Myanmar. During the 1980′s and early 1990′s, a number of tribes fled over the border to Norther Thailand to escape civil unrest. Among the groups that fled were the Kayan Lahwi, a group famous for wearing brass coils around their necks. The coils are almost never removed, usually only to replace with new coils. 

Girls start to wear the coils when they turn 5 years old. While the women are known as having “long necks”, it is actually an illusion. The weight of the brass weighs down on the womens collar bones, and compresses their rib cages. Therefore, their necks are not actually lengthened, it just appears so due to the deformation of their clavicle. 


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here’s my thai literature notes (again) i forgot to bring back other subjects’ books, so yeah lol

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Wat Phra Kaew - Bangkok, Thailand

Located within the Grand Palace complex, Wat Phra Kaew, more commonly known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, is the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. The main hall of the Wat contains the Emerald Buddha, which is made of jade, and clothed in gold. Only 66cm high, the Emerald Buddha first came of interest in 1434. The Buddha’s surface was covered in stucco, with no indication of the jade surface inside. When the temple the Buddha was being housed in was struck by lightening, a Monk noticed part of the stucco had broken off, revealing the jade beneath. 

The temple also features three pagodas, all in different and distinct styles, representing the changing centers of Buddhist influence in Thailand. Phra Si Ratana Chedi, a golden Stupa in Sri Lankan style, is said to house some of the ashes of Buddha. 


(The quote above comes from a lyrics of Thai song that inspire me into drawing this. The song is under the cut.)


That would be what Mr.Graves has in his head when he saw Newt’s smile. We gotta admit that Eddie has the cutest and brightest smile. Mr.Graves won’t stand chance against this ray of sunshine!



Bonus: Percy’s side.

Fuck I’m a trash.

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Kanchanaburi - Thailand

A three hour drive from Bangkok, Kanchanaburi has something for everyone. Some companies will run day tours from Bangkok, but it is also a great place to spend a few nights. The most popular attractions in this region are Bridge over the River Kwai, and Hell Fire Pass, both WWII Death Railway related historic sites. While the railway is mostly closed, a small section of the line is still in use. There are also war cemeteries located nearby. 

The region is home to some of Thailands most beautiful forests. Forest trekking is popular, as are canoeing and white water rafting tours. Mountain Biking is another common adventure activity on offer here. Erawan National Park boasts beautiful waterfalls, that cascade into turquoise pools, suitable for swimming. 


If you want to start martial arts, but think you are too old. Don’t think that. Because martial arts aren’t about having the highest belt by a certain age. It’s about the journey and how it builds you.
In the words of probably many masters out there:
“It is never, ever, too late to start a martial art.”

Ko Lanta - Thailand

Ko Lanta is an island located in the Andaman see, off the coast of Southern Thailand. As with many other destinations in the Krabi province, Ko Lanta is known for its diving and white sandy beaches. Many of the resorts on the island are locally owned, and feature beachfront bungalows. The island is a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset. 

The culture on the island is a mix of Buddhist, Muslim, Thai, Chinese culture. The island is also home to the unique Chao Le people, who are known as “people of the sea”, who make most of their income from catching and selling seafood. They have managed to retain their own language, culture, and traditions in the face of booming commercialism in the area. 

I’m going to expect for her to be perfect, and I’m going to train so hard and be so well prepared that perfect for her still isn’t good enough.
—  Ronda Rousey

Thai Inspired Grilled Chicken Tenders w/ Honey Sambal Dipping Sauce 

a parting gift from me to all of you for the holidays! please try these and tag me in the photos! 

Ingredients for Chicken Tenders 

2-3 lbs chicken breast tenderloins 

1cup coconut milk 

3  tbsp granulated garlic 

1 tbsp turmeric 

1 tbsp hot paprika OR chili powder 

½ tbsp cayenne pepper 

2 tsp Chinese five spice 

1 tsp fresh cardamom

Juice from ½ lime

Kosher salt and black pepper to season

Few tbsp of high heat cooking oil (grape seed, avocado, or vegetable) 

Ingredients for Dipping Sauce 

2 cups honey 

1/3 cup (or less) sambal (chili garlic paste) 

Juice of ½ - 1 lime 

Dash of fish sauce, about 1-2 tsp (be very careful with this) 

1 ½ tsp sesame oil 

1 tbsp rice wine vinegar 

2 tbsp sesame seeds 

2 tsp Chinese five spice 

1 tsp ground ginger

Fresh cilantro, chopped 

Salt and pepper to taste

You are free to adjust these measurements according to your taste! 


Pierce each chicken tender a few times with a fork. 

Combine all of the ingredients for the marinade (except the oil) into a bowl. Mix (and taste the marinade) and coat all of the chicken and place into a ziplock bag to marinate for at least 1-2 hours in the fridge, removing 20 minutes before cooking time so that the chicken can come to room temperature.

Heat your oil over medium high heat in your grill pan (or skillet - cast iron would work great here)

Cook each chicken breast tenderloin on each side (the chicken will let you know when it is ready to be flipped - it will come up easily. if it is sticking, it is not ready). about 2-3 minutes per side depending on the thickness. 

Combine all ingredients for your dipping sauce. Adjust the amount of honey or liquid to your desired thickness. I prefer my dipping sauce to be a perfect mix of loose and thick (almost like chicken wing sauce). 

Taste as you go and adjust to your preference.

(you could also coat the entire chicken tender in this sauce. it’s that good - do what you please)

Garnish chicken wings with fresh cilantro, a squeeze of lime and serve! 


Day 13: Magnus + BAMF

The institute was surprisingly empty when he portalled in. Not like Magnus cared. He had yet another meeting with whichever Clave representative had been sent to once again try and get him to change his mind and he was not looking forward to that encounter.

Especially because his answer would always be a ‘no’.

He smirked at the thought. At the stupidity of the Clave thinking that they could out-wait him. Idiots the whole lot of them. He was four hundred years old. He’d perfected the waiting game.

He was just about to head straight down the hall to the meeting room when he thought a detour might be in order. Who knew? He just might catch Alec training topless again.

He grinned and was still grinning when he stepped into the training area, eyes scanning the room looking for Alec.

But Alec wasn’t in the room, and the Shadowhunters who were present all froze and stared at him. Some with suspicion, some with disinterest and a few with derision.

He was just about to turn back around when movement from the corner of his eyes caught his attention. He drifted towards the ring in the corner, eyes taking in the two Shadowhunters sparring.

They were both evenly matched, throwing out jabs and kicks and circling around each other, trying to land hits. But the bigger one was slightly behind the smaller one and Magnus spoke without thinking. “Your form is wrong.”

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Asking Alexandria - I Won’t Give In