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here’s my thai literature notes (again) i forgot to bring back other subjects’ books, so yeah lol

and thank you so much for 400 followers guys! (i’m late btw bc it almost reaches 500 already, sorry ;-;) and have a nice day everyone! *hugs* ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡


More Thai-inspired pokemon design. Most description is in thais, so I’ll make a quick translation here.

Fisrt picture - there is no description but this is “loi-krathong” festival, quite a big annual event in thailand. For more information you can googled it.

Chantoru - Pikachu clone for the region! It design inspired from broadcasting brand in thailand that have red satellite dish, and they’re very common. They are quite a dominent company here and hold the rights to publishing pokemon content in thailand too. (By the way the company brand is true vision)
it description summerize as a very common pokemon found in neighborhood area, feed in electricity and radio wave. Often the cause of broken electric line and lost of broadcasting signal. It can use the information from television signal to find food too.

Trichrom, Septichrom - inspired from “ผ้าสามสี” Literally translate as tri-color fabric. Which is use to tie on a big tree , shrine or column that have spiritual quality to it. It evolve form is , as the name suggest, seven color fabric. That have the same propose.
The discription say they tie themselve on the tree or column and depend on their psychic power to manipulate people to bring food to them. People also believe that the object that Septichrom tied to have a special spiritual value of some sort and Septichrom is drawn by these aura.

Tangela Siam form - a joke on Thai’s electrical system. I recommend googled it for better picture.

I’m going to expect for her to be perfect, and I’m going to train so hard and be so well prepared that perfect for her still isn’t good enough.
—  Ronda Rousey

Day 13: Magnus + BAMF

The institute was surprisingly empty when he portalled in. Not like Magnus cared. He had yet another meeting with whichever Clave representative had been sent to once again try and get him to change his mind and he was not looking forward to that encounter.

Especially because his answer would always be a ‘no’.

He smirked at the thought. At the stupidity of the Clave thinking that they could out-wait him. Idiots the whole lot of them. He was four hundred years old. He’d perfected the waiting game.

He was just about to head straight down the hall to the meeting room when he thought a detour might be in order. Who knew? He just might catch Alec training topless again.

He grinned and was still grinning when he stepped into the training area, eyes scanning the room looking for Alec.

But Alec wasn’t in the room, and the Shadowhunters who were present all froze and stared at him. Some with suspicion, some with disinterest and a few with derision.

He was just about to turn back around when movement from the corner of his eyes caught his attention. He drifted towards the ring in the corner, eyes taking in the two Shadowhunters sparring.

They were both evenly matched, throwing out jabs and kicks and circling around each other, trying to land hits. But the bigger one was slightly behind the smaller one and Magnus spoke without thinking. “Your form is wrong.”

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(The quote above comes from a lyrics of Thai song that inspire me into drawing this. The song is under the cut.)


That would be what Mr.Graves has in his head when he saw Newt’s smile. We gotta admit that Eddie has the cutest and brightest smile. Mr.Graves won’t stand chance against this ray of sunshine!



Bonus: Percy’s side.

Fuck I’m a trash.

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If you want to start martial arts, but think you are too old. Don’t think that. Because martial arts aren’t about having the highest belt by a certain age. It’s about the journey and how it builds you.
In the words of probably many masters out there:
“It is never, ever, too late to start a martial art.”

We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.
—  Aristotle Onassis

Thai Inspired Grilled Chicken Tenders w/ Honey Sambal Dipping Sauce 

a parting gift from me to all of you for the holidays! please try these and tag me in the photos! 

Ingredients for Chicken Tenders 

2-3 lbs chicken breast tenderloins 

1cup coconut milk 

3  tbsp granulated garlic 

1 tbsp turmeric 

1 tbsp hot paprika OR chili powder 

½ tbsp cayenne pepper 

2 tsp Chinese five spice 

1 tsp fresh cardamom

Juice from ½ lime

Kosher salt and black pepper to season

Few tbsp of high heat cooking oil (grape seed, avocado, or vegetable) 

Ingredients for Dipping Sauce 

2 cups honey 

1/3 cup (or less) sambal (chili garlic paste) 

Juice of ½ - 1 lime 

Dash of fish sauce, about 1-2 tsp (be very careful with this) 

1 ½ tsp sesame oil 

1 tbsp rice wine vinegar 

2 tbsp sesame seeds 

2 tsp Chinese five spice 

1 tsp ground ginger

Fresh cilantro, chopped 

Salt and pepper to taste

You are free to adjust these measurements according to your taste! 


Pierce each chicken tender a few times with a fork. 

Combine all of the ingredients for the marinade (except the oil) into a bowl. Mix (and taste the marinade) and coat all of the chicken and place into a ziplock bag to marinate for at least 1-2 hours in the fridge, removing 20 minutes before cooking time so that the chicken can come to room temperature.

Heat your oil over medium high heat in your grill pan (or skillet - cast iron would work great here)

Cook each chicken breast tenderloin on each side (the chicken will let you know when it is ready to be flipped - it will come up easily. if it is sticking, it is not ready). about 2-3 minutes per side depending on the thickness. 

Combine all ingredients for your dipping sauce. Adjust the amount of honey or liquid to your desired thickness. I prefer my dipping sauce to be a perfect mix of loose and thick (almost like chicken wing sauce). 

Taste as you go and adjust to your preference.

(you could also coat the entire chicken tender in this sauce. it’s that good - do what you please)

Garnish chicken wings with fresh cilantro, a squeeze of lime and serve! 


A healthy relationship keeps the doors and windows open. Plenty of air is circulating and no one feels trapped. Relationships thrive in this environment. Keep your doors and windows open. If this person is meant to be in your life, all the open doors and windows in the world won’t make them leave.

A better photo (and a better version) of my Thai green curry! I added tofu, more red pepper flakes, and used regular coconut milk instead of light (more fat = creamier curry) highly recommend! ☺️️

Don’t ever worry about people talking behind your back. They’re behind you for a reason.
—  Lex Griffin
A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by your action becomes reality.
—  Greg S.Reid