thai green curry with chicken

I was so excited to get in and cook dinner but I smelt gas in the hallway so I’ve had to turn off the supply and open all my windows and wait for someone to come out within the next two hours and take a look at it. I’d rather be overly cautious than not about a thing that could be potentially dangerous, especially since I live on my own and nobody is here to tell me otherwise. I was so looking forward to quorn chicken thai green curry and I’m absolutely starving. I hope they turn up soon.

therozpoz  asked:

Can you post curries?


U didn’t specify what kind also i’m typing this really shitty apologies mate


I had Big Plans to make a special lobster dinner for the boy in honor of his first day of third grade, but we ended up going out to eat that night instead, so I had to table the special lobster dinner I had planned for him. Meanwhile, I planned to make Thai green curry for dinner tonight, but I kinda sorta had to cook the lobster, so I made both. Whomp whomp. 

For the lobster pasta, I made a super-simple plain alfredo sauce, steamed a coupla lobster tails, then tossed some fettuccine noodles in the sauce, easy peasy.

For the Thai green curry, I combined a small can of green curry paste, two cans of coconut milk, two thinly sliced chicken breasts, one sliced zucchini,  one small onion, one sliced red pepper, some garlic, some fish sauce, and some brown sugar. 

The boy said his special lobster pasta dinner was deloycious! Busy daddy said the Thai green curry with chicken was deloycious! I say the curry was kinda sorta too spicy (even for me), but it was still pretty good!