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Do you also like spicy food, Zack? Do you and Apath like General Tso's chicken? It's pretty spicy!

I’ve been known to give myself stomach ulcers from eating too many stupidly spicy foods. My family grows a ton of peppers. Carolina Reapers, Thais, Ghost Peppers, Jalapenos, Fish Peppers…tons n’ tons n’ tons of peppers. We make them into jams and jellies!

I especially love spreading ‘em over butter crackers with a little dab of cream cheese.

Y’all will find that there’s a ton of similarities between Apath and I, actually. They were originally going to be a self insert, like, that was my idea for them. Because I was so sick of seeing all these ~*psychotic*~ muses written by people who clearly don’t have psychosis just to have an excuse for their muse being, per say, a mass murderer or otherwise awful. I wanted a muse just like me. I wanted a mentally ill and physically disabled native muse.

I wanted accurate representation that didn’t throw psychotic people under the fuckin’ bus all the time, so. And I wanted native representation.

But as soon as I drew them and started deciding on their name and all…they ended up immediately becoming their own thing instead. Their own personality formed before I even began writing them, and I’m very happy with how my muse turned out.

I am getting so far off topic, now. Lord almighty, forgive me.

But yes! General Tso’s is very nummy. I could eat it all day~!
So could Apath, probably.