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That Awkward Moment When – Part 2

John Laurens x Reader

Words: 4,007


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A/N: WELL HERE IT IS. THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER, DON’T GET TOO CRAZY KIDS. Okay but forrealthis might be a piece of trash come yell at me I’m all ears. I hope this doesn’t disappoint, I’m sorry, YOU ALL ARE SO SO AMAZING. ENJOY.

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2d and mudz with a s/o whos normally very reserved in their feelings but something just sets them off and theyre crying and whimpering in a corner; how would they comfort them?

Murdoc Niccals:

  • When he sees you at the edge of your bed, head in your hands, he cringes just a tad. Something must be up- this is definitely not characteristic of you.
  • “Love… You okay?” He would be kind of wary when it comes to helping you since he doesn’t want to screw up and make things worse, but this situation doesn’t look like he could just walk away.
  • “Oh, oh god,” you said, spinning around. “I though you were coming home later, and I…” Murdoc, just… Just go, I’m fine-”
  • “Well, um,” he muttered, cracking one of his knuckles. “I, um… If you need anythin’…
  • Nodding solemnly, you turned your back to him, wiping your eyes. “I just had a rough day, that’s all.”
  • For some reason (and he doesn’t know why), Murdoc knows that it’s been more than just a rough day for you, but he doesn’t know how to respond or help you in the slightest.


  • “Hey, (y/n), I brought home that movie ya’ wanted to see! And check this- it’s blue ray!blOOOO RAAAy (like in the plastic beach game u know)
  • When he is met with silence, he sets the movie and a plastic bag onto the counter. “I also brought home thai food, since I know that you’ve been gettin’ sick of pizza and stuff…”
  • When he doesn’t hear your voice ring through the halls, he looks back outside. Your car is parked in the driveway, and you never left a note saying that your took a brisk walk or went out to the park…
  • When he hears a muffled sob, he immediately jogs over to your bedroom. Cracking the door open, he saw you in the corner, facing the wall. You didn’t look well.
  • “(y/n)… What happened?” He would say, rushing to your aid. “Who hurt ya’? Why are ya’ cryin’? Hey-” Digging through his pockets, he fished out a single napkin. “Hold on, there are napkins that came with the thai-”
  • When he gets back to your side, he stays there until he knows what happened and does his best to make you feel better… Even if he isn’t the best at giving out advice.
got7 reacts to you having a cold

jaebum: would frown and be really worried and overprotective, and would bring you to the doctor personally even if fans recognize him in public (“it doesn’t matter if it’s just a cold (y/n), it can evolve into something worse..”) , and slightly jut his chin out in frustration when he’s not with you (lmao)

mark: “(y/n), are you ok? want me to get medicine for you?” would be worried and concerned in a quieter and more subtle way, give you his hoodies to stay warm and cozy, get lukewarm chicken noodle soup for you and buy lots of tissues for your snot and some salve for your chafed nose

jackson: would be very vocal with his concern and say things like “AAAAHH (Y/N) ARE YOU OK I’LL TAKE CARE OF YOU BABE”, buy you lots of different medicine just in case, make warm drinks for you

jinyoung: would say “aish (y/n), you should take better care of yourself,” and stuff like that, wrap tons of blankets around you, lecture you on how to prevent sicknesses and how to improve immune system etc idek lol

youngjae: would be really sad because his bae is sick, cuddle with you even though he might get infected with sickness too, make ginger tea and be like “my mother told me this was a good home remedy for colds.. you should drink it” (insert cute otter smile)

bambam: “aigoo, i told you to wear that new jacket i bought, it keeps you so warm…” would give you tons of warm and stylish clothes to wear, tell you to eat spicy food because thats what Thai people do as a home remedy (idk if bambam does it but i googled it so yea)

yugyeom: would be like “oh no (y/n), now you’ve gotten yourself sick… i hope you get better really soon :)”, give you his blue scarf (you know, THAT one? no? ok.) to keep warm, snuggle up against you despite your sickness, tell you to rest more, magically cure you with his smile (sry i’m biased im a yugyeom stan lol)

k im out

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but first. can someone plz tell me whether i should do a mark or yugyeom one shot cuz i have one in mind but im not sure which member i should write about 

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OMG part 2 of sugar daddy nursey?

I’d seriously LOVE more sugar daddy Nursey!!!! (Continuation, separate I don’t mind)

((Part 1))

Will gets off the plane and can’t help but groan aloud. Derek texted him before he boarded, saying Might be working a little late, I’ll send a driver to pick you up and take you to mine. He should’ve guessed that Derek would be standing here in the terminal with a dopey sign that says ‘Mr. Poindexter’ and an even dopier smile on his face.

“You understand that you’re the worst, right?” He gripes, rolling his eyes as he walks up to Derek.

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This week was so freaking busy but I am currently on a mini roadtrip with my friend en route home to charlotte (her home not my home) for the weekend !!

-I’m super stoked because I’ve never been to charlotte so heck yes to visiting new places
-This morning our professor brought in freshly homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cherry toffee cookies for a classmate’s birthday and they were amazing, maybe the best cookies I’ve ever had
-We hit the road around 2:30 and made a pit stop in chapel hill for dinner around 7, I haven’t been back since august so it felt amazing to be back *home* we got thai food at a fave place and ah
-Now we’re on the final stretch to charlotte and I just finished making a playlist for tomorrow’s long run which I’m hyped for because running in a new place !!!!!!!!

Happy weekend :)

im home alone so I: got spicy vegan Thai food and bought myself flowers and beer!! now going to do skincare and watch top of the lake in my pajamas :-)

Princess of New York - Part 2

Word count: 1400
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: None
A/N: So this has actually been finished for……..awhile but I didn’t really like it? Idk I still don’t but I’m posting it anyway so we’ll see

Part 1

“Ned, you know Y/N.”

You’re standing in Peter’s bedroom, and you’re beginning to wonder if this is a mistake. Peter’s aunt was amazing, super sweet, and you didn’t miss the intonation in her voice when she marveled over Peter bringing a girl home. Plus, their apartment is stocked with the best snacks.

But now you’re awkwardly perched on Peter’s desk while Ned stares at you warily. You’ve seen him around in the halls, and he’s always smiling and seems really sweet. But he clearly doesn’t trust you yet. You can’t even blame him.

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Saw my dad this morning, that was nice

Sewing a dress is harder than it sounds

Do you think a vegan diet will cause me to be more sensitive to smells? Or do you think it’s the breathing exercises in the yoga?

I bought those mood lipsticks, just like from when we were kids right? I got a pack that has the blue , green and orange. All three turn out really nice on me.

Toby took me out tonight. We had nice little date night. We saw Wonder Woman ( soooo happy) Loved it! Then we went out to a little Thai place, the food was Amazing! Thank you @watadad ! ❤️❤️❤️

Brought our leftovers home and our boys loved them.

  • INTJ: So, before you all left the party I had had two ciders, which is 2.4 standard drinks all together, although that was over a four hue period and would have partially worn off. After you left I started drinking Malibu rum, which began after 12am, and I failed to get drunk!
  • ESFP: ...
  • ITJ: I clearly underestimated my tolerance level, and next time we drink we must be must more efficient! I had 5 shots of Malibu but I stopped there because I was mixing them in lemonade and all the carbonated beverage was starting to make me feel sick because I ate all the leftover Thai food after you had gone home.
  • ESFP: ...

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now i'm sad bc cursed fandom tropes :)) pls do some more phichuuri headcanons when u have the time they make me so happ

Phichit was a fan of Yuuri’s for a while! Nothing major more like kept track of his progress, and cheered him on at competitions if they were at the same one. Always thought he was a chill guy,. 

Then they meet at Detroit (Phichit’s freshman year+Yuuri’s Junior) and they bond for a bit but don’t get close until Phichit’s Sophomore and Yuuri’s first stint as a Senior. Yuuri’s roommate graduates and he knows Phichit is leaving the dorms so he offers him a key. They get REALLY close and work amazing as roommates. 

They teach other their Thai+Japanese, create food that reminds the other of home (Phichit calls Hiroko and gets a recipe for Katsudon when Yuuri had really bad homesickness. Yuuri literally sobbed into Phiciht’s shirt until the food went cold. It was still delicious.) and take their pills together. 

They have impromptu dance parties in the kitchen and Phichit will sing along to whatever top 40 hit is popular until Yuuri is in near tears begging for mercy. (Phichit can’t sing…neither can Yuuri…pray for their neighbors.) 

They also cuddle a lot and will just lay on the floor holding hands swapping stories about home. Hiroko starts sending Phichit a gift package along with Yuuri’s. Phichit’s mom does the same and their moms have a mini battle  of who can send the best stuff. (This was their favorite part of college. Those boys had 0 wants.) 

Sometimes Thai people eat Pad Thai too: A healthy version of Pad Thai

It’s funny that Thai food is most commonly associated with pad thai, when really Thai people don’t eat pad thai all that often. For my family, that’s because it’s always too greasy. However, my mom managed to healthify pad thai (at least to an extent) on one of the days that she actually had cravings for some. How exactly?

  • Pad Thai is made from soaked dried rice noodles, so using brown rice noodles instead of regular rice noodles makes a big difference.
  • When the oil is put into the wok before the stir-fry, leave it for a while to allow most of the oil to evaporate so that you can have a really really nice, dry final product but still using the stir-fry method. 
  • Instead of putting the scrambled egg in, use tofu (or just egg whites) instead
  • The protein component of this dish is already very low fat: shrimp, crab meat and tofu. So don’t skimp on those! 

If you’d like a full recipe for this Pad Thai, feel free to message me at redefiningfood

His favorite color is green because it is the color of life 
His favorite power ranger is also the green one, because when he was little he used to have it’s dagger and the kid across the street had a sowrd so they would fight each other. but sadly chris would ussually lose. 
He smokes some weed, but never in front of fans. 
He smokes ciggarets since he was 14. Weed he started at 16. 
He has 2 sister’s and one brother.
He lived in Joplin since he was 11. 
He dropped out of high school to pursue music. 
Because of this he was kicked out of his house. 
He is straight despite popular opinion. 
He belives in Gay Marrige 
He loves everyone and everything. 
He does not wear shoes. 
He has a theory that if no one wore shoes there would be no litter and everything would be comfortable to walk on. 
He smokes American Spirits 
He doesn’t bath as often as most people. 
He wears the same outfit for long portions of time, and when he gets tired of it he finds another one. Sometimes he just leaves his clothes places. 
He would rather talk to you then take a picture. 
He doesn’t belive in politics. 
His birthday is Febuary 11th 
He’s extremly good at tennis. 
He tried out for basketball in the 8th grade. but sadly he did not make the team. 
He used to cut himself. 
He thinks the media is ****** up. 
He wrote his first song in 8th grade for a talent show. 
He likes Thai Food. 
In Joplin when he;s home he likes to have lunch at a thai restaruant called “The Magic Noodle" 
He loves the Waffle House. He esspecially likes the one on Rangeline in Joplin. 
He is vegan. 
He is single. 
His dad is Edward Ingle and his Mom is Nancy Kiefner. 
They are divorced. 
He lost his virginity when he was 16 to a girl who had cheated on him MANY times during there relationship. 
He likes weird hats. First it was the sailor hat, then the airplane driver dude hat, then the bear like wild hat, then mohawk, and recently i’ve seen alot of the indian headress. 
He used to have blonde hair.
Tattoos. He has lots.
His first tattoo was faith in hebrew on his wrist.

if I am hopeful

the whole thing. finally. (like, after ten months.) one scully ficlet for every season/movie. just the last ficlet is new, though the first few are making their first appearance on Tumblr.

the song is “A Beginning Song” by the Decemberists; you should listen to it. While I was writing the last chapter I listened to the song “Take Me Home” by Scars on 45. It’s pretty cheeseball, but perfect.

i am waiting, should i be waiting
i am wanting, should i be wanting
i am hopeful, should i be hopeful

// one // ice

It’s just that she wants to prove him wrong. She thinks he’s crazy at least two-thirds of the time, and she usually dismisses people who are so irrational and so loud about their irrationality — but she also can’t remember anyone before him being a challenge.

That’s what it is. She likes the challenge. She’s always loved being right, it’s what got her this far, and with him there are just so many opportunities. Every conspiracy theory, every supervillain monologue, and she just raises an eyebrow that says: Science. Sometimes he’ll fall over himself trying to shoehorn his latest hypothesis into some kind of scientific framework, and she doesn’t hate that either. He’s at least as clever as she is — they don’t hand out those Oxford degrees for nothing - and she loves making him work for it.

It’s just the challenge she likes.

It’s not his hands. She’s started noticing them, lately; long fingers like a pianist’s, and his nails trimmed so carefully they almost look manicured. They look better than hers, most days. Those perfect hands and those ridiculous, rumpled suits. She’s wondered if he ever combs his hair.

And sometimes he looks at her like — she doesn’t even know what — but like she knows all the answers. Or maybe like she is all the answers, which is impossible, since most of the time she’s sure he doesn’t even know the questions.

Most of the time.

But sometimes she wishes he would ask.

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