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you: phichit is the #1 viktuuri shipper!!!

me, an intellectual: Phichit Chulanont is a Thai skater and the first Thai and South East Asian male skater to qualify for the Grand Prix Finals. He is also the first Thai/South East Asian to have ever landed a quad. It’s been stated multiple times that he has rewritten Asian history. He is also the first Thai to skate to songs from The King and the Skater, which features a Thai actor. Throughout the series it’s been shown that he is an incredibly hardworking and determined skater; he’s a well rounded, well written brown South East Asian who defies many stereotypes. It’s a big step considering Japan’s colorism and anti South East Asian racism. Phichit Chulanont is so important to Thailand, to South East Asians, and to brown Asians. Reducing him to an SNS obsessed “Captain of the Viktuuri Ship” is so incredibly harmful and disrespectful to him as a character and the people he’s representing.

Singto Prachaya appreciation post...

…because there are clearly not enough of those out there (but this one’s going to be short cuz I’m sleepy)

Where should I start… so…🙈

…He has the sweetest smile like:

just look at him


so cuteeee

AND the cutest pout

kill me 

AAAAAND not to forget, cute little Singto wearing glasses



i need

then… he loves his dad so much it gets me emotional everytime he posts a picture with him😭

even though his dad doesn’t seem to enjoy these little photo sessions😂😂

and finally : He’s freakin HOT ok?



and let’s not foget theeeeese




enough now (i’m tired)

One last thing: have some sleeping beauty Singto and good night😍😘