thaelorn nightshade

Jade's Journal: Valentine's Day (featuring Thaelorn and Cordycep because reasons)

Valentine’s Day… What makes this holiday so important to humans especially? Why would they simply focus on ONE day to celebrate love? Well, whatever their reasons, I at least appreciate that they acknowledge this important aspect of life, especially during such trying times here in Tyria.

Just today, I traveled to my normal haunt, the Maiden’s Whisper, in the Reach only to find all of Rurikton abuzz with gleeful laughter and whispered affections. As I walked to the fountain, a few scantily-clad human women splashed water onto me while giggling coyly. I sure hope that this isn’t a tradition that their entire species shares on this day, as the fountain’s water seems to have a strange taste whenever it meets my tongue. (I have my theories why, but…that is beyond the point.)

When I finally escape from their playful splashing (which might or might not have been their odd way of seduction judging on their giddy attitude when conducting the actions), I find my entry into the tavern to be…hindered by a long line of eccentric individuals. After inquiring patrons outside, I find out that the Whisper is hosting a short little mixer for those who need a ‘valentine’.

Seeing as I love such activities…for the most part, I decide to wait in line…for about half an hour until I am finally let into the extremely crowded common-area. I wander around for bit with no luck until I am pulled from the crowd and into a less crowded antechamber by a familiar face…or rather two: Magister Cordycep and the Knight of Victory himself (and an old friend from the Court of the Stag), Thaelorn Nightshade. We proceed to enter into a long conversation concerning our outlook on the holiday as only a triad of Sylvari could provide. As we speak, my mind recalls the instances of true romance and love that I have encountered in my travels, and as those thoughts flit about in my mind like butterflies in an empty hollow…a warm feeling pulsates through my entire being. Happiness…the kind you can only obtain in good company, to be precise. …Then again, that could have just been from the wine I was drinking.

Either way, my experience was quite enjoyable. Especially when I caught up with my favorite pairing later on… Ah…Valentine’s Day. The day of wonders…