thadd art


I was trying to picture a scifi alien dragon that could also look at home in a sort of scifi city setting. like Dollface shhhh  

This is what I finally finalized! They’re Greater Pterosaurus Rex, which is something like “King of Flying Lizards" I am totally bullshitting this sshhhhhhhhhh 

Those pockets on their backs, torsos, and tails are capable of emitting an incredibly powerful force, enough to rival a jet engine’s. No one knows how they do this, though there is supposedly some naturally occurring microbe fungi in the pockets that may have something to do with this. Their wings are largely used for directing rather than actual propulsion. Their wings contain no muscular or bone structure themselves, but are made of a strange tissue that is manipulated entirely by electronic pulses from their brain. When their wings are not in use, they roll up like a carpet roll and the tissue enters a state of rigid paralysis. The only muscle tissue considered to be a part of the wings are large slabs of muscle on their backs that merely help anchor the tissue to the dragon rather than anything else. 

These dragons also actually shed their wing tissue on occasion, when it has become too damaged from battles, everyday wear and tear, weather, etc, to be useful anymore. The body registers that too many nerve endings are not responding and shuts the entire wing or wings down, sloughing the material off as easily as a snake sheds its skin. This process is largely painless, though can cause some uncomfortable cramping or stiffness in the dragon’s back muscles. The dragon will regenerate new wing tissue in a matter of days, though thanks to its formidable teeth, claws, and tusks, it is hardly more vulnerable, and is rather just inconvenienced. Flying predators will not have much of an advantage, as they will have to get close enough to the ground to attack it anyway, and can be easily hooked by the Pterano’s claws and dragged to the ground. 

Dragon riders will often collect the skin immediately after it is shed, before the nerve endings that were merely shut down can fizzle out permanently. They make special suits from these, as dragon skin is impervious to the vast majority of solid projectiles(such as bullets, sharp blades, blunt instruments, etc). More…intense dragon riders will have implants put into their spine and the neck of the suit that can connect them to the suit’s nerve endings, and manipulate it the same way the dragons do. These riders can form parts of the suit into spikes, armour plating, and other things. This is incredibly difficult to master, which is why most don’t make the commitment to it. But those who do have an equally incredible advantage in battle, as they become living swiss army knives.

I’m going to bed.