“Tom Hardy and the very cute Travis at Battersea Dogs Home today.“

Photo and comment made by Shirley Smith, one of our first THAAC members who works at the facility.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Homes: We reunite them with their owners and we work in the community to educate people about responsible ownership. We aim never to turn away a dog or cat in need, and we turn helplessness into hope for 8,000 dogs and cats every year.

Teasers from @sonofhorace1814

STORY ~ Set in 1814, TABΘΘ follows James Keziah Delaney (Tom Hardy), a man who has been to the ends of the earth and comes back irrevocably changed. Believed to be long dead, he returns home to London from Africa to inherit what is left of his father’s shipping empire and rebuild a life for himself. But his father’s legacy is a poisoned chalice, and with enemies lurking in every dark corner, James must navigate increasingly complex territories to avoid his own death sentence. Encircled by conspiracy, murder, and betrayal, a dark family mystery unfolds in a combustible tale of love and treachery.

TABΘΘ premieres in the UK 7th January 2017 on @BBCOne and in the US 10th January 2017 on @fxnetworks

🎩 Starring (main cast) Tom Hardy, Oona Chaplin @oonacc, David Hayman,
Michael Kelly @realmichaelkelly, Jonathan Pryce, Leo Bill @serpicleo1, with Franka Potente @franka_potente, Stephen Graham @stephengraham73, Scroobius Pip @scroobiuspipyo, Danny Ligairi @dannyligairibofficial and many more …✯ plus some very special cameos ✯ :)

Photos posted today on THAAC by Gina Cocciarini.

Many thanks to Rosie M from Tom Hardy Variations for locating the original source: Pittella#Niunamenos. x

Gina Cocciarini comments: 8 August 06:15
“She said she was to the market buying some stuff and he was there , she ask him for a coffee together and he said YES! , he´s so nice beautiful person! What a lucky woman! :D”

Lesson for today: If you don’t ask, you definitely don’t get the pleasure of having coffee with Mr Hardy in Buenos Aires. Side note: Imagine if she asked him if he was in the mood to dance the Argentinian Tango. (Joke)

Reposting some of my favorite photos from 2010 of Tom Hardy attending two events in Cambridge for the FLACK fundraiser generously sent to THAAC by the ever irrepressible, vibrant Kerry Butcher.

Kerry met Tom, Stuart Shorter’s (Stuart - A Life Backwards) Mum & Sister who were all described as being ‘so lovely.’ and Tom of course was 'amazing.’



THAAC’s one and only video tribute to the man himself made with lots of love, light and laughter. 
A simple salute to all the Tom Hardy Admirers Across Continents.

Music by the ever fabulous Marvin Gaye. 

Wishing every single Tom Hardy fan, fan group and follower a marvellous and very loving festive season with your nearest and most dearest. Thank you for all your vibrant energy and stellar support.

Many thanks to Julia W from #FabulousTomHardy for this gorgeous seasonal Christmas banner and her continuous media savvy and support on thaac.

To every member on our admin team, mega-super-huge thanks for the continuous and generous updates on the page and behind the scenes about Tom’s projects and his ongoing charity concerns.

Happy Holidays, much love and regards and goodwill to all.

❤️50 Shades (and more) of Fabulous
Many Thanks to every single TH fan worldwide for supporting Mr H and thanks to Tom for being #thaacing phenomenal every year, year in, year out!
Happy New Year Everyone, YOU too are also 50 Shades (and more) of Fabulous. THAAC couldn’t stand tall without the support of all its wonderful members.

2015: It will be the very best one yet, for all of us.

Blessings to all. ❤️

I dread being forced to sit in their fuckin’ tree-over a-beautiful-brook location they just happened to have happened across whilst wandering through the ass end of Belsize Park that morning, fetching a latte to submit to the lipid colony hanging from their protruding fat ass …


( unfinished post for helen bee at thaac - mac is about to self combust! lol )

anonymous asked:

can you recommend some inception blogs?? or Arthur/eames or literally anything inception? I want some on my dash!

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: ♥ arthurandeamespornstars​ ♥

A whole bunch of inception fandom blogs (i apologize in advance for how many people i’m inevitably going to leave out but this was all i could scrounge up off the top of my head!!!!! If you should be on here, shoot me an ask and I’ll add your tumblr to the list!)

tom hardy blogs:

JGL blogs

some cool recent arrivals who are cool:

I hope this helps, anon! 

Also, this is a personal plea from me to the rest of the fandom: consider putting your tumblr name on your AO3 profile page so we can more easily identify you across platforms! go to[yourusername]/profile and click edit my profile! here’s what mine looks like as an example.

thank you! welcome to the fandom!


6 selfies for ‘16 

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These were photos taken at the The Long Red Road wrap party and were kindly and generously given to THAAC in 2010 by Fiona Roberts the young actress who played Tom’s character Sam’s daughter Tasha in the play.


Please note: Just for accuracy, the significant eye irritation caused by the harsh stage make up remover was confirmed by Charlotte Riley in 2010.

One of my very favourite ‘ever’ posts about meeting Tom Hardy is by THAAC member Susan Higney. Here is what she shared so generously with us when she experienced the talent of Tom Hardy on stage in Chicago after seeing The Long Red Road.

Susan Higney: “After the performance this night my sister and I were the only fans waiting for Tom. I just could not believe it. I had been so worried about having a chance to meet him amongst the imagined throngs. I then realized that the US simply has not yet woken to Tom. It was our good fortune. No doubt many in the audience that night who saw Tom for the first time were thinking “who was that” ? “what just happened”? Stunned into speechlessness as I’m sure you all were upon first seeing him. I know I was.

Shortly after this photo was taken we walked outside with Tom and said our goodbyes. Tom stopped briefly to speak with a few people who were meeting one of the other actors. We continued up the street and stopped at the corner. Our hotel was one block over and we were deciding whether to go in the back or the front, to go for coffee or drinks. When Tom got to the corner alone he wished us a safe trip home to NY and we wished him the same. We watched him walk up the street and cross the short bridge over the Chicago River to the other side of town. Imagine being on N. Dearborn surrounded by skyscrapers all lit up in the night sky and no one on the street but you, your sister and Tom. It was like we were in our own little bubble. All I could think was he is so utterly alone in the world at this moment. Not lonely but alone as in the larger world just doesn’t know who his is yet and what they’re missing but I do. As if the whole world was asleep and only we were awake. We were watching a regular guy just walking home from work. 

I, like all of Tom’s fans, want all the best for him. I hope that he realizes all his dreams. I just pray that he doesn’t have to have a phalanx of bodyguards surrounding him with paparazzi flashing away all up in his face. I hate to think of Tom losing any of the freedom he had on the night we met him. And it would be just too sad for his fans not to have an encounter with him like ours.

I know I am very, very lucky. And all of Tom’s fans are lucky to be part of the select few, out of all the world’s population still sleeping, who saw the work, saw the man and knew they’d found a diamond. Before all the critics told you so, you found the diamond.

That nite I woke with a start about 4am thinking omg I just met Tom and he had his arm around me! And I’m going to see him again tonite!

Lucky, lucky, lucky! Keep the faith your turn will come.

**Originally posted on THAAC in 29 March 2010 at 07:22


From gregwilliamsphotography - “New movie my brother and I are making with next year.” 2015!

Greg Williams director, writer and photographer along with his brother Ollie will be helming the much anticipated film SAMARKAND which tells the story of an ex-soldier suffering from post traumatic stress and his adjustments to civilian after returning home from service.

It’s a crown of jewels for an actor to have that ability to transform his appearance so convincingly. I love that Tom Hardy continually strives for authenticity. LHC.

Photos: THAAC Edits from Amir Heshmati’s photographs.

JOHNNIE LYNE-PIRKIS shares Personal Recollections of Tom Hardy: From Shotgun Theatre to Kleenex.

After taking a stand on the No Gossip Rule on THAAC, the wonderful and generous Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis stopped by to give his support and shared some meaningful insights on Tom Hardy, the Artist and the Man. It’s a beautiful expose by a man who spent meaningful time with Tom and ought to be shared. 


 Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis Co-Founder of Theatre503 shares his personal recollection on THAAC of TOM HARDY from his SHOTGUN THEATRE days: "I don’t know what has passed recently on the site, and nor do I wish to, but may I just say this: I co-founded theatre503 in 2002, and a few years later had the very good fortune to see Tom’s mesmerising performance in the stage adaptation of FESTEN at the ALMEIDA Theatre in London. Tom is arguably in my mind one of the most exciting and honest performers of his generation. To see him live on stage is a privilege. 

A few weeks later, Tom walked into our theatre wishing to stage a piece written by Brett Lennard from the LAB in New York. His passion for his art poured forth in gushing torrents, washed over you and drew you in, I was swept along by the force of his love. We gave him our space for the one week he requested, and he and the production were phenomenal. At the week’s close, as we said goodbye to him and his co-star, he grabbed me and gave me the biggest warmest hug of gratitude. In that hug I felt his vulnerability, his strength, and his pure love. His gentleness and strength evenly matched

Soon afterwards, he popped back with a proposition to us, and SHOTGUN THEATRE was born, and he and his company took up residence at 503 for a year and a bit. It was a wonderful relationship; Tom drives himself harder than any actor I know; he doesn’t give 100%, he gives 300% and more. I knew when Tom was due to appear in the theatre lobby, as Max ( his faithful hound at the time ) would appear first at the top of the stairs, Tom barrelling in soon after. I also got to know his Mum and his Dad, Chips. Tommy is a family man, and stoutly loyal to those he loves and respects. Naturally, his imminent Hollywood stardom meant he was with us less and less. 

 The last time I was physically with Tom, was shortly before I moved to the States, I was acting in the Kleenex Commercial for his Dad’s Agency, Tom had just finished filming, Warrior. I had shot my scene in the morning, and Tom was due in after lunch. I texted him, as neither of us knew the other was on the same shoot, he texted back asking me to wait. He turned up, one hand heavily bandaged from an injury on the set of, Warrior. Despite the injury, he still managed to give me the hugest hug, again I felt that combined gentleness and strength (even more strength, since he was much more muscular than when we last met), and pure love. 

 He then excitedly showed me photos of his newly born son, Louis. Quite simply, Tom Hardy is pure love, whether he direct it towards the recent project he is working on, his family or his friends. I have been one of the lucky ones to have shared a little time with him, and to get to know him a little better than some. Tom is unique in every way. Anyone who has anything derogatory to say about him, quite simply doesn’t know Tom. He is very special!“

Words written by Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis.